Monday, May 27, 2013

10 Little Peeks Into My Life

1. 2 crawling babies + 1 9 lb. dog = use your imagination!

2. A lot of baby proofing is needed in our home right now. I am thinking something more like a padded playroom. I am trying to stay sane as nearly everything we have stored away is down low and I have no other places for the things to go.

3. Conversation from the doctor's office the other day:

Dr.: He is contagious. Keep him away from other babies/children.
Me: (chuckles)
Dr.: Aww, sorry. Did you have a playdate lined up?
Me (in my mind): Playdate?! Lord! Who has time for playdates?! I'm lucky if I can get dressed and brush my teeth in the morning!
Me (for real this time): No, he is a twin.
Dr.: Oh (chuckles). Well that's an impossible situation.

4. 6am, black out curtains in the bedroom, diapers need to be changed. I take the sick baby. Hubs takes the well baby. No lights. A naked baby - not mine.

Mono! He's peeing!

Where?! (covers Will from peeing all over more)

Will laughs.

Mono uncovers Will and Will continues peeing.

I yell he is still peeing!

Hubs laughs and says, "I can't see!!! I don't have my contacts on and it is dark!"

Lesson learned time and time again: Change the boys in the light and quickly... with glasses on or contacts in.

Two more loads of wash to add to the other 4... no biggie.

5. Meatless Friday dinner? Your getting peanut butter on crackers with a side of milk.

I'm sick. Baby 1 is sick. 2 babies are cranky. Momma is cooked, not cooking. Unfortunately, I have to admit there are days like this...

6. Two weeks of folded laundry piled on our bed. Sleep on the floor or sleep on top of the piles? Unfortunately neither is an option and it all must be put away.

7. IG accounts being deleted? Please no. It's my main source in feeling connected to the outside world!

8. Getting a tan? Laying out, relaxing in the sun? What's that?

9. Getting all made up? Sometimes I look at other moms while I am out running errands or even in pictures on blogs and I wonder how they look so made up and put together? Their hair is done, not just thrown into a ponytail (and I'm not talking a fancy and pretty pony). Their makeup looks like a stylish perfected it and not only are they sporting a cute outfit, but it is accessorized to boot! I am lucky if I can get dressed in the morning. And if I am really lucky, I get to brush my teeth and wash my face. So my question is, what am I doing wrong? What can I change to be able to at least shower, dry my hair, put a cute outfit on and throw a tad of makeup on? Or, what are they doing wrong that they have that much spare time to do spend on themselves?

10. Ten kind of goes with Nine. Exercise. What mothers have time to exercise; go to the gym or 2 hr. exercises? First of all, if I want to exercise more than what I already do chasing my cute little men around, I have to either get up around 4/4:15 or do it after 9pm. Neither of those times are doable for me. I need sleep and that won't happen if I add in exercising. I am trying to find a little short 20 minute workout that is very doable while they are taking a brief nap. Not one that is insane that will leave me immobile. Something that I can do just a few times a week to keep my strong. Just some cardio or something. I have to make sure I keep the house clean and tidy and keep up with the daily to do lists first, but this would be a good thing to keep on hand for the rare free moments.

Now, I'm not writing this to complain or to make you think life is bad. My life is full. My life is joyful and beautiful. I wouldn't trade my two crazy active and adorable boys for anything, not even peaceful quiet days. Though, it is sometimes rather tiring and stressful. And sometimes you just have to laugh or else you will lose your mind... what's left of it after mommy brain stole the rest!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Accepting the Wake Up Call

I am very blessed that our boys sleep decently well. I wouldn't say they are great sleepers/nappers, but I really should not complain. They get cranky around 6:00 pm and go to bed around 6:30. Will wakes up briefly each night around 2:30 am but goes back to sleep. But then they both wake up around 5:15... for good. They like to play in the bed with me, smile, talk, etc. And then we go out to the family room and play a bit before breakfast. It's actually quite lovely, if I take away the extremely tired feeling. Now that they have seemed to set their internal alarm clocks for this time, I decided I have to accept it happily. I can't change it, but I can change how I react to it. I can try to get enough done early enough so I don't go to bed too late and am able to get enough hours in to function the following day. And when 5:15 comes, I can enjoy the smiling moments with the boys. So this morning, when my little alarm clocks woke me up with their giggles and chatting, I smiled and giggled back with them. We chatted for a little bit, changed their diapers and then went out to play. It is a lot easier to get up at 5:15 with a smile than being all grumpy. Sure, I am exhausted, but I am happily exhausted this morning.