Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Long Road Ahead

The number keeps rising in the right hand corner of the screen… of the GPS screen. That isn't good. That means the time of arrival is getting later and later. We started out with an arrival time of 1:20 and now we are looking at 2:44 am. Yes, AM! Oh, now it is 2:45. There is a car accident just a few cars up from us and the road is completely closed. We will be driving through the night. :/ We are in two cars… Mom, Dad, Nahida and Jimmy in one car and Mono, Irm, Ines, Neijra, Merima and I in the second car. Meemsy is sleeping, Neijra took a walk to the other car, Mono is on the phone and disappeared. I bet if he kept walking, he'd make it to our destination before the rest of us. Hmmmm… that's a good idea. I may go try that myself. ;) Ines is now with me in the front. She's in the driver's seat. Practicing for when she gets her permit. ;) Irm is watching me blog (she's curious as to how I do this crazy thing!) and that's all of us. I'm just trying to kill time. There is a thunderstorm rolling in at the same time. Hopefully it passes us because on the radio part of the storm has heavy hail. Everyone is out of their cars, sitting on the guard rails, walking around, poking their heads out of the cars. We're all trying to entertain ourselves. I think I have figured out the best way… blogging. :) I just wish I had some pictures to include along with it. :) I guess I could use this time to catch up on some of of my other posts that need to be completed. 

We are up to 3am… My Mom and Mono are now up near the scene. Maybe they'll come back with some info. Jimmy is sitting with us for a bit. :) I love having him in here with us.

Okay, the arrival time is now 3:05 am and we are on our way! Yiiipppppeeeeeeeee!


We've passed through peanut country, afternoon rain storms that come on summer days, a long delay, completely stopped in traffic, bathroom breaks (for 7 girls!), gas fill-ups and all the things that come with long road trips… including a change in time zone. 

I was just in this time zone last week and it will be good to be back. Hello Eastern Time! We have two cars full headed down to the beach for the Fourth of July weekend. I am so excited… we all are! The 12 hour plus car ride will be more than worth it when I am laying out in the warm summer sun, on the white sand, listening to the waves crash tomorrow morning.


Today is July 1st. That means in exactly three months it is October 1st! Yay! There are still things that need to get done, phone calls to be made, meetings to go to and decisions to make, but all will get done. For now though, we will all enjoy our family vacation at the beach.


We are less than two hours from our destination! The trip has gone well ever since the one hang up with the accident. I am sure we will all sleep well tonight - those of us who have been up the whole time at least! The kiddos will possibly have trouble sleeping, but I doubt it. I cannot wait to wake up tomorrow morning and be at the beach.

I am in my total element when I am there! I cannot wait to soak up every second and take the opportunity of the beauty I will be around to capture it on film - actually, it's not film anymore, but you know what I mean. ;)

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