Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Summer Lovin'

I had so many adventures this summer!  Of course I was bound to meet some cute guys, right!?  I met one guy in AL (middle), but he was a little old for me.  He was real smart, and cute too, but the white hair and balding kinda threw me off.  Then on one of my trips down to Florida I came across this cutie (bottom).  Boy was he hard to pass up!  I mean, look at that face?  Hard to resist.  He gave me a big smooch right on our first meeting!  Must have really liked me, huh? ;)  haha-  The only bad thing about him, to be with him, I'd have to learn how to hold my breath for a really long time.  I've definitely got the swimming part down, but my  breathing techniques...not so good.  I guess I'll have to pass on him too.  Now, the third guy I found (top) was the captain of my little outing on a boat up Maryland this time. This one I'm REAL sure of! What do you think? I think he's a keeper for sure! Definitely my type and real handsome!  Well he's taken girls!  He's  been taken for a few years now!  He's my Mono!  My real summer love (all year round love that is!)!  He's my best friend and I don't know what I'd do without him.  My summer trips were SO much better because of him!  That was a real fun ride out there.  His family lives on the water and we took their boat out for a while - all of us went out there.  What a blast!!  Can you tell he loves it out on the water? I can't wait for a trip up there this summer.

The One Shoe Days Of Summer!

This past summer while I was up in New York I had fractured my foot in the middle of the City.  I am not exactly sure how I did it, but all I know is we were too many blocks away from the train station to think of walking.  I was going to push it and thought I could do it slowly, but the more I walked, and the more pressure put on it, the worse the pain got and finally Mono forced me to stop and said we would just find the nearest Subway and take that to the train.  And that is what we did.  I didn’t know it was fractured at that point, I just knew I had done something! This was Sunday and we drove back home late Wednesday night and first thing on Thursday, I was at the doctor’s office.  I was put in an air cast for weeks which meant… wearing only one shoe!!  It was always real funny to see people’s shoes off next to each other in pairs and then mine…one lone shoe!  So there is my black flip flop (yes, I was also walking in the city in them – probably a good part of the reason I hurt my foot to begin with!  But they are my FAVORITE summer shoe.  Those specifically.  My Aunt has given me a white pair and a black pair and I wear them until they fall apart – the white ones are starting to come out.  I should watch for an end of season sale and maybe then they’d be affordable for me.  (They are from Coach).  My one shoe days of summer were fun though!  Never thought such a little thing would bring some of the memories they did!

Yes, That's Right...Barefoot In "The" Plaza Hotel!

This past July I had been back up in New York visiting with my family and Mono and I spent the day wandering around the city, no plan, no real schedule, just winging it.  That’s what I love about NYC… You can just do that! :)   One of our stops was The Plaza.  :)   Oooo La La!  So yes, of course I had to do something crazy (this is me being crazy by the way!!!).  The carpeting looked quite lush and I figured it had to be knowing where I was… so off came the flip flops and I tested it out!!  They were pretty lush.  Then I proceeded down the hall to find a painting of Eloise.  Have you ever seen that movie, Eloise at the Plaza.  My sisters loved it when they were little and I found the painting and posed just like Eloise… for them! :)   What fun!  NYC is such a great place.  There are nooks and crannies and you are bound to find a new adventure every time you go!!!  Visit, it’s a great city!!  And if you are crazy enough, test out that carpet at the Plaza, or another fancy hot spot and let me know what you think!  Gotta love New York!

A Summer Memory

This summer my family went on a wonderful vacation together to the beach… basically my favorite place on earth.  Most people that know me, know it is 110% “My Element!”  Most people also know I LOVE seashells and sand dollars, and pretty much anything else you can find in the sea!  So it was nearing our last day and I wasn’t quite satisfied with my findings, so my sister (on the left) and I went out for a Seashell Extravaganza.  And that it was!!  We came home with TONS of seashells and plenty of laughs.  We were not only wet from it starting to pour rain on us, but we ended up saying, “what the heck!” and we just dove in if we thought we saw a good one further than up to our knees!  We came home sopping wet, but with such a wonderful memory to always remember together.  I will never forget all of our laughs when we were out there on the beach that day.  We were the only two crazy ones who thought we’d make it out there before the storm came through.  Once the first strike of lightening hit, in the distance of course, we ran back home.  What a memory and what a lovely sister to have gone out there with me… in the ocean… dressed in her beautiful outfit!  I love you dearly Irm!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Skype...My Lifesaver!!

Hello World!  You can literally travel the world on Skype!  We have family in Bosnia that we can even talk to!  It’s so wonderful.  Last night, I was able to talk to my best friend and her entire family as well as my little sisters!  How amazing is that?  We were all in the same room, but in three different states.  I don’t know what life would be like without it! ;)