Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Bit of This and a Bit of That 150.365

Yesterday Mono surprised me and bought me this:

I love this shirt! It is so soft and cozy. It longs for cool fall days. I love the color combo: navy and pink. Actually, one of the color combos I wanted for my bridesmaids was navy dresses and pink bows. I love this combination, but I didn't want the whole party so dark with the guys in their black tuxes. So I picked another color combo. :)

Speaking of our wedding, I cannot wait to wear the dress that is hiding in this garment bag.

Today a package arrived. I'm working on a project with pearls... One of the very many I am working on right now... especially with the wedding projects going on too. I hope the recipient enjoys it as much as I hope they do!

While I was shopping with my Mom today I saw this little clutch. I thought it was so different. Perfect for someone who lives in or loves Hawaii.

I want to go on a weekend trip...badly. So today I bought myself two magazines. I can drool over a few of the places I want to go while I dream that I am actually there.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Crossing the Mountain 149.365

95 degrees and sunny. The last out of three days off from work. A beautiful day... When you add all of that together, it made for the perfect day to cross over the "mountain" as Mono and I like to say... We headed to the area (crossing over the mountain) where our new home is to visit two outdoor shopping areas. In between the strolls around the two shopping areas, we made a stop at a little place we discovered when Mami was visiting... Yogurt Mountain. Normally, I don't like to waste my calories on yogurt, but as calorie free right? haha - Yeah right! It was worth every.single.calorie though! It was just too much fun to pass up! When Mami was here we never ate there, so I knew I wanted to go back again to eat this time. And that we did!

There is an entire wall with over a dozen, maybe even two, yogurt flavors. You grab a cup and fill 'er up! Then, you walk over to the opposite wall that is just as long, but with toppings. There are more topping choices than there are yogurt flavors. I was in my glory!

I chose half peanut butter, half cookies and cream (there were no cookies in it, just the flavoring). Then I piled on Fruity Pebbles, Pretzels, chocolate covered caramel truffles, crushed Oreos, crushed Butter Finger, pretzels, Rice Krispy Treats, crunched up Reese's Pieces... I think that's it. Mono got vanilla, Rocky Road and peanut butter yogurt. He got Rice Krispy Treats, Fruity Pebbles, Graham Cracker crust, Butter Finger, Heath, Reese's Pieces, Oreos, colored sprinkles marshmallow sauce and hot fudge... Do you think we chose enough toppings?!

I wanted to take more pictures, but there were a lot of people so it make it awkward. Plus I knew I'd be back and I didn't want to take up all my angles in one sitting. ;) Good excuse for me to have to go back. Right? hehe-  

And no, our whole life doesn't revolve around food. I just like to take pictures of it!
Here's our dinner... Light and healthy!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

This Is All You're Getting From Me Today 148.365

This may be the most random and boring blog I have ever posted.
I hate Blogger. I wish I knew how to make a real blog and not have to deal with them. I have such issues with posting pictures, changing their position and size... Oh well.
Sometimes I get curious. I check the stats on the number of people who read my blog.
When I started this, Mono was the only one that knew about it. Then it expanded to Mono and Mami. No one else knew about it.
Then I got brave and put it out there a little. I still don't have it out there all the way.
But I do wonder if anyone really reads this little blog of mine.
I have 8 followers that I know of, and at least some others here and there.
I read so many blogs every day and to me, they are the real bloggers. Mine may never seem real to me. Maybe one day mine will become real too.
I'll never take pictures like them or write in the style I wish I could. But no matter what, I still take pictures and write... and I enjoy it. That's all that matters. Right? 
So, for anyone who may actually read this often, thank you.  
I hope you don't get too bored with my random thoughts!

I have a million bug bites on my legs. In a matter of one night, they all appeared! I have given them an ultimatum though. By September 1st, there is no more chewing on my legs... or anywhere else for that matter. I think they should comply. I do think I was fairly generous with that time limit. I do not want any massive scars or mounds from bug bites. I am not sure why, but when I get bit, it's not pretty at all! Hear that mosquitoes! It's out there for all to hear now! Stop biting... or else!

