Monday, January 31, 2011

Fried (30)


My brain is fried. So is my wedding planning notebook. In a good way though…and just for the night. I'll be fine tomorrow. I have had seemingly endless lists piled upon more seemingly endless lists for things needed to be done for the wedding as well as the rest of "life." I feel very accomplished, yet have a feeling of a full load ahead of me tomorrow. It's all a good feeling, just a full one.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

"C.U. Legs"

Starting February 1st. This, my friends, is my goal. :) 

C.U. (Carrie Underwood) Legs...
(image is from a google search)
Of course I will never be in as good shape as Carrie is, but I'd like to just have a nice tone to my arms and legs. I am trying to figure the best way to do this, without going absolutely nuts exercising. I am going to continue my running, but what else should I be doing??

Oh, if only Carrie and I were friends in real life. :)

His Favorite Spot (29)

My Boy... In his favorite spot. :)

If you are looking for Jimmy, try here first!

If he's not there, he's laying in the sun somewhere. He loves the sun and loves to cuddle!! :)

An Opporunity Of A Lifetime

Tomorrow morning I am meeting with a wedding dress designer and I am quite excited! This is going to be the closest thing I will get to working with a real fashion designer, and that excites me! I can't wait to sit down and show her my ideas and pick her brain and see what the two of us can come up with. And then of course, see if the outcome is even a possibility…monetarily. I know anything is possible in the fashion industry, unfortunately (there have been many unfortunate designs out there in Hollywood). But the dreams I have dreamed up that are now sketched out on paper may not be possible in the "wallet" industry…… No matter if the dress on paper turns to a dress in fabric or not, it will be an experience I will remember forever I am sure. Now if only I could be meeting with a bridesmaids dress designer, my issues in that area could be nearing completion. I'll update you all tomorrow or Sunday, whenever I am able to get back to blogging!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Pure Bliss! (28)

Do you know how hard it has been having a chocolate cheesecake sit in my refrigerator overnight and all day long? I baked it yesterday, for dinner tonight.

This is not just chocolate cheesecake. It's an Oreo crust (I always use more Oreos in the crust than they ask for. I like a little extra.) with a layer of chocolate cheesecake, then a layer of creamy peanut butter, then chopped up Reese's PB cups (I didn't skimp in this area either), then more chocolate cheesecake and then caramel and Reese's Pieces on top. It was soooo yummy. I wish I could have a piece right now.


Or maybe some of this...
I also make strawberry shortcake. This is one of my favorite desserts to make, even the cheating way. I take the biscuits out of those (scary) tins that pop when you peel the label off (they never fail to freak me out!), sprinkle some sugar on the top, pop them in the oven. While they are cooking I wash and cut up some fresh strawberries, sprinkle a little sugar on top and then make some (fresh) whipped cream and serve. So super easy and oh so delicious!!

Hunting In The Big City

Today I was in desperate need of high-speed internet, civilization and productivity...Thus, the trip to the "big city." I live in the middle of no-where and I'm lucky if I get dial-up speed on most days. With wedding plans going ahead at full speed, I needed to do a lot of searching on-line and hunting through stores for certain materials, etc, for projects I am working on for our big day.

I met Mono at Church and then headed out for a quick lunch and now I am enjoying this fast internet connection and then going for a look at some things I need. I am really wishing I had one of my bridesmaids to enjoy this with, but I know I will see them all soon enough and maybe then we can go over some fun things.

I have a lot of random projects, both big and small that I am really looking forward to putting together for our wedding. It should be a lot of fun. If I wasn't having a wedding away from home and I had more time, I would certainly be making a lot more than I already am. I love to do this stuff, so it excites me.

Random side note. Why wear short shorts and uggs in this weather? You are obviously wearing shorts for a reason. Your feet are going to sweat! If I had thought of it, I would have put my flip flops on before I left the house! Days like this, I know why I live in the South! :) Sixties in January! Ah, I love it!

Back to my post though. So being that I live out in the middle of no-where, I am in the city (if you can call it that) purchasing supplies and getting ideas. I can't wait for more of the knitty-gritty details of booking people for the wedding is over so I can focus purely on the fun details, like bouquets, embellishments for the dresses, hair, etc... :) Oh what fun!

Well, off I go for my materials and some groceries (hoping to find hazelnuts!!).

