Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mugshots 241.365

No, no, no... I did not have my picture taken in jail today.
Sorry if you were curious to see what I looked like at my worst (since that is what mug shots seem to be).
Today in Mono's office they celebrated Brian's birthday.
Whenever someone has a birthday in their office, they all go out for lunch to celebrate.
Today was Brian's day.
And he made a great choice.
I didn't go with them, but since I was stuck at the house, with no car and no food, Mono was kind enough to bring me lunch from Mugshots.
 It was soooo good and I already want to go back!
I had a chicken sandwich. It was bits of chicken, with grilled onions and peppers, lettuce, tomato and melted cheese.
Oh yummmm!
Happy Birthday Brian!

A Humble and Honest Heart

For a while now I have been wanting to have a time set aside each morning to quietly read my Bible and maybe even take some notes.
It's not something I should be putting off, even for one day.
But I have put it off... for more than one day.

A few days back, I went to grab my Bible off the bookshelf and it was gone.
For the life of me, I cannot place where it could be.
I guess that is what happens when it is so long between uses.

I have a really nice small one, but it is not the one I like to use for daily reading.
It's leather, small and very tiny print.
I have still not located my paperback.
I looked with my parents Bibles, and it's not there either.
So I am on the hunt for a new one.

Another problem I have when I take my Bible out to read, is I don't always know what I am supposed to be getting out of certain passages. 
My little mind doesn't always wrap around Christ's Word as it should. 

So I was trying to find one that is still Catholic and traditional, yet I could work with it better. 
Mono's Mom suggested the Navarre Bibles. 
Unfortunately they come in many different volumes so I am starting with the one that I could grab off my Dad's shelf.
It's the Letters of Saint Paul
It's super thick, the size of my regular Bible... And this is just one piece.
But I am going to read my way through it, soak up every bit that I can, and then move on to another volume.

How does that sound? 
Do you take time each day to set aside time for Christ?
Do you have any good tips for making time in this busy and crazy world?
I set aside time to go to Mass daily (or as close to daily as possible), but I know that's not enough.
He gives me so much.
He loves me so much.
And I need to do more, be more and love more in return.

I'm hoping this is a good, fresh start.
Please keep this little blogger in your prayers so I can grow more in love with Him each day.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Santo Mono! 239.365

Agustin is a family name in Mono's family and today is the feast day of St. Augustine.
Every year on August 28th, we celebrate Mono's santo or feast day.
Tonight my aunt, uncle and cousins came over for a big crepe bar feast! 
One of Mono's favorite foods is crepes so I thought this would be a fun treat.
I cut up 3 types of fresh fruit (bananas, strawberries and peaches), bought a can of cherry pie filling (for my uncle who loves that), made white chocolate sauce, cream cheese mousse, cinnamon whipped cream, had cottage cheese and a cheddar cheese sauce, nutella, brown sugar and cinnamon, and powdered sugar.
There were a couple more toppings I had wanted to prepare, but time was not on my side.
It was such an enjoyable evening. Simple but lovely.
Happy Santo my Monito!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Thank you Irene! 237.365

Cupcakes do make me happy...
And so does this visit from my cousin!
 Mark goes to school on the East Coast. He was evacuated and had no where to go... home was on the East Coast as well.
So, in the blink of an eye, we found out Irene was sending him safely in our direction!
Thank you so much Irene!
 Mark had never been down here for a visit before, so we spent the day driving him around to see the area. We stopped to get cupcakes at the Dreamcakes Truck! 
I never say no to cupcakes!

I know we are going to have a great time having Mark here visiting!
It's certainly off to a good start!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

From K to F in 37 Days! 236.365

There are a lot of changes heading my way. 
That's expected when you get married and move away.
                                A big and noticeable one will be the changing of my last name.
It'll be a fun one, but will take a lot of work.
I want to do it with as much ease and style as possible. 
As for the style part... I'm only going to be able to enjoy having this purse with my initials for a few more weeks.
And then, goodbye M(A)K!
Hello MAF!
Though we won't be saying goodbye to this MK.
She will be staying with me. :)
I have also made a small purchase. 
I bought myself a self-inking return address stamp!
I've wanted one for a long time, years really, but never got one.
I write a lot of notes, will have a ton of thank you cards going out after our wedding, will always have bills to pay, etc... so this will be fun and time-saving!
But for now, as excited as I am for the days of being Mrs. Mono, I'm going to enjoy the remaining MAK days!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Story Behind The Blanket And The Day He Won My Heart 235.365

This blanket has found it's special place in our new home. 
Here is the story behind the blanket that I love so dearly.
I will never forget this day... or his entrance into my life.
 Mono's family became mine nearly right from the very start. I had met his Mom and Grandma already, but never my dear Bello, his grandfather. I am not sure anyone has ever made quite the entrance into my life as Bello did. I'm also pretty sure there will never be another one like it.