Do any of you know what Pinterest is? Well, I love it! It is such a source of inspiration. And when I have ideas myself, I see if anyone else has done something similar so I can post the idea on my virtual bulletin board to remember! It's so much fun! It makes me want to decorate my home more, plan more parties, bake and cook more than I already do... I guess it's a little dangerous. ;) 

I am just dying to be near water. We don't live all that far from the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico, but it is a little far to just pick up and go for the day. Well maybe that is doable sometimes, but just not right now. And I really want to find a restaurant by the water... where I can have a nice lobster dinner! I haven't had that in years and I looooovvveeee lobster. I will have to write about my favorite lobster place growing up on Long Island... That's a future post. ;)

Well, I could go on with my random thoughts, but I better be getting to bed.
My pictures today are of Monet; my outdoor friendly adopted pet rabbit. He shows up all the time. Tonight he ate his clover dinner right outside our kitchen window.

Hopefully I will have some less random posts coming up!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Our Day... In Food 147.365

 Our day started off with cinnamon roll pancakes... and a silver dollar (plain one) for Jimmy... See him looking down at it? haha- It's like he knew that one was his!
 I thought these were quite tasty! I mean after all, how can you not like something that involves cinnamon roll flavor!? 
Then came dinner...
 Sliders... so yummy!

A friend gave me the recipe for these little burgers and of course I forgot it so I had to make do with what my memory felt like sharing with me at the moment. I added some shredded cheese and a packet of the powered Ranch seasoning. Then I made a bunch of sides... cole slaw, baked beans, fries and corn on the cob (which sadly did not make it to this plate for the picture).

I spent a good portion of my morning through to the afternoon cleaning and scrubbing my parents old grill (they bought a new one a couple years ago and left the other one at our apartment) until it looked nearly brand spankin' new! So after all the work on that grill, plus running errands for something for it (and other things too), I just could not let the day go by without eating grilled food. So I planned a mini-barbecue at the last minute. :)

And now that you know all the food we consumed and enjoyed today, I am going to bed... completely exhuasted!

Friday, May 27, 2011

May I Come In...Please? 146.365

Today we have had this little birdie trying to come in our kitchen. No matter what we do, he won't stop pecking at the glass. My Mom tried putting paper or a cloth in front of it... he just moves the next window. We feel so bad for the little fella but there is nothing we can do. I certainly cannot let a bird in the house with a mom that has a deathly fear of them. I'm not so fond of their fluttering wings either. 

Literally, all day long, he pecks at the window. What do we do?!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thoughts From His Cozy Office 145.365

Mono works in a really cozy office... at least I think so. It's calm and quiet and his three co-workers are really, really nice. (It's a fun office too!)
My Mom and I had been running errands earlier today and now she has to head home. She left me at Mono's work because he and I had marriage prep later that evening. There would be no sense in me driving and hour home to drive an hour back down later on. I had brought my computer and some books to pass the few hours while I waited for him in a sitting room. Instead he invited me to his office. :) I know everyone in there and they know me so all is good. Everyone is keeping up with their  work and I am here, sitting in the corner at Mono's desk, quietly typing away, going about my own business. I am having such a good time. It's kinda relaxing in here. I am sure it is not like this all the time, but I like being in the corner in my own little space, doing my thing. :) 

While I pass some time, I have a few random thoughts to write... all just going into this one post.

I have been just about dying to go to the beach. I have a real longing for my element. Within the past week, I've had friends go to all different beach locations and I am just watching each and every post go by on Facebook, sitting here 4 hours away from any real nice body of water! The best post was from someone that was surprised by a quicky trip! Her hubby surprised her! Now that is my kind of surprise! Even if it was just for a day (though hers was a lot longer than just one day!). Some people are really for or against surprises. I've never really cared either way. I don't know if I like HUGE surprises like not knowing any thing at all and being scared out of your mind by people screaming SURPRISE in your face, but I do like a bit of mystery. ;) And an unexpected trip to the beach would be just the right surprise for anyone who wants to take me! ;) Just kidding. 
While on the topic of little trips, I'd love to spend a weekend in each of the following places/vacinities:

Savannah, GA
Charleston, SC
Sanibel Island, FL
Cape May, NJ
Outer Banks, NC

Maybe one day.

Do you have any fun beach or weekend trips planned for you? Where would you like to be taken as a surprise? What's your favorite place to go for a mini weekend vacation?

