Thursday, July 21, 2011

Her Love for Mr. White 201.365

Neijra loves Shaun White.
Not sure what it is about him.
He's not her type.
Or at least I say so. ;)
He's talented... but, not sure what else.
The hair must go.
He does have good gum though!
When we saw this pack of gum in the store, I knew I had to buy it for her.
She's the sweetest and such a small thing made her so happy.
Nade, I'm sorry I don't share your love for him, but winter white or white mint or whatever white it was called... I do share the love for that!
I enjoy finding little things this that make them smile!
I love you Neijra and thanks for sharing your tasty gum with me! 
If only they put a figure skater on the gum pack instead! ;)

And yes, they did ask if I was going to blog about the gum! Yes ma'am! I had already planned on it, even before they teased me (in a good way)!!

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