Monday, August 30, 2010

Those Last Minute Things To Pack… And All The Familiar Feelings Of “I’m Forgetting Something”

It’s nearing midnight, I have my alarm set for FOUR am, and yes, I am STILL AWAKE! Something is wrong with this picture! Tomorrow morning I am leaving for a two week trip to visit family and friends in the northeast and I have been getting myself ready off and on all day today. I am at the point where I think I am all packed, except for things like my computer, cell phone and iPod – all charging as I sleep tonight, yet I still feel like something is missing… I never like this feeling. This trip is worse because I sent a luggage up with some of my things last week. Good idea so I can travel light tomorrow… Bad idea because it is making me lose my mind! haha- All should be okay though. Tomorrow my Aunt is picking me up at the airport in New York and I will spend a few days with family there, and then I will head to Maryland to visit more friends and family (can’t wait to see my sisters!!!!) and then on Saturday, the fun begins! Mono will be in town and my family and his will all be together!! It is going to be a fun trip! :) Well, to sleep I must go! I hope I dream sweetly and don’t think all night of the things I may have forgotten! ;) Good night all. Sweet Dreams!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fall Memories!

So, I’m sitting here on this super HOT Sunday afternoon, listening to The Boys of Fall, Kenny Chesney’s new single, wishing we were getting at least a hint of the fall season. This intense, humid summer weather has worn me out and I am more than ready to welcome my favorite season of the year!  I like everything about the fall.  It ignites all of your senses.  The only thing that I can say I miss out on in the fall is having a sun-kissed summer tan.  You can still go to the beach too, just not to swim or get a tan. In fact, going to the beach in pants, a shirt and scarf is so lovely and refreshing. I have so many wonderful memories of my childhood that took place in the cool, fall months. Whenever I think of this time of the year, I right away, think of my Uncle’s house in Vermont. Growing up our family went up there for a family vacation – aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents… the whole family… and THAT is fall to me. The house was always cozy with a fire, something cooking in the kitchen, cousins playing inside and outside, canoe rides, long walks around the lake, catching the colorful falling leaves, the smell of fire burning in all the chimneys from the local houses, visits to Bear, the huge, white fluff-ball of a dog down the road, trips to the orchard to pick apples, buy some fresh cider and pies… Oh the memories I have. The cozy clothes, the family memories, the smells in the air from cooking inside to the smoking chimneys… I cannot wait for these days to come, in Vermont, or at home!

A Mon Hug, Good Enough To Last Five Days!

A Mon Hug, for those of you wondering, is one of the best things around! It’s a hug from Mono, and he gives the best hugs out there! They are warm, safe, tight, just all around wonderful! I leave tomorrow morning at 6:45 and when Mono drops me off at the airport, I’ll be getting one of his famous hugs to last me five days until I see him next. :) I am not ready to leave in the morning, yet I am here writing, and I wish I had a couple more days before my departure, but reality has to set in and I have to get my butt moving and get to work! I’m really procrastinating, and I shouldn’t be. I’ll get it all done, even if I get hardly any sleep. I’ll take my shower tonight so in the morning my hair is dry and I can get myself ready without having to wait on the long process of drying hair! And at 4:45 Mono and I will head out to the airport. I’m already tired thinking of it! I’ll be spending some time visiting my family and my best friend in New York and then more friends and family in Maryland, and on Saturday morning, we will all be heading down to Southern Maryland to spend Labor Day weekend together! Mono will have flown in and both of our families will all be together! I cannot wait for this trip! I sent part of my luggage with my parents, and I am bringing the rest with me. I have no idea what I have or what I am missing, but I don’t care. I just cannot wait for this trip! I love Southern Maryland. Mono’s family’s home is right on the water, and it is just a perfect place to be! Our families love being together and have so much fun and my parents love it down there so I think this is going to be a super great vacation! Afternoon and early evening outings on the boat, trips to the lighthouse, RITA’S!!!, family time… lots of it!, Bella meals… Oh the list is endless! Southern Maryland, get ready for this girl to get there with a HUGE and sunny smile!!

