Friday, November 23, 2012

Daily Thankfuls Day Twenty Three


Duncan, or as Jimmy would say, Uncle Duncan, is here visiting with Mami and Papi. Duncan is Mami's dog and worked in search and rescue. He has so many exciting stories from adventures he has been on with Mami. The days of search and rescue have passed, but are certainly not forgotten! He has gotten a little older over the years, but is still his same wonderful self.
Duncan still likes to keep a little adventure in his life though. When he goes down the stairs, he likes to jump from the 5th or so step to the landing! Today he took that landing badly and his back hip came out of joint, very badly. He went to the vet here and will have to stay overnight to be taken care of. It has been quite the scare, especially being that he is fourteen years old and it was a terrible injury. Thankfully we got word that the procedure they had to do was successful and he should have a good recovery. It will take some time and he will have to be very careful from now on, but Mami's sweet boy should be okay!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Daily Thankfuls Day Twenty One


Ever since our two precious little men arrived, we have had to watch our budget even more. Life with twins adds up the bills. Even if we had all the money in the world, it's double everything. And when you go through the amount of diapers alone that I go through in a day, everything adds up. It doesn't help that one little man in particular likes to wet his diaper no more than 2 seconds after I change him... and laughs, like he already knows what he is doing!
 I'm certainly not complaining at all. They are worth every single penny and every dirty diaper, and I will happily cut back more costs and change more dirty diapers with more children one day. There are a lot of young people out there that want their possessions more than sweet babies. I'd rather have my sweet babies than a lot of other luxuries. They are my luxury!

With that being said, I try to find ways to cut some costs, especially on the bills the boys provide us with. We go through endless diapers and formula. Just when you think you have enough on hand, we run out. I never like to be short on any of it, so I like to have a decent amount stored up. We have gone from disposable diapers, to a nightmare cloth diapering, and back to disposables. But this time, we tried out the Target brand, Up+Up. Actually, we did not do this due to price, but rather the fact that they were possibly allergic to the more expensive brand. Up+Up was such a life-saver that I started to buy more of their products, including formula. We needed to try switching their formula as well, so that is when we had the idea to try Up+Up. After a little research, it seemed like that was the way we should try, and we are so happy on it! Happy babies and less bills! Thank you Target! 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Daily Thankfuls Day Twenty


Can you believe I am saying this, but today, I am thankful for the dentist!
Yes, I said it. The dentist.
Back in February of this year I needed to have a small cavity worked on, but then the dentist pulled his back out. We had to cancel the appointment due to that and then reschedule it. We rescheduled and then it was my turn to cancel because I had such bad morning sickness. After that cancellation, I had to cancel because I was on bed rest... twice. And then for the fifth cancellation, now in November, he pulled his back out again! I finally was able to get the cavity taken care of today.
My dentist is such a pleasant man, as is his entire staff. The boys were a huge hit! They have been wanting to meet them and today was the day!
To make my dentist even better, he has all of the patients chairs with a cozy vibrating (optional, but I always take it!), tempurpedic pad.... and they put lotion on your hands, covered with hand warmers!
And... to top this visit off, he had Christmas music playing in the background!
I have never minded going to the dentist, as a child or growing up... until a few years ago when we found out my wisdom teeth were in my sinuses and I needed two emergency surgeries right before Thanksgiving. It was a rough surgery and recovery, both times. I do not do well with anesthesia at all. I turn absolutely green. It's not pleasant at all. And ever since then, I tense up at the dentist.
If you have to go to the dentist, I am thankful he's the one I get to go to!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Daily Thankfuls Day Nineteen


Today I am thankful for homecomings.
Mono arrived home this evening from his venture out to California.
The weather wasn't great and it gets dark early over there so he didn't have a lot of opportunity on hand to explore L.A. He did have a good time and enjoyed some yummy food!
I am happy his time on the west coast was nice, but I am even happier he is back home!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Daily Thankfuls Day Eighteen


Today we went to Flip Burger for lunch.
Normally, I'm the one in the bunch that orders the classic burger.
Bun, burger, cheese, tomato, and lettuce.
I'm not adventurous when it comes time to ordering off a menu.
Wait, who am I kidding, I'm not adventurous at all.
But today I stepped out of my box... a little bit.
 I ordered the rBQ, a burger, pulled pork, and coleslaw. 
I am thankful I did because it was quite tasty and I will definitely hop out of the box again... but not too far out!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Daily Thankfuls Day Seventeen