Thursday, January 27, 2011

These Ingredients Are My Friends (27)

Do you have any baking ingredients that you just love?
I have quite a few, but these are my two friends for from this recipe.

Cream cheese... Philadelphia cream cheese. :) Ahh sooo good.

I love vanilla. I add it to everything, even if it doesn't ask for it.  It's just a happy ingredient. :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Money May Not Grow On Trees, But My Jewelry Does! (26)

I had been eying this jewelry tree for quite a long time. I put it on my lists for any gift-giving occasion, and after it repeatedly being denied as a good gift for me, I gave up....

I guess I should have given up a lot sooner, because not long after it was my gift from Mono!! I was so surprised and delighted! I put it out on my shelf and loaded it up right away. I wish I had a better spot to display it though. 

Do you have any neat ways of displaying your jewelry?

(Aww, there's my scrapbook from my first trip to Destin...and one of my ice skates... both in the background.)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And He Waits...And Waits...And Waits...(25)

Some how Jimmy knows around 5:30, that Mono may be coming over for dinner. He sits at the door and waits for at least a half hour until Mono comes over to our house for dinner. I don't know how he knows. He could be fast asleep and it's like he has a personal alarm clock. He doesn't miss a night.

He has three spots... He starts right at the door, then moves away a little bit and then he goes to another spot to be sure to see all the doors Mono could be coming in. He doesn't want to miss running to him when he gets to our house! 

How cute! He loves his Mon! :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

I Say This Is Reason For Celebration! (24)

It's National Peanut Butter Day! Come on guys! Don't you think that is a reason to celebrate?! I do! I treated myself with a peanut butter themed lunch today. :) Half a PB sandwich with a small side of miniature Reese's Pieces! This picture looks like I had a huge bowl of them. The sandwich was really like 4 inches long and the bowl only 1 1/2 inches. So no, I didn't pig out on those... like I could have done. I could sit and eat a good portion of a bag of those. :) And then I topped it off with a little cold glass of milk!
Happy National Peanut Butter Day! How did you celebrate?!

Wake Up Call (23)

This is my wake-up call...and it is not one I am fond of.

I do not like to see this setting on my phone. The only thing that I like about that hour is you are up to see the beautiful sunrise. The only problem with that though, I am usually too sleepy though to fully appreciate and enjoy it. If only I could get an extra hour of sleep in the morning, I'd be a much happier camper during the day. What time does your alarm ring in the morning?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Sip Of Fun (22)

Today Mono and I went out for the day and as our tummy's grew hungry, we hopped on in to Panera Bread for a little something to drink and a light lunch.
 Mono ordered a latte. I took a sip, but was not so fond of it. I don't know how people like to drink things so bitter.
 That looks so good though, doesn't it?!
 French Toast bagel... or something like that. I'll have to ask him exactly what it was. Some cinnamon crunch thing. It looked yummy, but I ordered an everything bagel with cream cheese. Mine was yummy too! :)
 Love his smile... and the latte mustache. ;)
 Good to the last drop!
 I wish I liked this. It looks so tasty.
This is just what we needed to re-energize for the rest of our day!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sweet Heart Treat (21)

Last night was a night that just screamed "dessert!!!" I love the combination of chocolate and peanut butter so I made brownies and swirled in some (melted) peanut butter and threw on some mini Reese's Pieces. I didn't notice it last night, but when I cut myself a little piece tonight, I saw this little corner of the pan with the little peanut butter heart. It was not intentional, but I think it is so cute.
Oh, and they were so yummy.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tonight Is A Dessert Type Of A Night (20)

I have a little hunch that we all kinda need a little something for dessert tonight... a little sweetness to end our crazy day. We all had separate schedules today, but all a bit crazy in their own way. Mine was one of them so I didn't have much time for baking, so out came a boxed dessert. We are going to have a nice steak dinner (which I have to go start preparing now) and we'll end it with some yummy chocolate brownies with mini Reese's pieces sprinkled on top. And we'll wash it down with a nice, cold glass of milk! Now, does that sound yummy to you? It surely sounds good to me! :) We should all be watching our figures a little bit more now that we have a wedding ahead of us, but I'm all for the occasional little splurge on nights like tonight! I'll post a picture later. :)

Day 20

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Little Bit Of Sunshine (19)

On cold, nasty days of winter, I long for the beach. I would spend every day by the sea if I lived nearby. Even on the coldest days, I would be happy to bundle up for a walk or cup of something hot down by the water. I love, love, love the sea!

