Sunday, May 22, 2011

Is It Bad To Say I Could Live On These? 141.365

Yes, I could just about live off cupcakes. They are such a wonderful little treat. Not too big, not too small. And, sometimes, it's okay to have two. :) If it wasn't a matter of money, weight and where to give them to, I'd bake a new batch each day I am home, for an entire year... and photograph them. I'd be 250 (or more) pounds, possibly with rotten teeth, no money from constantly buying more ingredients (though, I think I could get by with shopping in bulk and being okay) and always begging people to eat my cupcakes. I wanted another this evening before bed, but I controlled myself. It's okay, I'll just eat it for breakfast in the morning. ;)


  1. Might be time to open your own cupcake shop!!

  2. only if the two of you can do it together!

  3. Jillian, that would be so much fun! I actually have ideas in my mind and saved online of what it'd look like. :) Aunt Mare, I would LOVE to open a cupcake shop with her!! It would be amazing!