Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Living In The South

Living in The South has many pros and cons. I am thinking today that you really need a lot of patience to live here and patience is something that I just don't overflow with. But, maybe this is why God has me here. :) I need to grow more in patience and sometimes the ways that I need to exhibit it here, are wonderful ways for me to grow... positive ways. 
I just came home from running a whole lot of errands in town, bank (x2), grocery store, pharmacy, etc... and each place you go, people are so very friendly and kind, yet.... so slow. 
They stop to see how your day is going or tell you how nice you look. And they truly, genuinely mean it. From the ladies ringing your the groceries to the tellers at the bank, they all care. It's such a lovely thing and I prefer being surrounded by people who do care so much, rather than people that don't even acknowledge you are there, but sometimes I just want to be in and out and go
This is where I could be taking them as sweet little lessons to grow from. These aren't the times of intense frustration from things going wrong (those are good learning tools too, yet harder to want to learn from), but kinder and more gentle reminders to work on patience. :)

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