He flew his plane into town. Mom, Dad, Mono, Mami and Bella all drove with me (I was so excited) to the little airport to greet the arriving white and red plane. Bello landed and I saw him standing there and I ran across the runway (all was safe) and gave him a huge hug! He presented me with a gift...
 Yes, that gift was my blanket. It is so special to me. He didn't even know this, but growing up, I was very close to my Grandma. At Gram's house she always had crocheted blankets on the couch. I loved them dearly. After she died, those blankets found new homes... and none of them were able to make it my way. Those blankets meant something to me and I wished so much just for one more of those afghans.
So when Bello came to meet me for the very first time (that alone won my heart) and gave me an afghan, my heart was filled! It was almost like my Grandma sending me a little gift through my new grandparents. I know if Gram and Grandpa were alive, they would have become dearest of friends with Bello and Bella. I just know it!
Bello and Bella have both touched my heart and my life in so many ways. More than they even know. I miss my Grandma and Grandpa so, so much, and I never thought anything could ever come close to filling that void. And my Nana and Popa live far away and are unable to visit us so far away. Grandparents are so dear to me (ask Mono!) and though no one can replace Grandma and Grandpa... or bring Nana and Popa closer so we could visit more... Bello and Bella have sure filled a void with great joy and immense love. 

They are not Mono's grandparents anymore, but our grandparents and I am so blessed to be able to call them mine. 

So my blanket from Bello and Bella is now sitting on our couch in our new home, waiting for us to move in so I can cuddle up with it.

Monday, August 22, 2011

He's Hoooooommmmeee!!!!!!

Mono is HOME! And I am one very, very happy girl!
10 days overseas is far too long.
He had a wonderful trip and I can't wait for him to show me all his pictures and tell me all the stories!
I made this sign (and two others, but this one came to the airport) and held it up for him to see. (It didn't come out well on camera, but it said Adios Espana - with the proper Spanish markings on the letters... and then it said Hello USA!) I think my insanely large smile distracted him from the sign. haha- 
I probably had the biggest smile ever.
Mono flew home with another guy for work. 
I think he was just as excited for the sign!
So he took our picture!
Thanks Jorge!
So my Mon is back and all is well with the world... at least my little world.

Every Girl Needs a Little Bling 233.365

Every once in a while, I like to pile on the bracelets. 
Not sure what brings it on, but it happens.
I usually do it with a simple outfit so it's not too much though.
Today was one of those days.
White skirt.
White and peach shirt... one of Mono's favorites!
These bracelets. 
The reason for today may just be because MONO IS COMING HOME!!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Missing His Buddy 232.365

I just adore this little guy.
I think he is missing Mono just as much as I am.
He sleeps with Mono's sweatshirt every night.
How sweet.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Dear Friend Once Said....

A dear friend once said, "God only allows bad things to happen for something even better to come out of it… Just remember to thank God in the midst of a cross, and when you thank Him, He will make it clear to you as to why it is happening."

I needed to be reminded of that these past few days. She is always one to help in areas like that! Thank you!

I am so blessed to know this wonderful lady and her equally wonderful family. I met them when they had five little ones and moved away when they had 7, maybe. Their growing family now has 10 amazing children. I must be honest, I know many incredible families, but this one in particular has blessed me and inspired me more than they probably will ever know. Moving away from them was one of the hardest goodbyes, and to this day, seven years later, I still find myself having terribly sad moments missing their dear faces. When we go back to visit, it is as though we never left. And I treasure that.

They have seemingly endless hearts of generosity (I truly think there is no bottom), and have been with me, willing to help with anything I need, preparing for our big day on October 1st. I know even though there is great distance (in miles) between us, the prayers for each other never stop. The prayers of those little ones (all 10 of them) are powerful…so are those of their parents! ;)

I received an e-mail from her a few days ago after she had received the invitation to our wedding and she again said, "if you need anything at all from bobby-pins to trips across town, we are at your service." I thank you. Thank you all. Your whole family is one of endless service to others, to each other and to Christ. I pray with all my heart, that when I am married and have children of my own, our family can be as great of a gift to another family like you have been to mine.