My bathroom is like going on a mini vacation to the beach. It is all decorated like this picture above. Glass jars with seashells, seaglass and sand. :) How lovely, calming and beautiful! If only it was really the beach, and not a bathroom.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Will I Ever Catch Up?

Do you ever get so behind in things that you think it may be impossible to catch up? Well, I am so behind in so many things!  Nothing insanely large in task, but they all add up. Today I spent the day cleaning, organizing, filing things away, etc. Tomorrow is a day full of errands and a few chores back at the house. But, I am in desperate need of catching up on blogging, posting my pictures for my 365 Photo Project, journaling, baking…. The list goes on...and on...and on. ;)  I think it is a need to create. I have been in a creative mode a lot with my wedding plans, but I just need something like baking where I don't think, I just let go and create. We shall see. I want to experiment before Valentine's Day. :) I can't get my updating done tonight, but I will be over the next few days, into the weekend. Plus I have to get back into my running. It's been way too long - an entire month! For now though, it's time for a little quiet time, reading and off to bed. Good night!

Sleepy Boy (18)

Our boy loves anything soft and cuddly. Look at him, soft covers, feather soft pillow and cozy robe. He was so content in that little spot, for hours and hours.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sunday, January 16, 2011

It Tastes Like Pureed Tree Bark! (16)

To begin, just so you know... I am not a coffee drinker. I adore the smell, but it is just not my thing. I will drink it if it is with a lot of milk and sugar, cafe con leche/cafe latte, but other than that, it's not something I like to drink.

Mono loves coffee - any way...and so does my best friend, who was just visiting this past week. So of course the two of them enjoyed a few cups together. One night, they made me try espresso!!! YUCK! 

So this is me (obviously) before....

 Won't be smiling for long.
 All of these pictures were my real reaction.
 Oh guys, please don't make me drink this.
 First sip.
 I thought I was going to die... or at least throw up!
 You're kidding me. You are making me drink this whole thing!?
 I had no idea what it tasted like, but I knew it was something awful... maybe like if you pureed tree bark. Though I think that would taste better than this!
Here is my picture for Day 16

I don't know how those two drink that with a smile on their face!

A Slice Of Heaven (15)

Tonight Kath, Mono and I went out for a late night treat...Cheesecake Factory!! We went for an appetizer and dessert and what a wonderful time it was!
 Seriously? Do you see that number? More than 40 choices?!
 This is a crazy menu! Crazy good that is!
 I love cheesecake and chocolate so I knew it had to have something to do with chocolate... Let the choices begin!
 We shared an appetizer - chips to dip in a deliciously warm bowl of spinach, cheese and artichoke dip!
 Mono's choice... Godiva Brownie Sundae
 My loveliness... Reese's Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake
 Mon and I
 My beautiful best friend!
 Kath's Strawberry Shortcake!
 Look at those desserts!
Good times, great food and wonderful friends! Oh, and some chocolate! :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Pick A Color, Any Color ... Well Not ANY Color (14)

Today was all about my bridesmaids. I was beginning the hunt for the perfect dress for my beautiful ladies. I want to make sure whatever it is they wear is comfortable and flattering to each and every one of them. I hope they feel beautiful in their dress! There are so many colors to choose from. I have a large party so I don't want too much color. It will be a little too much I think. I'm not posting my probable choice, but here's some of the colors to choose from!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Janurary 13/365 Moments of My Little Life

Today was quite the exciting day! I went for my first peek at bridal gowns. Being that Mono reads my blogs each and every day (thanks Mon!!!), I can't post any pictures of the dresses I even tried on. I don't want him even getting a hint at what I do or do not like. ;) But, I didn't leave empty handed in the line of pictures to share and here is one that I chose for today's picture. 


This shop was gorgeous. The ladies were lovely and knew exactly what they were doing. I went with my Mom and my Maid of Honor/Best Friend and we had a great time. These are the little rooms that you go in. Actually, they weren't little. They were quite large. I think just the right size. :) So it was a great day. And I will always remember Day 13 of my 365 Momements of My Little Life project.

P.S. I have pictures from Days 11 and 12, but they were on a separate camera card that I have not loaded yet. Still to come!