I didn't know Carrie and Tim were going to be on American Idol last night, or I would have watched it. I did check out their performances out on YouTube though. :) I wonder what goes through Carrie's mind when she is up there now, remembering that that is the stage she started on. A few years back, she was that young girl singing.

What should I do for Memorial Day Weekend? I don't think I should bake any more cupakes. I've had too many this week. I would like to use every excuse in the book to make a new batch, but I really should be cutting back on the cupcake intake for the next couple months. Every year since Mono and I have been dating, we have gone somewhere with our families for Memorial Day weekend. In fact, the first Memorial Day weekend we were dating, he and I went back up to his hometown so I could meet all his family! I had such a great time! That is when our Memorial Day fun began! This year, there will be no big trips. Not back up to Maryland to visit either of our families, not down to Destin or Key Biscayne. We'll both be here in town. What should we do? Day trip somewhere? Just hang at home? Any fun suggestions? Whatever we do, this weekend is going to involve some laying out in the sun! I need a good dose of sun right about now. Maybe I'll put some fake wave sounds from my iPod noise maker on so I feel like I am actually at the beach. ;) 

Starting in October lots of random, new little changes will be made...
new signature- this will be fun to create
new address- already memorized it (in fact, that was done even before it was officially ours - my heart was set- love at first sight)
new credit card number - well that may be best… i won't have it memorized. ;)

I think I'll get going now... on to a few other things before it is time to head out at 5.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Mail Lady Will Love Me Today! 144.365

I love sending mail, especially in a cute, colored envelope. I had 8 cards to send out today - still have to write one to mail... guess that will go out tomorrow. I love colored envelopes and ones of different shapes and sizes. Nothing is more boring than plain old white envelopes. I do use them, but if I can, I like to use fun ones! And I love silver markers! You can only write with them on darker paper, but I just love it.
A fun little note... I have a cousin that is a nun in a cloistered convent and I can't call her, but I can write... I always send really colorful envelopes there! When I went to visit her last month, I introduced myself to the head sister, "I'm the one that sends the bright/obnoxious colored envelopes!" She laughed and said they love to see them arrive. :) Good then. I will continue. ;)
I wish I lived closer to a store that sold cute envelopes like this. I can find them in Atlanta and in Chicago, but nothing too fun locally. So when I go to either city, I stock up a little bit. 
Here's a peek into my collection!
 You can also see where I hide my Swiss chocolate that my sisters brought home for me last summer. It's that thin red-rimmed box on the left. ;) And... you get to see a picture of my Mon and I. It's a few years old, but I like it. :)
I have a lot to continue getting done today, so I better be off and running! I should really be running too. Maybe tonight. 

Okay, I'm stalling... One more thing. I have a bunch of checks to write out today (time to get the bills sent out!) and after signing my name a few times, it made me think that in just a few months (128 days until our wedding - people keep asking so I thought I'd check while I thought of it!) I will have a new signature! I should practice a nice one. :) Okay, I really better be going now!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Getting Organized 143.365

 As the date nears for us to be moving into a new home (still months away), I am trying to gather things to have everything organized from the get-go. Today I went out and bought a nice binder and dividers and all for our important papers. I really like it! I wish I could move in that house right this second and start organizing. My goal is, if I am completely organized from the start, and have a place for everything, that will help us always stay orderly. I will have a place to keep my bills/banking and a place to sit each time I do them. I will have a place for my note cards and envelopes, etc for letter writing, and a little spot to sit at. I will have an orderly pantry and a checklist of what our basics are so I know what needs to be purchased when on sale. The trick for me is to have a system I can work with and am happy with and then I can stick to it. I can't wait to get in our home and not only decorate, but organize!! Today was a start! Do you have any little tips for staying organized in your home?

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Note to a Dear Friend 142.365

I love birthdays! Not mine (well I do like mine, but I'm not talking about that now), other people's special days! There is just something about it that excites me! I wish I could throw a party for each and every dear friend. I'd decorate, have a theme, bake cupcakes and yummy food; I'd wrap gifts and make cards. It'd be a lot of fun. (I wish I had more excuses to really throw parties
Later this week is my dear friend's birthday. I've known her my whole life. I wish I could throw her a party. I wish I could send her a nicely wrapped gift, but this year, birthdays are small on my end. A little handmade card will have to do. Maybe next year I will be able to do a little more. 
I hope she has a fabulous birthday!
Do you do anything fun for other people's birthdays?