I love you all. (I think you know exactly who you are if you are reading this. ;) hehe)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Pick Me! 230.365

Pick Meeeeeee!
That is what I hear when I see a wall of gorgeous colors in front of me! Sometimes I wish I could have a house built with 1,000 rooms just so I could choose some of these fab colors! 

I have spent time picturing in my mind the look I am aiming for in our new home. I want it to house some of our favorite colors, whether that be in fabric, splashes of accent color or on the walls.

For the most part we have neutrals, blues/aquas and grays. There are splashes of other colors planned so it won't be dull or drab at all! I can't wait for the final product. Curtains will take a while, as I have to look for fabric (in my budget) and then get to work making them. 
Painting takes quite the time in a day so it is not easy to get much else done. This is how the kitchen started - didn't want to show color yet until it was done. Thankfully I found the perfect gray!
 My mind didn't quite know where to settle with the dining room. I had about three amazing ideas (or at least I thought so!) for this room, and this is what I settled on. It is definitely brighter than I ever thought I'd choose (when the sun shines in, it's brighter), but I am really enjoying it so far!

I'll share a few more pictures once things are more in place! But I thought a few sneak peeks would be okay. ;)

P.S. Becky, I didn't copy with your post but it looks like we think alike! Your new home must be gorgeous! :)

AuGUSt : my favorite month. Any guesses why? ;)

It's actually not really my favorite month… maybe my favorite to say. AuGUSt… there is just something about it. ;) Actually, this month I do get to celebrate my Monito! His Santo (feast day) is at the end of the month and this year, I think I have a pretty decent gift for him. It's ready and waiting to be opened… well kinda. There's still a few more days until he can open it. But I am really excited to give it to him! Guess what!? Only THREE more days to get through until I can see my Mon again! He arrives home from his trip on Monday! So I have a very full Saturday, Sunday and Monday to get through and Monday around dinner time I will be smiling all the way to the airport. It will be super late to him, so I am sure he will be more sleepy than not. I kinda imagine picking up a really tired boy, letting him sleep in the car and dropping him off at his place to go to bed (super early) is what will happen. But I hope to sneak in a hug somewhere in there. Or maybe two! ;) And then hopefully within a few days he'll be back to U.S. time and I'll have my Mon fully back! :) I can't wait! See, AuGUSt is a great month! It brings a lot of times to celebrate my Mono! His arrival, his Santo… Yippppeeee! And while I am talking about celebrating my favorite guy, his birthday is just a four short months from today!! Annnnnnddddd... that means Christmas is right around the corner too! This will be our first real Christmas together... EVER! I cannot wait! Absolutely positively cannot wait! I already have some fun gift ideas in mind and plans for the perfect Christmas Day! That is of course if we are at home. We still don't know where Christmas will be this year. But lots to be excited about! And the excitement begins in only 3 days!!

Thank you!

Do you ever feel like you are unappreciated, unnoticed and no matter what you do or how much you do, there are people whizzing by you left and right, seeming to be doing so much more? Are there days where you cook your family meals, seemingly night after night, keep your house a true home for your family, not leading a big career driven life, and all you want is a little thank you or something to be noticed? There are days when it seems like I have done all I could possibly do, and it feels as though not enough has gotten done, someone has done better, and what I do is completely and utterly not enough. I know it is partially me doing it to myself. I know the other part is that my mind knows that it is the way this world we live in works. Do you ever have days like that? Maybe you have or maybe you will. Well I am here to say, I know exactly how you feel, and I thank you for those little unnoticed and unappreciated moments. It feels so much better to get a thank you, a hug or a simple little smile after a deed done for someone. Nothing big, but just something small. By no means am I saying that you should do things to get attention, but do you know what I mean or where I am trying to get at? Sometimes it's just a smile that hits you right or a kind little thank you, that can make your whole unnoticed, seemingly unimportant day, just turn around and become one of the best days ever! So, thank you for what you do. For your family, in your community, for people you know and love or complete strangers. I appreciate those little small gestures myself, so if you are feeling like this tonight, or any time at all, know that there are other people thinking just like you!

