Thursday, July 28, 2011

Land and Sea... Where I Grew Up 208.365

Growing up, I spent a lot of time in this little town by the sea. I spent thirteen years knowing each and every little nook and cranny of our town and the surrounding areas. Much has changed since then, more and more people, more cars, bigger businesses, more congestion... but it is still that same little town I knew and still love.
The girls and I drove out to Eastern L.I. yesterday and as our first only free day while we are here, I wanted to take them to a place I really love.

First and most critical stop... The Frigate!
Sometimes I wonder just how many waffle cones stuffed with scoops of Crazy Vanilla ice cream, topped with extra colored sprinkles I've had from this little shop in my lifetime!
We found a little spot in the shade to enjoy our cones/cups.
We did a bit of walking along the old and worn docks that I took many steps on as a young girl.
 Thank you girls for allowing a group picture of you four. I know how difficult it can be to travel with my camera me. ;)
This is one of my favorite restaurants... Outside... Right by the water... LOBSTER... 
Need I say more?
Boats...In water and on land.
 Yes! She loves when I take her picture! Thanks Meemsy girl! 
And, we matched!!
 I love this place.

 There is just something special about life by the water.
Her sweet smile, a visit to the water, time with my sisters... it's so priceless.

 Yachts and ferries!
 Beautiful girls!

The next few days here are going to be quite busy, so today's outing will be much appreciated before all the festivities and visits begins!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Poor Boy 206.365

My poor baby has an ear infection and the medicine makes the hair on his ear all oily. I have a feeling he looks sadder than he is... but it is making me sad. :( He is still the sweetest thing ever, but my heart breaks for the little guy. I can't wait until he is back to normal... with two furry ears.

Oh and you can't see it in these pictures, but he is sporting a new collar that Mono bought for him. He is now drum roll please ... a Washington Redskin's fan. I will get some pictures soon. :) My best friend's dog has a N.Y. Jets collar and when Mono saw that, he knew Jimmy would soon be a Redskins fan. And Mono also ordered him a new name tag that will go on when he moves into his new house.

The Adventures of a Not So Adventurous Girl

There are three adventurous things I'd like to attempt… and have been wanting to for a while! Kayaking, Yolo Boarding and Zip-Lining. If you know me well, you know I am really not adventurous. I like to play things on the safe side pretty much all the time. It is good for me to step out of the box and out of my comfort zone sometimes. I don't think zip-lining would be out of my comfort zone, but it's included with my list of adventures I want to go on. It may not seem adventurous to you, but this is where I want to start. Yolo boarding is something I've really been wanting to try, but I don't know of any place locally that I can attempt it. I am not strong or athletic (If you know me well, you know that too!) so it would be out of my comfort zone because I'm afraid I'd be too weak and make a fool of myself doing it. Kayaking is only considered something I'd step out of the box to do because I am a bit of a fear of lakes. I love them, but I am afraid of the fish and the possibility of snakes. I am not afraid in ocean water, just lakes. And I want to kayak in a lake… Going down a river would terrify me for the first try. Maybe once I get the hang of it I will advance to better waters. ;) But the unknown under the water and the possibility of tipping over into that unknown water just freaks me out. It would be worth bringing a video camera just in case I did in fact fall in. It'd be a show.

I think I really started to want to go zip lining when I saw Megan go here.
My already crazy desire to yolo board was intensified recently by Paige on her post from her vacation.
And kayaking... well, I've just always wanted to do that.

We have a really nice like within a short drive of our house (45 minutes or so) and I want to pack a picnic and go kayaking for the day. Maybe Mono would be up for that! That would make for a fun post, though I probably couldn't take many good pictures because unfortunately there is a chance of falling in and that is a big no-no when you have a camera in the kayak.

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Visit to the Court House 205.365

This is me... tired...un-showered...somewhat frazzled from all the goings on... but also so excited!
I picked up our marriage certificate today at the court house.
I had to raise my right hand and swear... to something... I don't remember to what though.
I thought it was so funny that I had to raise my hand and swear and couldn't just answer honestly. 
I giggled.
The lady just stared.
Oh well.
I could never work in the court house I guess.
No one smiles.
Though one sweet girl did look up and say "God bless you" when I sneezed.

