Saturday, July 23, 2011

There Are Farms Here Too!

A sweet lady who is also a blogger recently moved from farmland in the Midwest to Virginia. She is used to wide open spaces so being surround by trees of the East coast is going to be a bit of an adjustment.
 I couldn't help but let my thoughts travel to her today on our drive through farmland in Virginia! How great is that! New scenery, but there is still that land that she loves. It may not be like this where she lives, but she won't have to travel too far to make her heart dance again!
Becky, I hope you and your sweet family adjust to your new life and begin to make amazing memories in Virginia. It is a state I love and am very familiar with and over time I am sure you will grow to love it like you did your old home. Many blessings and memories to you!

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  1. You are awesome!!! You found me FARMS:) Love you for that...thank you for thinking of me Marezy.