Or…. maybe, this is just one of my other oddities and no one else ever feels this way! Lucky you if that is true! :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Shelf or Two! 229.365

Today I started another one of my secret While Mono is Away Projects. :)

Shelving for the kitchen.

I love looking at open shelving on Pinterest and knew I wanted to add that touch to our kitchen. I knew that even before Pinterest came along though. ;) 

They're not quite finished yet. A fresh coat of white paint needs to make its way onto these two boards, but that should get done quite soon! 

I know I am going to love having these up in our kitchen and I am hoping Mono enjoys them just as much! I will try to post a picture of the final product real soon!
P.S. The curtains in the picture above are the result of this post. They aren't fully done in this picture though. A little hand tacking here and there and some decorative trim had to go on, but I was trying to get the look! And those wooden blinds are temporary... from the old owner... staying up until we can buy something new!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pinning 228.365

 These days, if you are around me and you hear me talking about pinning you would assume I am talking about my favorite hobby use/waste of perfectly good time... Pinterest. But today, I am actually physically pinning with pins... to sew something.

I'm working on a whole lot of projects while Mono is away and I am pretty excited about this one. I am not sure exactly what I am doing. I don't have any sort of pattern or real plan in my mind. I'm winging it!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

They're Coming Back! 227.365

They are beginning to make their way back to us! The response cards for the invitations that is! I am so excited and with each little stack we get during the week, I squeal with excitement. My absolute favorite part is when people write a little note on it along with their response... from things like "can't wait" to something funny or even more personal... It's just a whole ton of fun! We are still waiting on quite a few to make their way back to us, but the surprise that arrives in our mail box on scattered week days will be greatly missed once the R.S.V.P. date comes to an end. It's not every day that you get anywhere from 3-7 (or so) cards addressed to you! ;) And getting mail is one of my very favorite things in life! It is such a small piece of life, but it always brings such a big smile to my face!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Counting 225.365

I am counting down the days until my Mon comes home. He is having a really great time! I have this paper chain for how many days he will be away. Each day I cut one off and it gets shorter. :) It's good to see that shrink! And I made myself a time difference chart. SO much easier. My phone travels with me everywhere. haha- I'm pathetic. I can't wait to hear his voice since it is short and few and far between. I love my guy. :)

For The Birds

This whole Mono being 7 hours ahead of me, an ocean away, just measly seconds worth of a phone call... it's all for the birds! I heard from him early this morning. They made it over there safely... without their luggage (poor Purple Monster is lost somewhere!). It was wonderful to hear his voice, but to only get to speak with him for a minute or less is terribly hard. I miss him quite badly and just knowing how far away he is and that I can't just pick up my phone to say hello or good night before bed is really hard for me. Earlier this morning he was having a harder time adjusting, a lack of sleep and food, lost luggage etc, but now he is really enjoying himself. He's out on the town, eating, enjoying being in a country he loves with people he works with. Today is only day two of this. Eight more to go. I'm hoping I can make it. I carry the house phone with me wherever I go. It has become like a shadow on a sunny day. Never leaves my side. Neither does my cell phone. I know he can't call me on it, but you just never know. I don't want to miss any chance of talking to him. Plus, his Mom and I are always in touch on the phone updating each other what we've heard. I think she and I are so happy he is enjoying himself, but will be much happier when he is back home, here in the States. I couldn't sleep last night because I always wanted to check if he had landed yet and I wasn't sure if there was a way he'd try to contact us early in the morning. I pretty much knew he wouldn't until later in the morning when things were more settled, but I still had that anxious feeling of is the phone going to ring? Tomorrow I won't be home at all during the day so I probably won't get any phone calls from him, but I am hoping that some way, some how he can get wi-fi and we can talk via Skype. He was able to Skype with his Mom today, but as soon as I was able to get on, he wasn't there anymore. Did I say I miss him? Because if not, I really, really do. I will be one very happy girl one week from today. I will know in my mind that he will be coming home the very next day. Well, you'll probably hear more about Mono being gone over the next 8 days, so I won't bore you with my tears all at once. I'll try to post a more upbeat blog later!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