Today Mono left for his trip to California. He will only be gone for just over 48 hours, but I will miss him terribly. I count down the hours until he arrives home. Pathetic maybe, but I am thankful I love someone enough to miss him even when he's only gone for 48 hours!
I am also thankful that Mono's parents are coming into town today! I am really looking forward to having them visit for the week. I love having their company here and treasure all the time we have together since they are not able to come as much as we'd like. 
So while I am missing my sweet husband, I can enjoy this time with Mami and Papi. And before long, Mono will be home and we will all be enjoying the visit together.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Smokin' Hot and Business Trips

My Mon is going on a business trip tomorrow. Thankfully it's just across this country and not to another country. But still. I hate when he travels across time zones. It just makes it feel like he is that much further away. I don't mind him going away because he loves to travel. And I don't get jealous that he is traveling because I would rather be going instead of him, but what I do always wish is that we could travel to these places together. While we were dating, we never traveled alone together to go on little trips and adventures. The only places we ever traveled to together was with each others families. And then the only time we traveled together while married was our honeymoon. So when these trips come up, I wish we could explore and see places together. Though, if it has to be just one of us, I am glad it is him getting to go see new sights! This trip is taking him to the West Coast!! Fun huh?! I've never been further west than Alabama. haha. Yeah, that's not even considered west at all! I am sending my camera with him so I can see what life is like out there!! I am sure he will come back with great stories and photos to go along!

Oh, and smokin' hot... has nothing to do with his business trip. I was painting my nails tonight in a dark shade of gray, called smokin' hot. I love the look on other people, but when I paint it on my nails, I feel wild, rebellious, crazy.... I feel like I can't pull it off like everyone else! It's still on my nails and we will see if it lasts.

My Mom is out of town helping my grandparents. My Popa is in the hospital so she was needed up there. So she's gone and soon Mono will be too, but Mono's mom and dad are coming tomorrow evening to visit!! I am pretty excited to have them here. I've never had them all to myself... well without Mono. I definitely won't have them to myself with our boys around! I can't wait for them to arrive and have them see how much the boys have grown!! This will be fun!

Daily Thankfuls Day Sixteen


Mono's grandmother, Bella, had given Mono and his brother each a diamond from a pair of her earrings to use in the engagement rings they would give their fiancĂ©es. My sister-in-law and I each have the same center diamond in our rings! I love the fact that they were Bella's and that we each have the same ring, yet a little different. Her baguette's are round (if I remember correctly) and mine are pear-shaped. Now, my wedding band is not a family heirloom. Mono picked that out after we were engaged. In the picture above, I am hiding a missing diamond on the other side of the band! I lost a diamond, but believe it or not, as tiny as they are, Mono found it! Since Mami and Papi are coming to visit I will be able to send it home with them to a family friend who repairs our jewelry for us! I will certainly miss having my wedding ring on from now until Christmas, but I know it is in good hands and I will have a nice sturdy and intact ring again! 

Bella and I share a great love for jewelry. And no matter how nice the piece is, we wear them all the time! 
This was her beautiful piece of jewelry too, and she passed it down to me when Mono and I got engaged. Right after my wedding and engagement rings, this ring is always with me. I wear it with dressy outfits and even my jeans and sweats! I adore it and will always treasure it.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Daily Thankfuls Day Fourteen

I have been on my own taking care of the boys every day for a while now. My parents have not been able to come to visit because my Mom has been fighting an awful cold! Finally they were able to come back today for a visit and the extra two sets of hands was quite nice!! I'm doing real well caring for them on my own without getting overwhelmed anymore. A lot of that is due to the fact that they actually nap now. It is still hard sometimes to get bigger projects done on my own, but I am even doing fairly well with some of the more time consuming things! This is a very exciting time for me! Naps are wonderful! And so are helping hands!



Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Daily Thankfuls Day Thirteen


I am thankful for healing.