Ten Things

Ten Things I am Loving:

1. Long necklaces
2. My jewelry tree from Mono!!! :)
3. Cupcakes!
4. My camera
5. My mini Starbucks card keychain
6. The strands of pearls I got in the jewelry district in Miami that are waiting to be made into a set of a necklace and a bracelet
7. My new Fall colors nail polish from OPI… just can’t wear them yet
8. My Vera Bradley coin purse- It is JUST the right size for my visits to the gym! My keys are attached to it, my phone and cards, money… can fit in it – everything I need all in one!
9. My couch – I SLEEP now!
10. Boneless wings meal in sweet and spicy at Zaxby’s

Ten Things I am NOT Loving:

1. This intense HEAT
2. My headaches
3. Thai food
4. The fact that our Fall here in the South isn’t coming for a while
5. That so many doors are closing
6. That I am so far from my sisters and best friends
7. That I am leaving for the northeast without Mono
8. Did I say my headaches? :/
9. Procrastination… The fact that I have SO much to do in such a little amount of time this weekend…and I am procrastinating.
10. Not having Jimmy here

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Seven Pounds

Who knew that seven pounds could make such a difference in my day? I’m not talking about 7 lbs. on my body, or 7 lbs. of food… I’m talking about Jimmy, my 7 pound dog. He is such a little guy, and honestly, he sleeps most of the day, but he’s away with my parents right now, and coming home to a house without his little greeting, totally changes my day. I didn’t realize and to some small degree, took advantage of his cute little face waiting by the door for my arrival. I’ll see him in a few days, but still, after him only being gone for 12 hours, I already notice a difference in my day… and I miss him. I can’t wait to see his precious little face and happy little tail wagging when I arrive on Monday! So 7 pounds makes a difference in my day, every day. And it wasn’t until today that I knew how big of a difference it would be.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Very First Friend, And Best Friend

Not many people are lucky enough to say that they have had a best friend for nearly 25 years, much less that they are still friends with their very first friend, but I am.  Katie has been my friend since the day I was born.  I don’t remember a time in my life without her, because there hasn’t been.  We lived right across the street from each other for 13 years, until I moved 5 hours away.  I will never forget having to say goodbye to her.  At that point, it was probably the hardest thing I had to do in my life.  We wrote nearly every day and it took me a while to get over the fact I lived so far away.  And then, another move came and I lived 16 hours away from her.  It’s so hard to live hours upon hours away from your best friend, but we definitely make it work.  Before I moved, she and another friend of ours threw me a surprise going away party and I was SO caught off guard and surprised! I cried more than ever that night, but it meant so much to me, to have so many people I loved there together, to say goodbye before I left.  Time can pass between times we talk, or she may not get a call for me for a long time (I’m NOT a phone person), but we always pick right back up and we both know we are always there for each other.  Two years ago she got married to a wonderful man, Jay, and I was so honored to be in their wedding and to be part of such a special day.  What fun it was!  :)   I still have my bridesmaid’s dress hanging in my closet and I see it everyday (along with pictures of the two of us from that day) and I think about that day every time I see it.  I can’t wait for the day I can have her be a part of my special day.  There is no one I would want to have in my wedding more than her. It’s getting really hard to live so far away from each other.  I’ve actually only met her husband a couple times and she has only met Gus once, at her wedding.  I wish more than anything that the four of us could to go dinner together, spend time at each others houses, have girls day out, the guys get together to watch football.  I do hope one day we are able to live a little closer, or some how do more together. Over the years since I have moved away, we haven’t been able to see each other much and the last time we saw each other was at her wedding.  It is certainly about time for a visit… I am so thankful for the memories I do have though.  Katie and I used to do things from going to Subway together for dinner, hang out in the middle of the street we lived on (it was a Court with only 4 houses), ride bikes, get together for our Monday night show, I’d go down in her basement and watch her practice dancing (She is an amazing Irish dancer), we’d bake together, clean each others houses… Oh so many things.  I am so thankful to have a best friend like her, and no one will ever be able to replace her.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

#1 On My List of 101 Things To Do in 1001 Days

So, number one on my list…Go to Italy, see all the sights I love!  I’ve been to Europe once, Bosnia to be specific, but the place I’d love to visit most of all is Italy.  I am not sure if I would be able to pick only one specific region though.  My favorite area is Tuscany, the little towns, the villas on gorgeous farms, the endless fields of sunflowers…. Oh to close my eyes and dream.  I don’t want to just go to Italy for the heck of it, or just to say I’ve been there.  There are so many aspects that go into it.  I want to live how Italians do, eat like Italians, SHOP like I’m Italian… and best of all, capture the beauty and the memories by photographing every moment.  The narrow streets and alleys, the fountains in town, the sidewalk cafe’s… what more could one ask for?!  While I was in Key Biscayne in July I met three little kids that lived down the hall from us.  They live part of the year in Florida, and the other part… Tuscany!  So yes, I not only loved them because they were kids, but because they loved telling me about Italy.  The four of us sat in the hallway of our floor and they each had a view and favorite things about living over there.  It was so much fun to hear what life is like there from a child.  :)   I have books and pictures saved on my computer of all different parts of Italy and I do hope to go there one day, and come home with memories and pictures of my own!