"Mon Hugs" 224.365

Like I have said in a few previous posts, I don't do well with good byes, especially today's. I cry, I hug, I cry some more. I am doing my best to talk about his trip, be all excited and all (because I really am), but the tears still come. I felt quite bad that I cried so much when he is getting to go on an amazingly fun trip, but since he's the great guy that he is, he understood and even appreciated how much I will miss him. 
I pray his trip is successful (the work side of it) and filled with fun and adventures (the leisure part). I told him that I won't wish his trip away for him, but I will hope on my end, the days go by fast. I have a lot of plans while he is gone; getting our house in order. Hopefully that will keep me busy (I know it will) and help pass the time. 
It was so hard to say good bye, and I hugged him real tight. I even ran back after saying good bye, just for one more Mon hug. Let me tell you, Mon hugs are the greatest in the world. There is nothing like it and that is one of the biggest parts of him being away that I will miss. All could be sour, and that Mon hug, well it's all sweet. :)
Do you know the type of hug I am talking about? Do you have a special name for it? :)  
Mono, I will miss you while you are away, but you are going to have a fantastic time. I can't wait to hear all about it, and I can't wait for you to come home and see the little touches I've done to our house.
Funny story, but poor guy. A few years back, Mono and his good friend took a trip to Europe together. His luggage got lost and ended up a few countries away. Not fun for him. 
So this time, he asked what luggage he could borrow (a larger one than he had) and I thought I had the perfect one that wouldn't get lost. It'd stand out. I brought it to his place last night for him to pack and I told him, "It's okay Mono; it's plum, not purple." Well he wasn't too sure of traveling with a purple or plum, luggage, but I assured him it'd be fine and it'd be less likely to get lost. 
Well, I dropped him off at the airport, and sure enough, he was right… it is purple. 
Purple, through and through. 
I told him that he will always think of me this way. 
He wore my favorite color shirt, and is carrying my second favorite color luggage. :)

P.S. Mon is pronounced like "moan" And, the purple luggage was dubbed THE PURPLE MONSTER.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Oh So Pink 223.365

I have had these fabulous pink and gold plates for quite some time now. They have been waiting along with me to get engaged, married and moved into a nice home so they could have a table to be set out on. I am not sure what the first occasion will be for them to make their debut, but it will be good! 
I was out browsing in consignment shops with my Mom when I came upon these amazing pink crystal glasses. They instantly reminded me of my Grandma's blue drinking glasses... just a fancier, stemmed, pink version! I thought I knew the perfect home for them. I think they look lovely with these plates and will be quite happy together.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Like Father, Like Daughter... And Son-in-Law too! 222.365

 Dad took Mono and I to the range today... the shooting range!
Growing up, I enjoyed all the fun that went along with Dad's job, but I was too long to go along with him to the shooting range. Today was my very first time going, and my first time ever shooting a gun. You think as a cop's daughter I may have done that before turning 25. Nope! Today was my first time!
 Dad and I picked Mono up after work and headed over. I was pretty excited until we pulled up and I heard all the gun shots. haha. You would have thought I'd have prepared myself for that... psyched myself up for it even. Nope. And when I went in, it was even louder... naturally. Flinch, flinch, flinch. haha- That was me.
 Eventually I got used to the noise just like the guys. I was the only girl in there and that felt kinda cool. I didn't fit in though. I had on my sparkly beaded shirt, black patent leather flip flops, jewelry... you catch my drift. So me, dressed pretty nice (at least for a gun range) and being the only girl, it was a fun sight.
 Upon signing in, we had to fill out sheets. It had asked what level of experience we were. Obviously Mono and I put Novice, but Dad, he put a few notches higher. I told him he should check expert because well, he is. He told me he hadn't shot in 11 years - since he retired so he would check one under. I said okay and we went in. Well, Dad's first shot was just off the "x" in the very center, like a hair off. His second shot... right on. Come on Dad, you are still an expert!
It came time for Mono and I to take our shots (my first shot) and I was pretty surprised how well I handled the gun. To be honest, I was a little scared. Dad wanted me to lose that fear, and I certainly did. Mono shot really well. I was so proud of him, and so was my Dad. And I did well myself. I was quite proud of myself too! I guess the good shooting is in the genes... like my Dad. It was funny because Mono and my first shots were literally, right next to each other. They couldn't have been shot any closer. Dad said that even the bullet holes were kissing. Or something like that. Meaning even we shoot together. :) Dad was in his glory, being back at the range, teaching the two of us and watching how well we did. 
 Our targets! :)
These were shot at 7 yards. Next time we'll go further! 
Thanks for such a fun day, Dad!!!
And next time, I'll wear a better shirt so I don't get burns on my chest from the shells like today!! haha

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I have  always wanted to go there.
I have always wanted this book.
In my dreams, I have always wanted to live there.

