Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Daily Thankfuls Day Seven



I am pretty sure I have the best god-mother there is!
She's so good that we even have the same name!
She is thoughtful, sweet, kind, very hard working, beautiful, not only in appearance, but in who she is.

She is so special to me and though we don't get to talk due to her busy work schedule and my busy schedule (or lack of) at home with the boys, when we do catch up, it's oh-so-wonderful!
While I was planning the little details for my wedding, I knew I wanted to do something different with my bouquet, rather than throwing it into the crowd of single ladies like most brides do.
So, instead of following that trend, I presented her with a smaller bouquet that was a cross between mine and the bridesmaids, along with a note. They also played a special song in the background. She was so touched and it was a very special and memorable moment for both of us. 

I love her dearly and today I am thankful for her, and for the chance to catch up on the phone about some of the the recent happenings in each of our lives.

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