Saturday, March 2, 2013

the time has come

Let's rewind back to January of 2012.
I found out I was pregnant.
One week later, found out I was having twins.
Well, then came on the morning sickness, 40-45 lbs. in weigh gain and multiple stretches on strict bed rest.
Of course all of this meant absolutely no exercising for this soon-to-be momma.
Now August of 2012 arrives, along with my two bundles of joy... and a longer than normal recovery time and nearly no free time for myself.
October 11th came and somehow in my mind I thought it was a good time to sign up for my first half-marathon.
I'm not a runner. I like to run, but I'm not a runner.
The thought of accomplishing such a long run, pushing myself to new strengths and having a great time was just what I thought I needed.
Silly, silly me.
I have not been able to train. I've had a few runs on the treadmill scattered throughout the past few months (11 specifically, none being more than 3 miles at a time), but it can't qualify for training, by any means.
Most everyone I have told thinks I am crazy, making a bad move, am going to hurt myself, or won't be able to do this, but
I could have just given up and said, forget the money I put into this, forget the desire of really wanting to do this and listened to them. I could have listened, told myself I couldn't do it and I wasn't ready.
But instead, I am going through with it.
I am going to run my first half marathon tomorrow morning, bright and early in this freezing cold Florida weather.
It's very possible that my seven hour long play list on my iPod won't be long enough. It's possible I am going to do a lot of walking. I may not cross the finish line. There are a lot of possibilities that could scare me away from trying. That is all I want to do. Just try. I want to give it my all and do my best. Worst I can do is prove everyone right. But I am hoping to prove everyone wrong this weekend and run my little heart out, accomplish this goal of mind and go home with a medal around my neck and a huge smile on my face.
My dear friend, who is a runner, who has done many of these before, is going to run beside me, coach me along and enjoy this experience with me! I can't wait to do this with her!