I was going to pick up my certificate so I was ready for the big awaited day, while the lady in line behind me was there in a black jersey knit dress to get married right then and there. Today.
I felt so sad.
Here we are, Mono and I planning a big day, a holy and meaningful day, and these people just randomly took off work and came to the court house on a Monday morning.
Sad for them, they had to wait for the certificate to go into effect two days later!
No wedding day for them today!
I guess they'll take off work on Wednesday or Thursday and come back.
There is so much more meaning to a wedding and starting off a marriage then just going to a court house.
Weddings on the beach are beautiful. 
Destination weddings are exciting.
But there is one place I feel all ceremonies should be held.
At your Church.
It's a special place and a special moment, to share with each other, your friends and family and most of all, God.

I pray for those two people who tried to get married today. Maybe this will help them re-think? You never know. 
I'm meeting with a lady for linens later today! Should be exciting!
Pardon my look again. It's been a hectic few days and you can tell! ;)

(note: Today's picture is obviously not taken by me, but it is a day I really want to remember so this is the picture for the day. I did take others, but they were on my phone. My camera wasn't with me all day long - weird huh?)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wedding Dress Tips From a Dear Friend...and Advice From YOU (already!)

This afternoon I spent some time with a dear friend and her family. We were chatting about a little bit of everything. The topic of my dress came up and I shared a thought/concern and she gave me a great idea. It's going to require a belt... or maybe some nice, sturdy ribbon... that doesn't sound as harsh. ;) It's going to be a full day project... or maybe two days... and it might have to happen now and near the wedding. It'll help me move around on my wedding day a bit better. Thank you Ellie for your great idea! I'm sure I'll look a bit funny, but I know I'll be more graceful the day of. Love you!

Earlier today I asked for some advice. A lovely blogger I follow each and every day (I admit, sometimes I check more than once in a day to see if there is a new post...this is done with a few of my favorite bloggers - you can be found on the side of my blog - which needs to be updated too, but let me not get sidetracked here)... she sent me the sweetest message and really made me feel so wonderful. To me, she is a real blogger and to read those words from a real blogger is quite amazing to me! Thank you so much Sasha!! Go ahead and check her out if you haven't already... Lemonade Makin' Mama

Ellie also has a blog, so while you're at it, head on her way too! I love visiting with her each day over on her blog! Me and My House

Thank you Ellie and Sasha for both wonderful bits of fun and advice.

I'm so tired or else I'd catch you up with some pictures and posts. I need sleep. I'm really tired and we've been on the go for too long now. A little down time would do me good. That'll have to wait a while though. Some upcoming posts should be fun...including possible behind the scenes of our engagement picture shoot...

Advice From YOU!

Hello Readers! 
Dedicated ones, first time readers... Whoever you may be, may I ask your advice?
First of all, thank you for reading. Though I don't have many readers, I'm honored to know some of you take time out of your day to visit with me.
If you have a free moment, would you share some of your own blogging advice if you are a fellow blogger, or offer some practical helpful tips of interest to help me improve my blog? 
I would like to make this of more interest to all of you and to reach out to others that may be interested in visiting with us each day!

Thank you all!

This Is The Place 204.365

We will be back here in 69 days!
Do you know what is in 69 days?
Our wedding!
I enjoyed this walk-through/meeting very much.
We were there for a few hours going over every last thing since we won't be back before our big day!
It's getting me terribly antsy with excitement for my next visit here... on October 1st.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

There Are Farms Here Too!

A sweet lady who is also a blogger recently moved from farmland in the Midwest to Virginia. She is used to wide open spaces so being surround by trees of the East coast is going to be a bit of an adjustment.
 I couldn't help but let my thoughts travel to her today on our drive through farmland in Virginia! How great is that! New scenery, but there is still that land that she loves. It may not be like this where she lives, but she won't have to travel too far to make her heart dance again!
Becky, I hope you and your sweet family adjust to your new life and begin to make amazing memories in Virginia. It is a state I love and am very familiar with and over time I am sure you will grow to love it like you did your old home. Many blessings and memories to you!

Leaving Home and Taking It With Me 203.365

 I'm on my way back to the Northeast for the next few days and I thought a nice drink for the road would keep home with me. A little Southern sweet tea mixed with pink lemonade. So refreshing. So southern.
Love the pink accent on the top!