I Miss Her Already...

I'm getting ready to go to sleep now. Over the past ten days or so, I went to sleep saying good night to Mami and now tonight, she's sleeping back at home, in her own bed. I had such a wonderful visit with her. We all did. I wish our visits could be more frequent. We shopped and ate, relaxed and watched tv, talked, baked, explored... Everything we did, was so lovely and fun! I will miss her dearly... Our mornings are always much better when we have a little bite to eat and chat. Tomorrow morning, I will wake up and things will be back to how they were before she arrived. I think she needs to come back asap so things can get back to the normal that I like. :) It hasn't even been 24 hours, heck 12 hours, and I'm missing our Mami so much. I'm so thankful to have her in my life and that she is so wonderful.

Good night, Mami!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Is It Bad To Say I Could Live On These? 141.365

Yes, I could just about live off cupcakes. They are such a wonderful little treat. Not too big, not too small. And, sometimes, it's okay to have two. :) If it wasn't a matter of money, weight and where to give them to, I'd bake a new batch each day I am home, for an entire year... and photograph them. I'd be 250 (or more) pounds, possibly with rotten teeth, no money from constantly buying more ingredients (though, I think I could get by with shopping in bulk and being okay) and always begging people to eat my cupcakes. I wanted another this evening before bed, but I controlled myself. It's okay, I'll just eat it for breakfast in the morning. ;)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Family Time 140.365

We had been on our way for a day out in the city (ha!) and we took a little detour. We drive past this bridge all the time and we have always wondered what it was. Well, today we figured it out! We became rather adventurous and took a back road and found what we have been wondering about for the past few years.

After our little adventure, we met up with Mono's cousin and went to a great little Mexican restaurant. It's more gourmet Mexican than what the normal places are, so it is enjoyable to eat at. For your stomach too. ;) We had a great visit and a wonderful lunch!

Friday, May 20, 2011

It's Magic! 139.365

Who would have ever thought that a couple sour limes could turn into sweet watermelon in a matter of minutes?! If you know me well, you know I detest watermelon... unless it is fake. Watermelon gum, candies, you name it... The fake flavor is yummy, but the real stuff. I cannot even get down! Oddly enough, years ago when I lived up north, I entered a watermelon eating contest. Yes, that's right. I gag on the texture and flavor, but I entered... and won second place! I still do not know what possessed me to do this, and I don't think I will ever know. We had pictures somewhere and in our move, I have yet to find them. I hope I do one day. I like the color combination of this summer fruit... it's very Lilly-like (Lilly as in Lilly Pulitzer - I love her fun patterns and colorful prints!)... I love the feel of cutting watermelon too! Just not the texture and taste in my mouth.

This was a light and fun summertime treat that I will be making again! This time my sorbet was super soft for some odd reason so it was pretty drippy. Next time I will make sure it is not so soupy. They were still very tasty though.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Best Potato Ever! 138.365

We have a great little local restaurant that we go to every-so-often for a stuffed potato. They are huge and delicious! I get chicken and Mono gets pork; both with no chives and extra cheese. :) It has become somewhat of a tradition to go whenever family and friends come to visit. Some even request going there while they are in town!! It is soooo good!

While it may seem that all we are doing is eating lately, we have been having much more fun than just consuming yummy food. I like to take pictures of my food and some of the things we are doing are not things I'll be posting on my blog (wedding related) yet so the food will have to do. :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Burger Anyone? 137.365

 This is one of our favorite little places to eat. We normally eat outside and there is always live music out there. This time the tables were all taken and we sat inside, which was fun too.

I'm not always the biggest burger fan. I kinda have to be in the right mood, but I am always open to go here!

I forget exactly what everyone ordered. Dad had a beef burger with grilled vidalia onions, pineapple, tomato, mushrooms, lettuce, Monterrey jack cheese.... and a fresh salad. Mom had a chicken burger with just a few toppings. I honestly don't remember what she ordered. I wasn't there while she placed her order.


Mono and Mami ordered the special... Cobb Burger Special

I love the bathroom signs. A random odd fact about me. I love to see unique restroom signs. There are some restaurants and stores that have really unique ones. I can't think of others at the moment, but there are some fun ones. I think The Outback has some.

