Friday, July 8, 2011

Jumping Out of my Comfort Zone

Okay, I have a little story to share. It may not amuse you so much, but it surely provides quite the amusement to Mono and my sisters. Enough so that they purchased this new outfit for me tonight...
 I have been informed that I need to own basketball shorts, athletic shorts, whatever you want to call 'em and just plain ol' t-shirts. While we were on our vacation at the beach, they all laughed at me that I always had an entire outfit, with accessories for each day. No matter what we were doing, I had my outfit on and I was happy. To me I am plain and comfortable, but to them, I look dressed up and uncomfortable. Then on the day we left, I pulled something wild out of my luggage. Something that no one ever expected. I did own a plain ol' t-shirt. Everyone commented, "Mare!!! YOU have a plain t-shirt?!" I was quite amused by this because it was never something I really payed attention to.

Tonight when I was shopping with the girls, they took me to the athletic department to look for a new outfit that they were going to be buying for me. I do own a few t-shirts, a pair of sweatpants capris and leggings with running shorts for my exercising, but that is the only time I wear them. I am no longer allowed to do projects and clean in my nice clothes. Now I have this new outfit to move our belongings into the new house, clean and do projects in... and I guess hang out in? I'm still trying to figure out how this works. haha- I have nice sweats that I hang out in, but apparently, even those are nice

I guess I'm a work in progress. ;) 

And for now, I am jumping out of my comfort zone into what they tell me is comfort clothes.

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