Monday, July 25, 2011

A Visit to the Court House 205.365

This is me... tired...un-showered...somewhat frazzled from all the goings on... but also so excited!
I picked up our marriage certificate today at the court house.
I had to raise my right hand and swear... to something... I don't remember to what though.
I thought it was so funny that I had to raise my hand and swear and couldn't just answer honestly. 
I giggled.
The lady just stared.
Oh well.
I could never work in the court house I guess.
No one smiles.
Though one sweet girl did look up and say "God bless you" when I sneezed.

I was going to pick up my certificate so I was ready for the big awaited day, while the lady in line behind me was there in a black jersey knit dress to get married right then and there. Today.
I felt so sad.
Here we are, Mono and I planning a big day, a holy and meaningful day, and these people just randomly took off work and came to the court house on a Monday morning.
Sad for them, they had to wait for the certificate to go into effect two days later!
No wedding day for them today!
I guess they'll take off work on Wednesday or Thursday and come back.
There is so much more meaning to a wedding and starting off a marriage then just going to a court house.
Weddings on the beach are beautiful. 
Destination weddings are exciting.
But there is one place I feel all ceremonies should be held.
At your Church.
It's a special place and a special moment, to share with each other, your friends and family and most of all, God.

I pray for those two people who tried to get married today. Maybe this will help them re-think? You never know. 
I'm meeting with a lady for linens later today! Should be exciting!
Pardon my look again. It's been a hectic few days and you can tell! ;)

(note: Today's picture is obviously not taken by me, but it is a day I really want to remember so this is the picture for the day. I did take others, but they were on my phone. My camera wasn't with me all day long - weird huh?)

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