We are really enjoying Mami's visit. I wish it could be longer, but we still have many days with her here! That calls for more fun eating! We are trying to take her to some of her favorite spots. I can't wait for Saturday! I hope the weather is nice. It calls for a nice outdoor lunch!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Light Summery Breakfast 136.365

I really enjoyed my light breakfast this morning. The sun was shining. The air was warm. The strawberries were perfectly sweet! What a lovely morning it was! 

See J looking out the door? He loves that spot.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Morning Dew 135.365


 I love the little droplets of morning dew on our flowers!
I love this time of the morning. The sun recently came up, still cool, but you can feel the warm summer air, dew on the flowers in my garden...
It's relaxing and peaceful to me.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Clean Up Clean Up Everybody Everywhere 134.365

Have you ever heard the song... Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere - Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share
Well I knew that when I was little and that certainly came to mind today.
We all got together to help clean up our property from the storm damage. We certainly did not get it all done, but we got a small dent to the list.

We had a lot of work on our hands so I had to be sure we kept things light. We counted the rings in the tree's trunk to find out it's age and I brought out a nice little tray of ice cold water so no one got thirsty. I would have liked to made little treats for everyone but it was a little too close to lunchtime.
This picture of the huge pile of debris does not do justice. This pile is sooo long and it is taller than me! We have so much more to do, but we got a lot done with everyone's help.

My favorite and the cutest worker of all....

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Growth 130.365

I have a feeling that along with our new home will come a lot of new growth... in many ways. This will be the very first time I leave home for an extended period (let alone forever) of more than 3 weeks (I spent about 3 weeks with my friend in Chicago one summer). I never went away to summer school as a child. I did not go away for four years for college. Nothing. Zip. Nada. Just those 3 weeks with my best friend. That's it. This will be a time of growth for me for sure. I am independent in my own ways, but I have always had the comfort of home around me. Starting October, I will have a home of my own to create... a home of our own - Mono and I. I will be the one in charge of all the things I grew up watching my Mom, aunts, grandmothers and my parents friends so lovingly do. It is my turn now. I will make mistakes for sure, but I am looking forward to the challenge ahead. I really am. I can't wait to go grocery shopping to stock my own pantry for meals during the week. I can't wait to pull my own weeds and plant my own little garden. I have a lot of those little, ordinary, everyday things that I am greatly looking forward to. There will be a lot of new areas for me to grow come October and I am looking ahead with a clear mind, a full heart and lots of excitement. Of course it will be hard and a big adjustment, but that is normal and will eventually pass and my new home will become the norm for me. 

Dear friends gave Mono and I this hydrangea bush for our new home. I cannot wait to find the perfect place in our new garden. We will be able to start working on the house in September, so I plan to work on my gardens at that point and put this sweet plant in just the right spot!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sweets for a Sweet Friend 129.365

We had a dear friend over for dinner and dessert this evening. She is in town visiting different friends and she came to our house tonight. It was such a pleasure to have her over. I love this simple dessert so I thought I would make something light and summery for her visit.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Soaking up the Sun 128.365

My little guy loves the sun. He finds every little nook and cranny that he can fit into where sun may be shining. I wish I had this much time to enjoy the warm rays!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mom, Mami, Mama, Madre, Mommy, Ma . . . . . . (127)

Now that I am soon-to-be married, Mother's Day is something I will begin to appreciate more and more in the upcoming years as our family eventually grows, but for today, I am focused on the wonderful ladies in my life that are teaching me what path to walk down in life.

I am very, very blessed to say that I have a wonderful mother. Not only is she such a beautiful lady on the outside, but she radiates with inner beauty, love and virtue. No one is perfect. No mother is perfect. I won't be, neither is my mom. But, I have learned a lot about the road to perfection from her. Some ways are very small and some are quite large. Some are learned and picked up quite easily and some, unfortunately, the hard way. I have learned so much from her and am so thankful that I have her around to continue to learn from. Her beauty and style, her talents, her joy, her Faith and virtues, her kinds and thoughtfulness. There is so much to my Mom that I pray I can become even half of. Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I love you!

