Saturday, October 13, 2012

Window Shopping and a Stroll

This amazing present arrived in the mail on Friday! We all love the boys new stroller! Their great grandparents gave it to them. But really, it's a great gift for Momma! It was such a beautiful day so we decided to take them out for a stroll at our fave shopping area. They loved their walk in the stroller and Momma loved window shopping... well not the window part, but you gotta do that some times... unfortunately.
My Christmas list is getting long... and pricey. I think it is going to end up going from a Christmas list to a when i win the big bucks list...

Mono is going to be so very sorry he introduced me to one of his loves... The North Face.
We now have a wonderful store near us and I am always up to popping in.

The same thing happened with Apple. I started out with the computer, but then he got a Mac laptop and then I got a Mac laptop and then he got an iTouch and I got a little iPod and then he got an iPad, and I got his old iTouch... and now all I want is an iPhone 5... and of course that is not in the foreseeable future. I am not sure what got into me except the fact that I am married to a tech lover, who has taught me a lot to love! And I am addicted to instagram, taking pictures all the time, and that certainly doesn't help my desire to have that phone!

Today my eyes fell in love with these warm and cozy mittens. They are ah-mazing!
 Maybe not as amazing as this jacket though! I have seen it many times and always have to try it on. Once a year try on will have to hold me over for a long time. I think this is on the when i win the big bucks list though.
This whole store is also on that list... I love the little bit fancy, little bit rustic look! 
oh if only...
And we ended the night with one purchase... dinner at one of our favorites... Chipotle. We had to introduce the boys young! The burrito is bigger than Will... almost!
We had such a fun day together! I love having our boys out with us. They do so well in the car, in their stroller and roaming around to all our crazy little spots! Can't wait for another fun weekend outing with them! And before long, we can take them on longer and further ventures!

Friday, October 12, 2012

My Days Lately

Ahhh, what is that sound I hear? Silence? Could it really be?
It is very rare now that I am a momma of twin babies that I have quiet moments. Before they arrived, most all of my time was silent. The only noise I would hear is the dishwasher or washing machine, the television or radio, the phone ringing or a text message alert. The only other person around was Jimmy... and the only noises you normally hear from him are little snoring sounds when he is napping or the jingling of his tags on his collar.
My days have greatly changed. Quiet moments for blogging, going through pictures, reading, etc are long gone. 

Now my days are filled with this:

endless cleaning and washing of cloth diapers for two baby boys with sore bottoms
 it truly feels like this is all i do all day long... change diaper after diaper, clean, wash, and fold diaper after diaper.
laundry, feeding babies, cleaning and sterilizing bottles, filling dozens of bottles with formula each day
late night and early morning wake up calls for dirty diapers and hungry boys
momma's breakfasts that never get eaten, but stare you in the face on the counter until 10:30 pm
 but it is aaaalllllll worth it for these two precious gifts. i couldn't be any more in love with these two boys!



One hundred forty three days until...

The Seaside Half Marathon!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not doing this to lose weight or beat a certain time. I'm only in this to compete and complete. End of story.
I can't wait for the feeling of crossing the finish line after running 13.1 miles in Seaside at their annual Half Marathon. I have a little love affair with 30A and I will be running in that very area right before my birthday! What an amazing birthday present! I will finally be running a half, which is something I have wanted to do for years and I will be spending a nice weekend at a place I love dearly!
My sweet friend and running coach will be right by my side all 13.1 miles!!
Can it get any better than that?
Actually... yeah, it can!
Mono, my two little men, my parents, my Grandparents on Mono's side, and Mike, Jilly's sweetheart are all going to be there cheering us on!! Woo hooooo, the excitement of everyone cheering for us already gives me goose bumpies!

