Sunday, May 29, 2011

This Is All You're Getting From Me Today 148.365

This may be the most random and boring blog I have ever posted.
I hate Blogger. I wish I knew how to make a real blog and not have to deal with them. I have such issues with posting pictures, changing their position and size... Oh well.
Sometimes I get curious. I check the stats on the number of people who read my blog.
When I started this, Mono was the only one that knew about it. Then it expanded to Mono and Mami. No one else knew about it.
Then I got brave and put it out there a little. I still don't have it out there all the way.
But I do wonder if anyone really reads this little blog of mine.
I have 8 followers that I know of, and at least some others here and there.
I read so many blogs every day and to me, they are the real bloggers. Mine may never seem real to me. Maybe one day mine will become real too.
I'll never take pictures like them or write in the style I wish I could. But no matter what, I still take pictures and write... and I enjoy it. That's all that matters. Right? 
So, for anyone who may actually read this often, thank you.  
I hope you don't get too bored with my random thoughts!

I have a million bug bites on my legs. In a matter of one night, they all appeared! I have given them an ultimatum though. By September 1st, there is no more chewing on my legs... or anywhere else for that matter. I think they should comply. I do think I was fairly generous with that time limit. I do not want any massive scars or mounds from bug bites. I am not sure why, but when I get bit, it's not pretty at all! Hear that mosquitoes! It's out there for all to hear now! Stop biting... or else!

Do any of you know what Pinterest is? Well, I love it! It is such a source of inspiration. And when I have ideas myself, I see if anyone else has done something similar so I can post the idea on my virtual bulletin board to remember! It's so much fun! It makes me want to decorate my home more, plan more parties, bake and cook more than I already do... I guess it's a little dangerous. ;) 

I am just dying to be near water. We don't live all that far from the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico, but it is a little far to just pick up and go for the day. Well maybe that is doable sometimes, but just not right now. And I really want to find a restaurant by the water... where I can have a nice lobster dinner! I haven't had that in years and I looooovvveeee lobster. I will have to write about my favorite lobster place growing up on Long Island... That's a future post. ;)

Well, I could go on with my random thoughts, but I better be getting to bed.
My pictures today are of Monet; my outdoor friendly adopted pet rabbit. He shows up all the time. Tonight he ate his clover dinner right outside our kitchen window.

Hopefully I will have some less random posts coming up!

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