Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New 'Dos! 199.365

I think they could fill a garbage can to the brim with all the hair that was laying on the floor after we left the salon! Three hours and six haircuts later, we finally walked out looking as fabulous as ever! There's seven of us - Mom, Nahida, Irma, Ines, Neijra, Merima and myself - all scheduled for haircuts this week. Mono is schedule for a trim next week and Dad is his own barber so he is the lucky one not needing to fit in a time. My Mom has an appointment on Thursday and the other 6 of us had appointments in a row today! What a scene it was, but a whole lot of fun… for us and for the ladies cutting our hair! We had such a fun time. 
 Nahida went first and looks sleek and quite stylish in her new 'do.
Irm just wanted a nice trim and a few layers to help with the curls. They had a great product to help her keep the curl and manage the frizz factor. She looks gorgeous as always with that amazing head of hair! Merima got a healthy snip to the bottom of her locks and the twins, well there was a slight battle as to how not to come out with the same cut… though that is what they basically wanted. I think they each came out with just the right look for their personalities. Parted on different sides, one is longer and one is shorter and one has a heavier bang. They are looking grown up and quite fabulous! I came out with a plain cut and a little change up on color. My hair had gotten quite blonde in the sun and it wasn't what I wanted. I asked if they could just put a light color to help me get back to being not so blonde. I'm actually a little darker than I thought I'd be, but it covers up the grays (yes, I already have them) and I am nice and even and super happy! 
Can't wait to see mom's new look on Thursday!! Not sure she will let me post a picture though. She's funny that way. ;) But I know she will be gorgeous like the rest of the gals!

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