Monday, July 11, 2011

The Drop Off 191.365

Four girls and three boxes in tow, I made my way up to the front door of this beautiful home of the lady I was to be meeting with. I had not even made it to the steps and I heard the door opening and her sweet voice welcoming all of us into her home. I must be honest, sometimes when I have to meet with people in their homes, I get a little nervous. I never know what to expect. This time my handy GPS helped me make my way to a quaint neighborhood that I had been wanting to check out, not all that far from our new house. I was surprised to see this was the location of the women that would be doing the calligraphy for our invitation envelopes. I wasn't as nervous when I saw where my destination was. I was quite excited to be going in one of these homes in this neighborhood. The lady was so sweet and very, very welcoming. All five of us piled into her little home and sat at her dining room table with her and we discussed our massive list! There are so many little details to think of in the wedding planning process, but it is so much fun! I know our envelopes are going to be in wonderful hands with this lady! I cannot wait to pick them up and mail them to our family and friends.
We had a little extra time to kill before the meeting so I stopped at Target. What a pity. ;) I had a few random things on my list of items needed for our new place. Though we aren't even living there yet, I am trying to gather things I notice we will need that aren't going to be gifts for any reason. Today I strolled through that dollar section that Target tortures you with at the front door and picked up a nice wire bin for our plastic grocery bags as well as a plastic basket that holds under the sink products in the kitchen. I like things to have a place and not just randomly sit there. I was very pleased with my finds, especially due to their price… and color!

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