Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wedding Dress Tips From a Dear Friend...and Advice From YOU (already!)

This afternoon I spent some time with a dear friend and her family. We were chatting about a little bit of everything. The topic of my dress came up and I shared a thought/concern and she gave me a great idea. It's going to require a belt... or maybe some nice, sturdy ribbon... that doesn't sound as harsh. ;) It's going to be a full day project... or maybe two days... and it might have to happen now and near the wedding. It'll help me move around on my wedding day a bit better. Thank you Ellie for your great idea! I'm sure I'll look a bit funny, but I know I'll be more graceful the day of. Love you!

Earlier today I asked for some advice. A lovely blogger I follow each and every day (I admit, sometimes I check more than once in a day to see if there is a new post...this is done with a few of my favorite bloggers - you can be found on the side of my blog - which needs to be updated too, but let me not get sidetracked here)... she sent me the sweetest message and really made me feel so wonderful. To me, she is a real blogger and to read those words from a real blogger is quite amazing to me! Thank you so much Sasha!! Go ahead and check her out if you haven't already... Lemonade Makin' Mama

Ellie also has a blog, so while you're at it, head on her way too! I love visiting with her each day over on her blog! Me and My House

Thank you Ellie and Sasha for both wonderful bits of fun and advice.

I'm so tired or else I'd catch you up with some pictures and posts. I need sleep. I'm really tired and we've been on the go for too long now. A little down time would do me good. That'll have to wait a while though. Some upcoming posts should be fun...including possible behind the scenes of our engagement picture shoot...

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