Monday, December 27, 2010

A Day In The Life Of My Purse

My purse is always filled with a few essentials... Here are a few of things things you are just about guaranteed to find!
My grandparents bought me a matching purse (Vera Bradley Villager in the middle) to the wallet I carry for Christmas. It's a really nice size for everything I always carry! You are always going to find either the Blistex or Chapstick... or maybe both, a hand lotion... or my new ointment that I love. I always have extra hair ties to pull my hair back during the day. My keys to Miss Jetta, my phone, my rosary, multiple colors, paper (maybe my journal and note book) and last but certainly not camera! 

My purse is always full. These are just the basics. ;) What do you carry in your bag?

I may have a slight obsession with purses....Just a little one. ;)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Jingle, Jingle, It's the Last Christmas Being Single!

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone! This year Christmas feels a little different. I am sure there are a few reasons for this feeling though. We are not doing anything like we normally do. We are spending Christmas with my Mom's side of the family so we won't be home for Christmas. That means no Christmas Eve baking or last minute festivities, no Midnight Mass, no waking up in my own bed.... But I am enjoying the fact that I can spend these days with my Grandparents. It's been years since spending Christmas Day with them, and I am thankful for this, despite the differentness (it's a made-up word). Tomorrow morning, I will wake up and go to Christmas Day Mass at a local Church nearby my grandparents house and then we will celebrate during the day and wait for the arrival of all the family! It should be a lot of fun! I will try to post tomorrow or the following day, with pictures!!

I would love to be able to celebrate Christmas with Mono and his family too, but starting next year, I will never have to celebrate apart from him! This is my last single Christmas. :) I cannot wait to open my eyes Christmas morning of 2011 with my Mon!! That will be a better gift than any other that could fit under the tree. I am not sure where we will be next Christmas, but if I can dream, I will have everyone to our home, wherever that may end up. I will take out my Christmas china and set it out all nice and festive for our first Christmas together. I would love to have everyone there, in our home. We will see if that will actually be able to happen or not. Most likely not, but I can dream, can't I? :)

The next few days, through the last days of 2010 should be filled with family, close friends and lots of fun! Tomorrow and the following couple of days will consist of Christmas festivities in New York, then the rest of the days spread out in Maryland. It should all be wonderful! Ringing in the New Year with a ring on my finger and wonderful hopes, dreams and prayers for 2011!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Up, Up, And Away We Go!!

As I sit here waiting to board the plane for our trip to visit family for Christmas and New Years, I think about all the things I like about traveling by air. Here's one aspect...

Air Travel…. I love to fly. My favorite part isn't the actual flying, but the people watching while we wait at the airport. Delayed flights are an inconvenience, yes, but if I'm not in a rush to get anywhere, I wouldn't mind sitting in an airport for hours. As long as I had a few other things to do besides people watch, like get on my computer, read, scan magazines, etc… You see so many different people, different lifestyles, and fashion statements. I like to see how people dress to fly, some in business attire, some all dolled up, and some looking like they could be at the gym… or in bed. I passed a lady in skinny jeans with shiny zebra print heels… 6 inch platform heels, and an oversized shiny black purse…oh, and BIG hoop earrings! There are a lot of military men and women here. It is nice to see them and wish them well when you can. There are families with little children who tag along their dolls and action figures and cartoon character mini luggages in tow. You see really frazzled Moms trying to get their kids through security and not losing them or their belongings and businessmen who are just doing their routine, like they do it daily. What I also like to look at is how people pack. Are they heavy packers or do they come light and fancy? Oh I admire those ladies. They come, looking nicely put together (not overly done though), with their purse and light carryon. And then there is people, well, like me. I have my Vera Bradley carryon stuffed with my North Face fleece, laptop, camera, all my camera accessories, a book, my journal, my wedding planning notebook, etc… I have my nice coat, my purse (that ends up being smaller than my wallet, so that doesn't really count) and my roll along luggage…filled to the brim. I wish I knew how to pick a couple bottoms and a few tops and accessories and work with them, change it up and pack light. I was able to do that better in the summer, but not in the winter when everything is bulky and boring. So, off I go, with all my bags in tow, and my hair pulled back in a low ponytail wearing flats!!! Comfort. ;) How do you travel? Heavy or light? Do you like to people watch?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow And Hot Wings

Today was a monumental day for us here in the South. Not really monumental but, you catch my drift. ;) It started with this morning, around 7:15 when the J woke me up to go out for his morning potty run. I had my alarm set for about 8:30 so I could sleep in a little extra before getting up to get ready for Church. He woke me up and I wasn't too pleased…until I looked out the window and saw SNOW!! Yes my friends, snow!  I grew up in the north, where you really got snow, so to see my excitement for faint flurries is quite funny. 

When we first moved here, I laughed at people when they got all excited over flurries, if they could even be called that. Flurries up north is like a full fledged snow storm down here. I've lived here for 5 years now so I am at a point that I have only seen (real) snow a handful of times since I moved and I too get excited at the sight of mere flurries! The sky right now looks so snowy and cold. The flurries have tapered off, but it just looks like a snowy, wintery sky now! The Christmas tree is lit, I am sitting cuddled up on the couch with my heated blanket and loving this winter day!

