Thursday, December 9, 2010

Six Years Of Lots Of Lovin's, Treats and Tummy Rubs!

Today is his birthday. His sixth birthday. Jimmy is a very special member of our little family. Six years ago, our babe was born in a small town outside of Pittsburgh, PA. We went to meet the newest member of our family shortly after he was born and we instantly bonded. He was an only child just like I am, thus the instant bond I believe. A few months later, in February, the day after my Mom's birthday, my Dad and I drove up to PA to pick up our sweet little boy (I think my Mom was sick or something that made it impossible for her to come) and bring him to his new home. He lived with us in Maryland from February to May, and then he became a New Yorker while we lived with my Grandparents. We were waiting for our home to be built down South so we lived with my Mom's parents for two months. Before Jimmy was even 6 months old, he had lived in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York and Alabama! Quite the little traveler! And that he is! He is such a wonderful traveler. He has yet to take his first flight, but boy is he good in the car. He loves going for rides!

Jimmy loves everybody, and I mean everybody! Really. And everyone that meets him, loves him just as much. It's amazing because there are so many people that seriously do not like dogs, but just adore him. It's wonderful. He even has the mail lady, Carla, wrapped around his paw! She leaves him a biscuit in the mailbox with our mail, everyday. Seriously. :) He is so friendly and loving to all new friends. :) He does have special bonds with certain people though. He loves his cuddle time with his Mama (my Mom) and his treat and play time with his Dad (my Dad). Every night around 5:30, he waits between 3 doors in our house. He sits in a position that he can be right at whichever door Mono walks in when he comes over for dinner. Some how J knows that Mono is coming and he waits so very patiently for his best buddy in the entire world to come for a visit. And then.... he waits with such anticipation to hear the words, "Jimmy, do you want to go to the apartment?!" He loves, loves, LOVES going home with Gus to his apartment to spend the night and have guy/brother time. He adores Mono and (shhhh) Mono adores him. ;) There's some serious brotherly love there. We have a small little family here, but our J adds such life and love to it.

I had wanted a dog since I was very long as I can remember. Or as my Dad says, "for as long as she could express herself." I waited nineteen years before I had my very first pet (well, besides tons of fish), and it was worth the wait!!!!!! Six years have gone by with this little guy and I can't imagine life without him! I hope we have him for six times ten more years!!!!!! ;) (Yes, a little exaggerated, but you know what I mean!)

Goodnight birthday boy. We all love you so very much. Kisses and tummy rubs!

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