I am not a real runner. Or a good one. But I am going to do this!
I just had two babies less than 2 months ago and I am ready for another adventure.
It will be a very long and slow road getting myself ready for Seaside, but Jilly says I can do it. And when Jilly says you can do it, you can!!
I am starting with a brisk walk, but only 1-2 miles at a time... that's for two reasons. One, I do not have much time on my hands. I have to run at the very end of the day when my sweet hubby is home to watch the little men and my to do list is completely checked off, right before the last feeding of the evening for the boys. I leave just enough time for some miles and a quick shower! And two, because I have not exercised a single day since September of 2011. Yeah, pathetic.

I exercised up until our wedding, but then after our wedding, we had a lot going on with settling into our new home and everything that goes along with that and then beginning morning sickness just a few months later, then being huge, on bed rest and more bed rest. So I am very, very out of shape. Heck, I've never been in shape... even before our wedding! I'm soooo not athletic. I'm athletically challenged to every single degree. But add on doing absolutely nothing for over 9 months and I'm really out of shape! So I am starting from before square one... walking one mile... then two miles... then starting adding in a light jog. When your goal is to be able to accomplish 13.1 miles, starting where I am makes for a terribly long road, but it will make the accomplishment all the greater in the end when I cross that line in Seaside!

I have to admit, being that I can't walk and eventually run until after dark, I have to run on my treadmill, which I am very grateful for or else this would not be possible, but it makes for a very difficult and boring run to train for. I stare at a cement wall listening to music. I am going to see if I can rig something so I can go online with my lap top while I am at least walking, and then eventually running maybe set up long blogs or interesting things to read. It might all help pass the time quickly.

Thank you Mono for not only letting me run this and to make the trip down to FL in March, but for cheering me on even in these beginning days... and for taking care of the boys so I can train for this little dream of mine!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Perfect Weather For a Stroll

Today we ordered our double stroller for the boys! We have a frame for their infant car seats to click into, but a good walking stroller was still on hold. We knew the one we wanted, but we were waiting for the changes in the newest model to come out. It is finally out, and today we placed our order!!! It should be here on Saturday and if that is true, the second it arrives, if the weather is okay to take the boys out, we will be going on a walk!

The weather has been so beautiful here. We've had our windows open this evening, letting in the fresh air and sounds of chirping birds. How calming! I got the okay today from my doctor that I can start exercising, starting with good walks. Perfect timing for this gorgeous weather... and the stroller's arrival!

Each year, for the past few years I get the info for the Seaside half marathon held in March. And each year, when this time rolls around and I get the message from them, I really get the itch to sign up and run it. I am far from being able to run a half marathon, but boy would I love to sign up and work my way towards that. I wish I had some sort of really good training program that would work me up to being able to do a walk/run in March. Anyone think it is possible? 

As soon as their stroller arrives, I will post pictures of our first walk!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

ONEderful Year

Mono and I celebrated our one year anniversary on Monday. Never in a million years would either of us have thought that we'd have two babies before our first anniversary! In fact, I truly didn't think I'd even have one baby by then! But God gave us two of the most amazing gifts for our anniversary for sure! I am not sure we could have gotten any better of a gift! One for each of us too! He was very generous to us this year! I wonder what He'll give us next year! hehe

Our first year as newly weds was certainly filled with many ups and downs. It didn't go as we imagined and planned, but the two reasons for the collapsed plans was totally worth it!! We couldn't be happier with our little men in our lives and now we can celebrate and travel and do everything with twice more fun!

Mono's family is visiting so they took care of the boys so the two of us could go to dinner to my favorite restaurant, Brio!

It felt so weird going out without the boys, but we had such a lovely evening out together. We didn't stay out long, but it was just enough!

a little look back at our special day

and at this time last year, we were on our honeymoon in Aruba! 
 What a difference one year makes! We were enjoying sleeping late, having a delicious leisurely breakfast, relaxing all day long... and now, I forget what sleep is, much less sleeping in, if I am lucky, my breakfast consists of a Luna bar, and if I am really lucky some orange juice to go along with it. And relaxing... ha! That's for wimps!