Hot Wings... Also known as insanity. At least that is what I say. ;) There is a local restaurant that my family goes to frequently and they have a hot wings challenge. You are given 10 super spicy wings and a cup of water (or two if you run out!)!! I wouldn't even touch one if you paid me, but Mono, he went for the whole thing. And he did it!! I felt so bad for him as his eyes teared and skin around his lips turned pink, but I was so proud of my guy! He did it. They came over with lemons and orange juice to help the burn and they took his picture for The Wall and when the t-shirts come in, he will be getting a t-shirt that says he did the challenge. I took one whiff of those babies and my nose hurt. I cannot imagine what his mouth was going through. Holy cow. That is just NUTS. All for a picture and a t-shirt. haha- But I am so proud of him. It was fun to watch and the owners always come and talk to us since they know us and they were enjoying watching him eat the wings. 

So we had intense cold and intense heat all in one day. Well Mono did... I just watched.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Six Years Of Lots Of Lovin's, Treats and Tummy Rubs!

Today is his birthday. His sixth birthday. Jimmy is a very special member of our little family. Six years ago, our babe was born in a small town outside of Pittsburgh, PA. We went to meet the newest member of our family shortly after he was born and we instantly bonded. He was an only child just like I am, thus the instant bond I believe. A few months later, in February, the day after my Mom's birthday, my Dad and I drove up to PA to pick up our sweet little boy (I think my Mom was sick or something that made it impossible for her to come) and bring him to his new home. He lived with us in Maryland from February to May, and then he became a New Yorker while we lived with my Grandparents. We were waiting for our home to be built down South so we lived with my Mom's parents for two months. Before Jimmy was even 6 months old, he had lived in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York and Alabama! Quite the little traveler! And that he is! He is such a wonderful traveler. He has yet to take his first flight, but boy is he good in the car. He loves going for rides!

Jimmy loves everybody, and I mean everybody! Really. And everyone that meets him, loves him just as much. It's amazing because there are so many people that seriously do not like dogs, but just adore him. It's wonderful. He even has the mail lady, Carla, wrapped around his paw! She leaves him a biscuit in the mailbox with our mail, everyday. Seriously. :) He is so friendly and loving to all new friends. :) He does have special bonds with certain people though. He loves his cuddle time with his Mama (my Mom) and his treat and play time with his Dad (my Dad). Every night around 5:30, he waits between 3 doors in our house. He sits in a position that he can be right at whichever door Mono walks in when he comes over for dinner. Some how J knows that Mono is coming and he waits so very patiently for his best buddy in the entire world to come for a visit. And then.... he waits with such anticipation to hear the words, "Jimmy, do you want to go to the apartment?!" He loves, loves, LOVES going home with Gus to his apartment to spend the night and have guy/brother time. He adores Mono and (shhhh) Mono adores him. ;) There's some serious brotherly love there. We have a small little family here, but our J adds such life and love to it.

I had wanted a dog since I was very long as I can remember. Or as my Dad says, "for as long as she could express herself." I waited nineteen years before I had my very first pet (well, besides tons of fish), and it was worth the wait!!!!!! Six years have gone by with this little guy and I can't imagine life without him! I hope we have him for six times ten more years!!!!!! ;) (Yes, a little exaggerated, but you know what I mean!)

Goodnight birthday boy. We all love you so very much. Kisses and tummy rubs!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Living In The South

Living in The South has many pros and cons. I am thinking today that you really need a lot of patience to live here and patience is something that I just don't overflow with. But, maybe this is why God has me here. :) I need to grow more in patience and sometimes the ways that I need to exhibit it here, are wonderful ways for me to grow... positive ways. 
I just came home from running a whole lot of errands in town, bank (x2), grocery store, pharmacy, etc... and each place you go, people are so very friendly and kind, yet.... so slow. 
They stop to see how your day is going or tell you how nice you look. And they truly, genuinely mean it. From the ladies ringing your the groceries to the tellers at the bank, they all care. It's such a lovely thing and I prefer being surrounded by people who do care so much, rather than people that don't even acknowledge you are there, but sometimes I just want to be in and out and go
This is where I could be taking them as sweet little lessons to grow from. These aren't the times of intense frustration from things going wrong (those are good learning tools too, yet harder to want to learn from), but kinder and more gentle reminders to work on patience. :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

December Love

White twinkly Christmas lights, lit trees and candles shining in windows

Hearts and messages etched into glittering heavy frost on the car in the morning

The comforting flavor of candy canes and hot cocoa... with a dollop of whipped cream

The sounds of Christmas music playing around you

Lighting the Advent wreath each night at the dinner table and opening the little windows of an Advent calendar each morning

The scent of yummy baked goodies and Christmas trees swirling throughout the house

The Nativity scene set out in a place of honor

Long streets with green traffic lights and red car lights lighting the way, wrapping the streets in the colors of Christmas

The abundant love and joy of family and dear friends

Handmade ornaments from years past

Receiving Christmas cards

Wrapping beautiful gifts...and giving/sending them to loved ones

Gently falling snow...and the crunching of it once it accumulates

A bright fire, lighting up the fireplace

Cold noses from being in the crisp air

Cozy knitted scarves and mittens

The Love He (God) shares with us each day

What's your December loves?