Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mom, Mami, Mama, Madre, Mommy, Ma . . . . . . (127)

Now that I am soon-to-be married, Mother's Day is something I will begin to appreciate more and more in the upcoming years as our family eventually grows, but for today, I am focused on the wonderful ladies in my life that are teaching me what path to walk down in life.

I am very, very blessed to say that I have a wonderful mother. Not only is she such a beautiful lady on the outside, but she radiates with inner beauty, love and virtue. No one is perfect. No mother is perfect. I won't be, neither is my mom. But, I have learned a lot about the road to perfection from her. Some ways are very small and some are quite large. Some are learned and picked up quite easily and some, unfortunately, the hard way. I have learned so much from her and am so thankful that I have her around to continue to learn from. Her beauty and style, her talents, her joy, her Faith and virtues, her kinds and thoughtfulness. There is so much to my Mom that I pray I can become even half of. Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I love you!

Comes October, I will officially have another mom. Though it is not official (on paper or whatever) yet, in my heart, she has always been like a mother to me. Mono's mom (my future mother-in-law) is just like my Mom. A beautiful woman on the outside, but so much more on the inside. Like my Mom, I can learn from her Faith and virtues, her talents, her kindness… I have so much to be grateful for that the man I am marrying has such a special Mom. In the few years that we have known each other, we have always been very close. You hear horror stories of mother-in-laws, but I am so, so blessed to have such a wonderful woman as mine. I hate the term "mother-in-law." It sounds so impersonal. So to me, she is Mami. I have a Mom and a Mami. What a lucky girl I am!! I love you, Mami. Happy Mother's Day!

To all the other special women in my life, aunts, friends, etc, that have helped me grow to be the person I am today, I thank you too and wish you a Happy Mother's Day as well. I have been very blessed growing up not only with a family full of wonderful ladies, but surrounded by friends of my parents' that have helped me reach where I am at. They may not all realize what they have done and how they have touched my life, but I wish I could tell each and every one of them personally. Maybe one day I should sit down and do that.

And to all you soon-to-be mamas out there… Enjoy each and every moment with your little ones! What a special and enjoyable time in your life!!

Like I said in the beginning, Mother's Day will become more and more special to me now that I will be married. I pray that God blesses us with many, beautiful and healthy children. I know I won't be the best mom right away, or maybe ever. I will make plenty of mistakes and I have more faults than I wish I had, but I do hope that even with the mistakes I will make and the faults that I have, that I can raise virtuous, happy, beautiful children. Some people seem to just be born natural mothers. I'm not really sure if I am one of them, but I do hope that something kicks in right away when I have my first child. I don't want to mess them up too much! Time will pass and I am sure I will learn and I have many wonderful people to turn to for advice. I am kinda an only child (by birth I am, but in my heart I've adopted 4 beautiful girls to be my little sisters) so I didn't grow up in a large family.  Some people assume that being an only child, I want to have tiny family, but that is far from the case. I absolutely adore children. I may not be perfect with them, but they are my comfort zone. I will never forget years ago someone asked a bunch of young women what they wanted to be when they grew up. Teacher, actress, nurse, fashion designer, doctor, lawyer… the list went on. I though, just said a mom. Maybe it comes from having such a wonderful mom myself that I have such a desire to be one myself. I don't know, but I do know that is all I want. I want to be a wonderful wife and a wonderful mom. I know it will be an incredibly hard, never-ending job, but an amazing one. I'll be employed for life! Now that is cool. ;)

So, with all these thoughts, I do hope all my lady friends that read my blog have had a joyful day today. And to any guys that may read, make sure you take a moment and really appreciate the mothers in your life. Even if they may not be your actual mom and it is a dear lady friend, an aunt, a grandmother, your wife or sister… whoever it may be. Take a moment and thank them for their hard work. I thank all you Moms out there who have touched my life. I am always grateful for you.

We had a simple celebration today. The four of us went to Church, then with my parents friends to a nice brunch afterward and came home for the remainder of the day. I put together my Mom's little gift and set up her cake and filled strawberries and woke her up from a much needed and deserved nap to give it to her. I think she was surprised. :) We all spent some time together and I made dinner (just a light meal - that involved a new favorite friend - lime juice) and then she relaxed and I went out for a run. I really, really wish we could have spent the day celebrating with both moms, but I can at least look forward to a nice long visit with Mami this coming week. I am so excited. We will take a little road-trip to one of my favorite cities ever - Nashville, Tennessee and then we will bring her back home with us and kidnap her for a week! That will be fun! I am sure I will have lots to blog about then! :)

Happy Mother's Day!
I'll close with some pictures of our day and of my Mom and Mami. I have a bunch more, but if I want to remain alive to continue writing this blog, I better not post them. In fact, any of you who read my blog and know my Mom… words of advice. Do not tell her that her picture is on here… or on Facebook. ;) haha- Enjoy the pictures!

~The Ladies in Pink ~ Mom and I Today~

~ Mami and I during her last visit here ~

~ My Mom in Miami with one of her favorite flowers ~

~ Mami and I in Miami in 2009 ~

~ I love these beautiful ladies with me! Mom and Mami in Miami 2010 ~

~ Mom and I enjoying Miami ~

~ Mom and I today ~

~ Pale Pink Buddies ~ Mom and Mono today ~

~ Setting up Mom's Mother's Day Treats ~

~ Yummy ~

~ My Mom loves Oreos! What better than an Oreo cake? ~

~ Inspiration behind my dinner ~

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  1. Gorgeous photos! :) Thanks for sharing- I would love to go to Miami and now I'm craving stawberries and cream!