Monday, July 4, 2011

Red, White, and Blue 184.365

Our morning started out with a fun parade, heading straight down the main street on this gorgeous little island. We all decked out in a combination of red, white and/or blue and headed on our way to see the festivities of the day!

We lined up on the street and all waited for the famous island parade to begin.
Love these pictures of them!!
There was music...
lots and lots of it.
And fire trucks, police cars, and cool cars
And a combination of both!
This was surely a hit!
The highlight was definitely when the people in the parade threw candy and little goodies out to the kids lining the street. Meemsy got some patriotic bling.
Flags were given out... and then worn... 

Mon sported his in a very fun and creative way.
I loved these little girls and their outfits! I will be making these for my children one day!
These guys were funny. See the guy in the blue an yellow in the top right pic? He's scanning the crowd for a cute girl...
And it was then that he spotted her.
And he chose our girl!!
Ines!! Awesome choice!
Merima enjoyed the parade! She looks cute with her new bling as she called it. I'm so out of the loop with current lingo. Those are still just plain old necklaces to me!
I was waiting for these guys. I remembered them from last year and I waited until the very end to get my picture with them. Awesomeness! I wish I could dance like them - not even on the stilts. I need to get lessons from them in time for my wedding... at least that's what my sisters have told me after they saw my dancing skills lack of dancing skills.
I love waterfalls... that came from my Dad. :)

After the parade we spent some time at the beach, came back to the pool, cleaned ourselves up and had dinner and patriotic cupcakes!

 Boxed, but still yummy! I love the sparkly stars!
Merima nicely set the table for us to eat at. :) What a good girl!
 And then... at about 7:30 we headed down to the water to settle into our little spot for the fireworks. They were scheduled to start at 9:00.

Well, after waiting an hour and a half, they finally started a little after 10:30!!
 We were happy and the crowd cheered...big time!
After a half an hour or so of a great fireworks show, we headed back home. It didn't mean bed time, but we did settle down. Had some ice cream, watched tv and relaxed.
We only have one more day here, and it has been a lot of fun. Tonight was great. The whole day was! I'm so glad I am able to celebrate this summer holiday and spend time with my sisters, my parents and Mono!

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