Comes October, I will officially have another mom. Though it is not official (on paper or whatever) yet, in my heart, she has always been like a mother to me. Mono's mom (my future mother-in-law) is just like my Mom. A beautiful woman on the outside, but so much more on the inside. Like my Mom, I can learn from her Faith and virtues, her talents, her kindness… I have so much to be grateful for that the man I am marrying has such a special Mom. In the few years that we have known each other, we have always been very close. You hear horror stories of mother-in-laws, but I am so, so blessed to have such a wonderful woman as mine. I hate the term "mother-in-law." It sounds so impersonal. So to me, she is Mami. I have a Mom and a Mami. What a lucky girl I am!! I love you, Mami. Happy Mother's Day!

To all the other special women in my life, aunts, friends, etc, that have helped me grow to be the person I am today, I thank you too and wish you a Happy Mother's Day as well. I have been very blessed growing up not only with a family full of wonderful ladies, but surrounded by friends of my parents' that have helped me reach where I am at. They may not all realize what they have done and how they have touched my life, but I wish I could tell each and every one of them personally. Maybe one day I should sit down and do that.

And to all you soon-to-be mamas out there… Enjoy each and every moment with your little ones! What a special and enjoyable time in your life!!

Like I said in the beginning, Mother's Day will become more and more special to me now that I will be married. I pray that God blesses us with many, beautiful and healthy children. I know I won't be the best mom right away, or maybe ever. I will make plenty of mistakes and I have more faults than I wish I had, but I do hope that even with the mistakes I will make and the faults that I have, that I can raise virtuous, happy, beautiful children. Some people seem to just be born natural mothers. I'm not really sure if I am one of them, but I do hope that something kicks in right away when I have my first child. I don't want to mess them up too much! Time will pass and I am sure I will learn and I have many wonderful people to turn to for advice. I am kinda an only child (by birth I am, but in my heart I've adopted 4 beautiful girls to be my little sisters) so I didn't grow up in a large family.  Some people assume that being an only child, I want to have tiny family, but that is far from the case. I absolutely adore children. I may not be perfect with them, but they are my comfort zone. I will never forget years ago someone asked a bunch of young women what they wanted to be when they grew up. Teacher, actress, nurse, fashion designer, doctor, lawyer… the list went on. I though, just said a mom. Maybe it comes from having such a wonderful mom myself that I have such a desire to be one myself. I don't know, but I do know that is all I want. I want to be a wonderful wife and a wonderful mom. I know it will be an incredibly hard, never-ending job, but an amazing one. I'll be employed for life! Now that is cool. ;)

So, with all these thoughts, I do hope all my lady friends that read my blog have had a joyful day today. And to any guys that may read, make sure you take a moment and really appreciate the mothers in your life. Even if they may not be your actual mom and it is a dear lady friend, an aunt, a grandmother, your wife or sister… whoever it may be. Take a moment and thank them for their hard work. I thank all you Moms out there who have touched my life. I am always grateful for you.

We had a simple celebration today. The four of us went to Church, then with my parents friends to a nice brunch afterward and came home for the remainder of the day. I put together my Mom's little gift and set up her cake and filled strawberries and woke her up from a much needed and deserved nap to give it to her. I think she was surprised. :) We all spent some time together and I made dinner (just a light meal - that involved a new favorite friend - lime juice) and then she relaxed and I went out for a run. I really, really wish we could have spent the day celebrating with both moms, but I can at least look forward to a nice long visit with Mami this coming week. I am so excited. We will take a little road-trip to one of my favorite cities ever - Nashville, Tennessee and then we will bring her back home with us and kidnap her for a week! That will be fun! I am sure I will have lots to blog about then! :)

Happy Mother's Day!
I'll close with some pictures of our day and of my Mom and Mami. I have a bunch more, but if I want to remain alive to continue writing this blog, I better not post them. In fact, any of you who read my blog and know my Mom… words of advice. Do not tell her that her picture is on here… or on Facebook. ;) haha- Enjoy the pictures!

~The Ladies in Pink ~ Mom and I Today~

~ Mami and I during her last visit here ~

~ My Mom in Miami with one of her favorite flowers ~

~ Mami and I in Miami in 2009 ~

~ I love these beautiful ladies with me! Mom and Mami in Miami 2010 ~

~ Mom and I enjoying Miami ~

~ Mom and I today ~

~ Pale Pink Buddies ~ Mom and Mono today ~

~ Setting up Mom's Mother's Day Treats ~

~ Yummy ~

~ My Mom loves Oreos! What better than an Oreo cake? ~

~ Inspiration behind my dinner ~