Yesterday our friend Austin came over to hang out, have dinner, enjoy some guy time, and Monday Night Football! I have to say, I am always impressed when I see him. He always does something new that amazes me with his progress. The best was watching him rock the boys (who were both sitting on the la-z-boy) with his hand/arm... the one that isn't even as strong! He sat there and chatted with Will and Gus while he rocked them.
This doesn't take away from the sweetness of when Mono, or even other family members rock them, but to know the effort he uses to do it, and the fact that he even can rock them made me smile so big!
His Mom wrote on his Caring Bridge site: "Oh and did you know The ******* twins Will and Gus twisted their Dad's arm to put a ramp on the back patio so that (Uncle)Austin could come over and visit??? :) :) What incredible love..."
It's true. The ramp is built, Gus and Will love their Uncle Austin very much, but no one quite needed a twisted arm. We were all so excited to know we could do something to allow him to visit! He may be Mono's friend, but our whole family truly loves him! He has a wonderful family and such a sweet girlfriend as well!
It's so nice to see him healing. It's through soo much prayer and his incredible determination and strength that he puts into it, that he has recovered this much already!

I am also thankful for some positive news from family about my Popa's health. He was brought to the hospital yesterday with chest pains and many tests were done, but we didn't find out results until later tonight. Thank God it looks like his heart is okay, but wasn't getting enough oxygen and was being tolled a bit from bad kidney functioning. He may be able to be released on medication to help his symptoms subside! Thank you God! Please keep him strong and healthy!

Please keep Popa and Austin in your prayers!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Daily Thankfuls Day Twelve


Thankful for another full and successful day, rainy days, and my cozy bed after long days like today.

Not only was I able to care for the boys, cross most everything off my list, make a nice dinner and extras for lunches during the week, but also made cookies for when Austin came over!
He came for dinner and Monday Night Football, which was great. It was nice to visit with him and also know that he and Mono could enjoy some good guy time. Although Mono lives in a house of 4 boys and only one girl, guy time is always nice.

As nice as days full of warmth as sunshine may be, cozy, fall days, with gray skies dripping rain are welcomed once in a while! I love when it is dark in the house and I have the little lights lit to brighten up the room. Oh, sooo cozy!

I was so tired though at the end of the day, like nearly all days, that I could not appreciate my comfy bed much more than I was at that moment! I plopped down after the boys last feeding and just took a deep breath and relaxed so nicely before falling asleep. It felt sooo good!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Daily Thankfuls Day Eleven


Thankful for a day filled with time and energy to get things done.

Today was a long, full, but good day!
I don't normally have time or energy to get done more than I have to.
I usually cross the necessities off, but there are always wishful things on my daily to do lists that never get done, until days or even weeks later.
Today was different and I loved it.
Life was a little bit back to normal.

I am developing a bit of a routine and schedule... or as much of one as I can with twin babies in the house! It feels good. They nap a bit more now, which not only allows me to get things done, but with both hands!

I made a nice dinner, baked tasty bread and got so much done... all while not feeling stressed! It was so lovely!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Daily Thankfuls Day Ten

#day ten

I am thankful for the scattered days of fall that are sunny and warm.
Fall is my favorite season.
The cool, crisp, fresh air.
Beautiful colors painted on the trees.
The smells in the air of leaves, fires burning, pies in the ovens...
Mmmm.... It's wonderful.
I love things about each season, but there is something cozy about the fall.
But... I do appreciate these warm and sunny days we get down here.
It has allowed for a few more outdoor walks with our sweet boys. 
I'd like to have 1-2 hours each day with weather like this all year long, just to be able to go out for a walk with the boys in their stroller.

Today we spent the first half of the day getting things done at home.
Around 3:30 we headed out for a nice long walk at the Outlets with the little men.
It was perfect!
Window shopping and a stroll.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Daily Thankfuls Day Nine


the boys face-timing with Bella in top picture and Gus telling Grandma (F) about his day


We love Facetime!
Nearly all of our family and close friends live in the Northeast so they don't get to see the boys in person. We talk daily to at least one family member or friend! Sometimes I turn it on so their Grandma can talk to them during the day while I do a few things around the room, or sit and feed them... I am very thankful for it so we can keep in touch as close to being in person as possible and loved ones can watch them grow!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Daily Thankfuls Day Eight