Today a dear friend came over and brought Mono and I a gift for the bridal shower. 
It was from their family.
We each got a book.
She had no idea that I've wanted this book or that I dream to live there, but she does know me and what I like!

One day I am going to vacation down there, for at least a week. Maybe more. Maybe 10 days. Or two weeks. Or maybe I will just buy and never leave.

I could soak in this book all day long.
Thank you for such a lovely gift, dear friends.

I Accept! 221.365

Apparently some cute couple is getting married and I'm invited!
So is Mono.
I have a feeling it is going to be a lot of fun!
I accept and October 1st can't get here soon enough!

I already have my dress and I think it is the perfect one for this wedding. ;)

Mono laughed and said, "Only you would send an invitation to yourself... to your own wedding!"

Keepsakes. That's why. :) 
And I love getting mail.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

And.... They're Off! 220.365

The invitations are out and on their way!
At least most of them.
There were a few stragglers where we needed addresses still, etc... 
But for the most part they are headed to everyone's mailboxes!
I wish we could have invited every single person we know, but with such large families (extended), that made it hard.
Can't wait for our big day... just about 7 weeks away!

They're Up! The Pictures are on the Blog!

I mentioned a few days ago that we had our engagement pictures taken.
They weren't expected to be up for approximately three weeks.
I was driving home from Church today and I got a text from Mono, "the pics are up!"
I had no idea what pics he could be talking about.
He then said "Megan's."

As soon as I got home, I raced into the house to see the pictures!
Of course our internet was too slow so a piece loaded here and there, but I let it load and after a while, I came back to check! I was so happy! Apparently the rest of the images are in the mail. I have no idea how many images she took, but there has to be close to a thousand! :) I don't think we get them all, but we'll see a bunch of the good ones. :) I am super-de-duper excited for that package to arrive with my name on it!

Thank you Megan, for capturing such a special time in our lives, but mostly for capturing my handsome guy! I don't think he came out bad in a single one! I could look at his face forever. Perfect timing for his time away coming up! These pictures will have to hold me over. 

If you have a chance, please go to her blog and take a look at our pictures and post a comment. The more comments we get, the better chances of getting a really nice print... or even a cool stretched canvas! Come on 75 comments! Plus, I want her to get a lot of traffic. Her work is ah-maz-ing! Definitely take time to look at her work! Very talented lady!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Good Byes and I Do Not Mix

This coming Saturday will bring a temporary change to life. Mono is headed away on a trip for work… overseas.

That means ten days with not much contact, major time differences and an entire ocean between us. Ever since Mono and I have started dating, neither of us have traveled much apart from going places with our families together. We've never been more than an hour time difference away and we certainly have not had an entire ocean in between us. We do not live together, but we live close enough to see each other every day, and I like that. Nothing beats getting to see my guy every single day! 
I am NOT good with goodbyes and I know for sure, that it will be no different this time around. In fact, I am sure it will be a bit harder knowing I won't be able to call him whenever I want or just send a little text to share something about my day. I found out about this trip a while back, and have tried to put it off in my mind until now. I don't want to put a damper on his trip because after all, he is getting to travel to another country! And in all honesty, I am a tad bit jealous that he is getting to go on this incredible trip. I would seriously love to hop in his luggage and travel with him. He is going to be really busy working, but even with that, he will be able to enjoy this country that he loves.
Saturday is soon creeping upon us and my mind is slowing down a bit. This happens when I think about saying goodbye. When family is visiting, or I am visiting them, at least a day or two prior to the goodbye, I start to get sad and think of life without them. If it were up to me, we'd all be together, all the time! With Mono's upcoming trip, along with being excited for him, the sadness is still visible. I'm looking forward to his arrival back home to see pictures, to hear about his time there, and just have him back nearby and have life be back to normal. 
I like normal. 
I like my comfort zone and only stepping out of that a step or two here or there.
I had thought about taking a quick trip myself while he was gone to visit my best friend in Chicago or to spend a few days with Mono's family up north, but unfortunately, both ideas had to be nixed. I'll be here at home, preparing our house and crossing things off my mile long to-do list. No complaints though. Really and truly. I'm looking forward to that time.
So, Mono, while I will miss you terribly, I hope you have the absolute best time on your trip! Don't forget about me and definitely don't forget to send me a post card! ;)

