Friday, December 17, 2010

Up, Up, And Away We Go!!

As I sit here waiting to board the plane for our trip to visit family for Christmas and New Years, I think about all the things I like about traveling by air. Here's one aspect...

Air Travel…. I love to fly. My favorite part isn't the actual flying, but the people watching while we wait at the airport. Delayed flights are an inconvenience, yes, but if I'm not in a rush to get anywhere, I wouldn't mind sitting in an airport for hours. As long as I had a few other things to do besides people watch, like get on my computer, read, scan magazines, etc… You see so many different people, different lifestyles, and fashion statements. I like to see how people dress to fly, some in business attire, some all dolled up, and some looking like they could be at the gym… or in bed. I passed a lady in skinny jeans with shiny zebra print heels… 6 inch platform heels, and an oversized shiny black purse…oh, and BIG hoop earrings! There are a lot of military men and women here. It is nice to see them and wish them well when you can. There are families with little children who tag along their dolls and action figures and cartoon character mini luggages in tow. You see really frazzled Moms trying to get their kids through security and not losing them or their belongings and businessmen who are just doing their routine, like they do it daily. What I also like to look at is how people pack. Are they heavy packers or do they come light and fancy? Oh I admire those ladies. They come, looking nicely put together (not overly done though), with their purse and light carryon. And then there is people, well, like me. I have my Vera Bradley carryon stuffed with my North Face fleece, laptop, camera, all my camera accessories, a book, my journal, my wedding planning notebook, etc… I have my nice coat, my purse (that ends up being smaller than my wallet, so that doesn't really count) and my roll along luggage…filled to the brim. I wish I knew how to pick a couple bottoms and a few tops and accessories and work with them, change it up and pack light. I was able to do that better in the summer, but not in the winter when everything is bulky and boring. So, off I go, with all my bags in tow, and my hair pulled back in a low ponytail wearing flats!!! Comfort. ;) How do you travel? Heavy or light? Do you like to people watch?

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