Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Mail Lady Will Love Me Today! 144.365

I love sending mail, especially in a cute, colored envelope. I had 8 cards to send out today - still have to write one to mail... guess that will go out tomorrow. I love colored envelopes and ones of different shapes and sizes. Nothing is more boring than plain old white envelopes. I do use them, but if I can, I like to use fun ones! And I love silver markers! You can only write with them on darker paper, but I just love it.
A fun little note... I have a cousin that is a nun in a cloistered convent and I can't call her, but I can write... I always send really colorful envelopes there! When I went to visit her last month, I introduced myself to the head sister, "I'm the one that sends the bright/obnoxious colored envelopes!" She laughed and said they love to see them arrive. :) Good then. I will continue. ;)
I wish I lived closer to a store that sold cute envelopes like this. I can find them in Atlanta and in Chicago, but nothing too fun locally. So when I go to either city, I stock up a little bit. 
Here's a peek into my collection!
 You can also see where I hide my Swiss chocolate that my sisters brought home for me last summer. It's that thin red-rimmed box on the left. ;) And... you get to see a picture of my Mon and I. It's a few years old, but I like it. :)
I have a lot to continue getting done today, so I better be off and running! I should really be running too. Maybe tonight. 

Okay, I'm stalling... One more thing. I have a bunch of checks to write out today (time to get the bills sent out!) and after signing my name a few times, it made me think that in just a few months (128 days until our wedding - people keep asking so I thought I'd check while I thought of it!) I will have a new signature! I should practice a nice one. :) Okay, I really better be going now!

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