Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Getting Organized 143.365

 As the date nears for us to be moving into a new home (still months away), I am trying to gather things to have everything organized from the get-go. Today I went out and bought a nice binder and dividers and all for our important papers. I really like it! I wish I could move in that house right this second and start organizing. My goal is, if I am completely organized from the start, and have a place for everything, that will help us always stay orderly. I will have a place to keep my bills/banking and a place to sit each time I do them. I will have a place for my note cards and envelopes, etc for letter writing, and a little spot to sit at. I will have an orderly pantry and a checklist of what our basics are so I know what needs to be purchased when on sale. The trick for me is to have a system I can work with and am happy with and then I can stick to it. I can't wait to get in our home and not only decorate, but organize!! Today was a start! Do you have any little tips for staying organized in your home?

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