Just A Kiss 219.365

I've been listening to a lot of new music thanks to Mono! I really like Just a Kiss by Lady Antebellum. I love country music. Not like super country, back woods kind. Newer stuff. Speaking of music, I better get on finding a good wedding song!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

When Stress Comes Knocking at the Door

It seems as though there are a thousand thoughts swirling through my mind right now. This happens frequently, but not quite like they are right now. Since the end of May of this year we have either had people (at times up to 20 people) staying with us at our home or we have been traveling. We arrived home from our last trip last Tuesday. Every single day except for yesterday (Sunday), was spent down at our new home and running errands that were house or wedding related. Yesterday was filled with Sunday Mass and more wedding related projects. Between today and tomorrow I have a boat load of things to get done. They MUST get done! At times it is stressful planning a wedding, especially from so far away, but thank goodness all is going well. We're being kept on our toes, but thank God for my Mom. She is happy to make phone calls and talk with people to help finalize plans. She's been real helpful with the projects as well too. Sometimes we like to do things differently, at different paces, and that can be a tad aggravating, but all in all, it's a big help to be able to work together. I have many projects still needing to be done and I had hoped to be finished with everything by the last day of this month. I know that won't be the case, but I'd like to aim for as close to that goal as possible. I also want to have our house painted (at least the three main rooms) so when our furniture is moved in, we can place it and keep it where it all belongs. Along with the many thoughts filling my mind about the wedding, I'm also pondering the changes that will occur over the next month-month and a half.

Once all of the hoopla ends and October 1st arrives, our wedding day will be cherished and then will have passed and our new life together will begin. I am looking forward to days, married to Mono, living in our new home. Along with that comes some slight fears or apprehensions, but nothing out of the norm. I think I've mentioned before, I have never lived away from home for more than about a 3 week period so this will be a major adjustment. It will be a good and needed adjustment, but it will still be one. Life will be different. My days will be different. Schedules will be new.

I hope to see my new day go something like this: coffee/breakfast together, errands or housework, noon Mass and lunch with Mono, more errands and housework, prepare and eat dinner and then enjoy the evenings together.

Where we will be living is close to Mono's work so we will be able to enjoy a lot of quality time together and I am greatly looking forward to that. Of course there will certainly be days that we won't see each other until he gets home at night, but our overall lifestyle will be very welcoming to time together and with any future family we are blessed with.

I have so much wonderful anticipation for this new time in my life. I am really looking forward to having friends and family over and welcoming them into our home. I already dream of visits with family for a stay at our home. :)

Do you have any special little welcoming traditions when friends and family come to stay? Do you make certain meals, prepare their rooms in certain ways…?

So, along with ALL these thoughts, I have my day-to-day duties that must get done. Like I mentioned earlier, I have been away from the house all but one day since we have been home. I have yet to unpack my luggage, which is irking me to no end. I am not the tidiest person there is, but ever since I have had my own house (even though I am not living in it yet), I am a neat freak… in that house. Not to the same extent here, but definitely more than before we had a place of our own. When I am there, everything has to be just so and kept tidy. If it's not, I get agita. The link to the definition is for all you non-New Yorkers that may not know what the heck I am saying... Yeah, you know who you are!

Between today and tomorrow, my list is quite full. I have paint to pick out, bank and post office runs, laundry, unpacking, stores to pop into, e-mails and letters to respond to… and the list goes on.
I don't expect any little adventures for picture taking, or much blogging, but I will try to stay on top of things and blog when I can.

My Favorites 218.365

These are three of my favorite scents right now. It's always a hard choice in which to wear on the given day! Love them, love them, love them!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Recipe House 217.365

I have had this sweet little house/recipe box since I was quite young. When I think of it, I just imagine that being my house in Tuscany. :) A girl can dream, can't she?

