Thursday, December 2, 2010

December Love

White twinkly Christmas lights, lit trees and candles shining in windows

Hearts and messages etched into glittering heavy frost on the car in the morning

The comforting flavor of candy canes and hot cocoa... with a dollop of whipped cream

The sounds of Christmas music playing around you

Lighting the Advent wreath each night at the dinner table and opening the little windows of an Advent calendar each morning

The scent of yummy baked goodies and Christmas trees swirling throughout the house

The Nativity scene set out in a place of honor

Long streets with green traffic lights and red car lights lighting the way, wrapping the streets in the colors of Christmas

The abundant love and joy of family and dear friends

Handmade ornaments from years past

Receiving Christmas cards

Wrapping beautiful gifts...and giving/sending them to loved ones

Gently falling snow...and the crunching of it once it accumulates

A bright fire, lighting up the fireplace

Cold noses from being in the crisp air

Cozy knitted scarves and mittens

The Love He (God) shares with us each day

What's your December loves?

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