Monday, August 22, 2011

He's Hoooooommmmeee!!!!!!

Mono is HOME! And I am one very, very happy girl!
10 days overseas is far too long.
He had a wonderful trip and I can't wait for him to show me all his pictures and tell me all the stories!
I made this sign (and two others, but this one came to the airport) and held it up for him to see. (It didn't come out well on camera, but it said Adios Espana - with the proper Spanish markings on the letters... and then it said Hello USA!) I think my insanely large smile distracted him from the sign. haha- 
I probably had the biggest smile ever.
Mono flew home with another guy for work. 
I think he was just as excited for the sign!
So he took our picture!
Thanks Jorge!
So my Mon is back and all is well with the world... at least my little world.

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