Friday, July 22, 2011

His Movie...It's Coming! 202.365

July 20, 2012

I think I know what I will be doing on this hot, summery day in July next year.
Mono loves Batman so he is eagerly anticipating this new movie.
The girls and I went to see Monte Carlo today and we saw this poster hanging in the theater.
I'm excited for him!
I bet we will even see it at Midnight!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Her Love for Mr. White 201.365

Neijra loves Shaun White.
Not sure what it is about him.
He's not her type.
Or at least I say so. ;)
He's talented... but, not sure what else.
The hair must go.
He does have good gum though!
When we saw this pack of gum in the store, I knew I had to buy it for her.
She's the sweetest and such a small thing made her so happy.
Nade, I'm sorry I don't share your love for him, but winter white or white mint or whatever white it was called... I do share the love for that!
I enjoy finding little things this that make them smile!
I love you Neijra and thanks for sharing your tasty gum with me! 
If only they put a figure skater on the gum pack instead! ;)

And yes, they did ask if I was going to blog about the gum! Yes ma'am! I had already planned on it, even before they teased me (in a good way)!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Peach Fuzz 200.365

I've never been one good at goodbyes. Or tight budgets. Or perfect tidiness. Or handling stress well. Or getting enough sleep. Or not worrying.

A few months back there were some people brought into our lives only to now be taken away. Goodbyes are not my thing at all… to any degree. It doesn't matter if it is for a day, for a short period of time or forever, we do not mix. Tonight I had to say goodbye to now dear friends. When they arrived I had not realized how much their known departure would sadden me. Though they won't be local, God surely knows what He is doing. My best friend is moving out of her family's home for the first time… right down the street from these new dear friends. I will always be able to keep this friendship and pay visits to now many dear friends.

I have had a very full and hectic couple of months, not even including all that is necessary to be done for the wedding. This pace is not only going to continue, but it is going to pick up speed in the next month or two. Married life, owning a home and all that comes with both won't be perfectly easy, but I am surely looking forward to a little down time comes this fall. I have so much to do, big projects, and many small ones too, that I don't always know how to get it done. I become overwhelmed and lose my tidiness (any that I have).

I think I've cleaned up my closet 4 times over the past month. Horrible. It should have been done once and that is it. I need to learn how to get on top of that. My entire room can be neat, but my closet, for some reason, it can get out of hand faster than I realize. Right now I have luggage all over the floor, boxes, clean laundry that is screaming at me to be put away, and a few random things that made their way into the mini room. I am behind on important wedding details that have to be caught up on tomorrow; errands have to be run; wash and packing need to be done and appointments have to be completed. One tomorrow and two Friday. I head out of town again this weekend. The trip comes with many meetings for the wedding as well as some really fun festivities… some of which I don't know the details to! Bring a dress and a bathing suit? Hmmmmm…. :)

So with all of this, stress added on. I don't deal with being overly tired (I don't sleep), worried and stressed and know I am behind on wedding details as well as cleaning up. I am hoping I can be overly productive tomorrow and catch up on everything that is needed to be done. If only I can get a good, uninterrupted night's rest and wake up without this headache, maybe it will actually happen!

Today I had to bring my Jimmy to the vet. He was groomed yesterday and they detected an ear infection. We immediately made an appointment for this morning so it was taken care of before I left this weekend. On the way home from the groomer though, he had a mini seizure on my lap. Needless to say, I think ten years came off my life and freshly covered grays re-appeared. Apparently this is nothing too abnormal and I shouldn't be all that worried, but between him being somewhat traumatized (which is normal) from the grooming, then the whole ear scenario, having a seizure on my lap and finding out he may have Epilepsy, I am an overly-protective/worried mother now. All day today I monitored him to be sure he was okay and am making sure everyone treats him even better than they already do. I have a hard time putting his ear drops in and I can't imagine what it will be like without Mono's calming help. As Mono says, "Mare, this is worse on you than on him. He is okay." Mono took J to his house tonight to love on him and tomorrow, it will be my turn. :) This certainly added on to my stress and worrying! Thank God...really... for Mono. I don't know what I'd do without his calm hand in things with Jimmy. What will I be like with children if I am like this with my dog!? haha

And the budgeting part… well, Mono and I are going over our future budget and it is strange to see these new numbers of now two members in a household! All is well and I am adjusting to the future of being a real housewife… Not one of those ones from New Jersey or wherever else they may be from. Side note. Why are reality shows the furthest thing from reality?!

