Thursday, July 28, 2011

Land and Sea... Where I Grew Up 208.365

Growing up, I spent a lot of time in this little town by the sea. I spent thirteen years knowing each and every little nook and cranny of our town and the surrounding areas. Much has changed since then, more and more people, more cars, bigger businesses, more congestion... but it is still that same little town I knew and still love.
The girls and I drove out to Eastern L.I. yesterday and as our first only free day while we are here, I wanted to take them to a place I really love.

First and most critical stop... The Frigate!
Sometimes I wonder just how many waffle cones stuffed with scoops of Crazy Vanilla ice cream, topped with extra colored sprinkles I've had from this little shop in my lifetime!
We found a little spot in the shade to enjoy our cones/cups.
We did a bit of walking along the old and worn docks that I took many steps on as a young girl.
 Thank you girls for allowing a group picture of you four. I know how difficult it can be to travel with my camera me. ;)
This is one of my favorite restaurants... Outside... Right by the water... LOBSTER... 
Need I say more?
Boats...In water and on land.
 Yes! She loves when I take her picture! Thanks Meemsy girl! 
And, we matched!!
 I love this place.

 There is just something special about life by the water.
Her sweet smile, a visit to the water, time with my sisters... it's so priceless.

 Yachts and ferries!
 Beautiful girls!

The next few days here are going to be quite busy, so today's outing will be much appreciated before all the festivities and visits begins!

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