Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Enjoying Our Last Day 185.365

Today may be our last day here at the beach before we leave tomorrow, but it is certainly not our last day of summer fun!
Before heading out tomorrow, we were sure to make a stop and see what the ritzy life is like...

I love the area to the back of this hotel so much. It's gorgeous and I had to get a picture of the six of us before leaving.

My four beautiful sisters!!!!
Nahida and the girls, all enjoying this beautiful place!

Meemsy and Mono. 
What love!
My Mom and I. As you can tell from the lack of her presence in pictures, she does not like being in front of the camera. Neither of my parents do. My Dad is behind the camera a lot on trips too. Before I got my recent camera, he was the main photographer in the family, but now I think I've taken over. As you can see by my millions of pictures!
See, isn't this a beautiful place? Glad I got a nice picture of Mono and I while we were there too!
I love this picture with Nahida and the roses! She looks wonderful!
 And a little glimpse of where we spent most of our time on this vacation...
There won't be many actual beach pictures on here, but I will post a few tomorrow hopefully! Being that we are traveling tomorrow and I won't be taking pictures, I will post today's beach pictures here... just a few safe ones. ;)

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