To end this post, I'll give you a juicy picture and a random fact about myself… I despise peach fuzz. Peaches are very possibly a close favorite fruit of mine, but that soft skin of theirs… it makes me gag. Sad, isn't it? How could someone be so opposed to something so soft?!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New 'Dos! 199.365

I think they could fill a garbage can to the brim with all the hair that was laying on the floor after we left the salon! Three hours and six haircuts later, we finally walked out looking as fabulous as ever! There's seven of us - Mom, Nahida, Irma, Ines, Neijra, Merima and myself - all scheduled for haircuts this week. Mono is schedule for a trim next week and Dad is his own barber so he is the lucky one not needing to fit in a time. My Mom has an appointment on Thursday and the other 6 of us had appointments in a row today! What a scene it was, but a whole lot of fun… for us and for the ladies cutting our hair! We had such a fun time. 
 Nahida went first and looks sleek and quite stylish in her new 'do.
Irm just wanted a nice trim and a few layers to help with the curls. They had a great product to help her keep the curl and manage the frizz factor. She looks gorgeous as always with that amazing head of hair! Merima got a healthy snip to the bottom of her locks and the twins, well there was a slight battle as to how not to come out with the same cut… though that is what they basically wanted. I think they each came out with just the right look for their personalities. Parted on different sides, one is longer and one is shorter and one has a heavier bang. They are looking grown up and quite fabulous! I came out with a plain cut and a little change up on color. My hair had gotten quite blonde in the sun and it wasn't what I wanted. I asked if they could just put a light color to help me get back to being not so blonde. I'm actually a little darker than I thought I'd be, but it covers up the grays (yes, I already have them) and I am nice and even and super happy! 
Can't wait to see mom's new look on Thursday!! Not sure she will let me post a picture though. She's funny that way. ;) But I know she will be gorgeous like the rest of the gals!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Girls Just Want To Have Fun 198.365

SoHo and not the one in New York. It's a great place for shopping and unique finds. I have a few favorite stores in this area that I wanted to bring the girls to. Some are just for fun (and not to buy - either because of style or price) and some are places I truly love! One store is all white (okay, except for the red nose on the little cat and the gray writing on the t-shirt!! The girls pointed it all out to me after I told them the store was only white. They took me incredibly literally I see). A few are for the home with dishes and such and then there is a linen shop that sells other things as well, like lotions, candles etc. It's wonderful! When I have more time and I am alone, I would like to go back to a couple of the home stores to look more closely at a few things.
Irm loved my favorite lotion brand too! They all smell soooo good!
This candle smelled so nice. One day I'd like to buy it to light in our house when we move in. :)
I love all the lotions they have in this store. They sell my two favorite brands! :)

 Love all the table settings set out in this store!!

After our shopping venture in SoHo, Mono met us for dinner at a little place we like to go to to eat and then he headed home and we headed out to run a few more errands… including some shoe shopping. ;)

Irma is already tall and gorgeous, but apparently she felt like she was not tall enough when she tried these babies on! She towers over me and looks like she is ready for a game of basketball!

I was the only one that ended up with a pair of shoes. I own 2 pairs of heels. I wear them on rare occasions only, and with an upcoming bridal shower, these were a nice purchase. They were on sale and there was a slight bit of damage (not noticeable unless you are as picky as I can be) so I got an extra 20% off! Nothing like a great sale and a good deal!
 I love days like today with my sisters and Mono. Mom and Nahida came too and that is always fun, but nothing like being with my sisters. :) I wish we could have days like this more often.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Splish Splash 197.365

 We spent time at the pool today. It was such a hot day so a nice dip in the refreshing and cool water was a treat! Mono loving on Jenny. Jen loves Mono and has a very special love for him. It's so cute to see.
 Meemsy thought it was so cool to fill up the noodle and blow it out the other side!!
 Sun bathing ladies! Mom and Irma enjoyed some time together.

Ines and Neijra opted out of a swim, but they certainly shared in on all the fun!

There were more people in the pool, but I didn't really get many pictures. Mono's Mom and Dad and aunt were there, as well as Nahida and my family who we were visiting. What a fun little swim we had! There is nothing like taking a dip in a cool, blue pool on a hot summer's day!