A few months back you may remember me telling you about our friend Austin. He was in rehab in Atlanta, but he was recently moved to a location ten minutes from our home! We were pretty excited to hear the news. We knew we'd have him over, hang out, go out and do some fun things... only one problem, which was not a real problem. Every single way into our house had steps, which was not wheel chair friendly.
No biggie! We built a ramp just for him! It's nothing fancy or special, but it serves it's purpose! We can't wait for him to come over! It was so nice to know we were doing something that not only was for our benefit (of him being able to visit), but for his, so he could get out of therapy, hang out with friends, and enjoy himself! I wish we could do more, but at least we can show our love and support in little ways right now.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Daily Thankfuls Day Seven



I am pretty sure I have the best god-mother there is!
She's so good that we even have the same name!
She is thoughtful, sweet, kind, very hard working, beautiful, not only in appearance, but in who she is.

She is so special to me and though we don't get to talk due to her busy work schedule and my busy schedule (or lack of) at home with the boys, when we do catch up, it's oh-so-wonderful!
While I was planning the little details for my wedding, I knew I wanted to do something different with my bouquet, rather than throwing it into the crowd of single ladies like most brides do.
So, instead of following that trend, I presented her with a smaller bouquet that was a cross between mine and the bridesmaids, along with a note. They also played a special song in the background. She was so touched and it was a very special and memorable moment for both of us. 

I love her dearly and today I am thankful for her, and for the chance to catch up on the phone about some of the the recent happenings in each of our lives.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Daily Thankfuls Day Five



I am thankful for Mono's La-Z-Boy and the fact that our two boys love to fall asleep sitting in it.
You may notice a little trend with one of them...

 He falls fast asleep many times in this chair. It's Mr. Lazy Boy himself!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Daily Thankfuls Day Four


I am thankful for the four boys I live with... my four boys.
I'm the only girl in this house!
I'm thankful for my little calm and content one, who will just sit there quietly smiling, talking to himself.
I am thankful for my other little one who makes me constantly laugh with his cute face and who already knows Jesus 
(side note: Every morning, without fail, when he wakes up, he looks up at a crucifix we have hanging in our room, and smiles, laughs and talks.)
I am thankful for the white, fluffy one, who is my little shadow and cuddle buddy.
I am thankful for my biggest boy, who helps me get through the long days, makes me smile, provides lovingly for our family, and gives his best in helping me take care of the three other boys!
And for holding my purse! No, that isn't his lovely bag.
All four of them make me smile and feel so loved.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Daily Thankfuls Day Three

 Well, I'm told slow and steady wins the race... And while I'm certainly not even trying to win this half marathon in March, I'm going very, very slowly in training. I am not sure what made me think I could get the time in to train and become physically ready for Seaside. It's certainly going to be a very long road there. Today I ran 3 miles (with some walking in between) in 45 minutes and I was done. How on earth am I could to reach 13+?! Thankfully I have until March.
momma and will, papi and gus
The boys were fabulous today, especially on our little outing! I wish we had more days like this with Mono home to spend together. Gus's best time of the day is certainly not after dinner and that is when Mono is home. He's the most fussy around that time of day so it makes it hard for us to do things outside of them home (heck, even inside of the home) on weeknights.
the time to run and shower this morning 
a beautiful day to take the boys for an outing

Friday, November 2, 2012

Daily Thankfuls Day Two


sleeping late... and yes, this is late to Gus and Will

And since this is day two, I have two things to be thankful for... sleeping late and an unexpected lunch date with great friends!

Also, something to be very thankful for... prayers and healing our dear friend is receiving! But that is something too huge to be in my little daily thankfuls.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Daily Thankfuls Day One

Do you ever have a few meaningless items on your shopping list that you keep looking for but never find in your budget? They're items that are not important and do not need to have a load of cash dropped to pay for them. These are two things that have been on my list forever now and I could never find them. Either too big or too pricey.
 I have been looking for a nice mini strainer and a mini 3 tiered tray for my bathroom. I look all over and never find them cheap enough for my budget. I ran into T.J.Maxx the other night to look for something for Gus and Will and I happened upon these in the clearance section!! I didn't like the design/color of the 3 tiered tray, but a little spray paint would fix that real fast! Now it sits all pretty in my bathroom, finally in the home it belongs in! The strainer is just the right size for a small portion of pasta or some fresh veggies or fruit... perfection and completely in budget!
cheap finds of items I've been searching for forever!