For my bridal shower, family of mine gave me this recipe along with the glass pitcher, glasses and the rest of the gift. Today I put it right in its home. :) I can't wait to fill this and my other recipe box from my sisters. :) And I can't wait to have enough time at the house to make my own sweet tea! Thank you Jilly, Aunt Mare and Britt!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Another Busy Day 216.365

It has been another busy day here. I ordered this sweet little ceramic berry basket a while back and it just came while I was away. I'm so happy to see it out on my counter and I can't wait to fill it when I move in!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

When The Day Comes Crashing Down! 215.365

Have you ever had a really good day and in the blink of an eye, it feels as if the entire day turned bad? 
Well, today was a great day. I spent the day at our new house, working inside, getting things in order. 
I bought this shelving unit (that had to be put together) and needed to put it together.
Remember, the day is good, no stress, all happy...
First of all, I am pretty good at building things and putting them together.
So... being that I'm stress-free and know what I am doing, I thought this would be no biggie.
I opened the box, took all the pieces out along with the directions paper with mumbo jumbo on it, and got to work.
The directions were on the pathetic side (but that is to be expected), but I put the entire shelving unit together.
They had me build it upside down.
I stood it up and now needed to turn it right side up.
Big mistake.
I went to turn this to it's proper position when it tilted the wrong way and just split and collapsed the entire thing.
That's what happens when you buy a cheap shelving unit and don't think ahead about how to turn it right side up.
I was pretty upset. I spent a good while setting it up and was really looking forward to having this all together with everyone on it for when Mono met me at the house later in the day. He came in and I explained what happened and he said not to worry and we'd build a new one when we come back to the house (Saturday). I felt a bit better, but I was still really bummed. I thought my whole day crashed along with the shelves, but once I cooled down, I realized that it's just shelves and off Mono and I went to a nice dinner!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our First Dinner 214.365

 Tonight was our first dinner at our new house (except for the bbq we had with our family when they were visiting). We haven't moved in yet... or I should say, we aren't living/sleeping there yet (that's not until October)... but we spend a lot of time there working, organizing, etc.
I made a quick dinner, but it was so nice and a little taste of what life will be like come October.
We had a rotisserie chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, green beans and lemonade! Simple and tasty!

I look forward to many more meals at this table with my guy... and our family and friends!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action! 212.365

Our morning started early this morning. Mono and I were up and out on our way by 7:15. I had an appointment at 8:30, but with traffic, the approximately 10 mile drive, would take about an hour - if we were lucky. 

So off we went, sitting through bumper-to-bumper traffic (something us Northerners turned kinda Alabamians aren't so used to anymore). We actually made it to my appointment 5 minutes early!

When we were done, Mono and I headed on our way to D.C/Georgetown to meet with Megan for our engagement pictures. Today marks 2 months (yes only two months!!) until our wedding, but we still wanted to have this e-session.... and I am sooooo glad we did. Megan was amazing. She is crazy talented, and made us feel like the three of us have been the best of friends for years. 

It was super hot and we had done both sets of shooting, fancy and casual... but I had one more shoot up my sleeve. We needed an energy booster and all three of us love cupcakes so much and we were too close to pass it up, so in we went!
 For some reason, I look HUGE in this picture. Look at my head compared to hers! haha-

After all the pictures were taken and goodbyes were said, Mono and I met up with his Mom for a bite to eat. I must admit, I am not very adventurous when it comes to food. Mono is the complete opposite and so is his Mom. They decided on Lebanese cuisine for lunch.... ummmmm.... okay, I guess? ....
Turns out, I loved my meal. Don't ask me what it was called... That I can't remember, but it was so, so good! I guess this should teach me to branch out a bit more and be more adventurous.

Mono's Dad was on his way, but unfortunately didn't get there in time for lunch. When he did arrive, we hung out a little and then met up with Mono's aunt and uncle for dinner. That was quite yummy too! I had a safe meal - a burger - but it was super tasty. I really enjoy time with all of Mono's family so spending a nice evening, taking a stroll to a local restaurant and sharing conversation over dinner was very enjoyable. 

Once dinner was over, before Mono's Dad had to head home (he couldn't stay over with Mono's Mom because he had work the next day), Mono and I took a ride through town in his Dad's new car!
 My cutie!
 Top down, music turned up loud!
 Hair blowing in the wind...taking this eveing all in.
Today was a wonderful day - from start to finish!
Here's a sneak peek from Megan's website of our engagement session.
Thank you again Megan, for your talent and kindness to the both of us. I look forward to seeing the rest of our pictures and to seeing you again on October 1st!!