Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Peach Fuzz 200.365

I've never been one good at goodbyes. Or tight budgets. Or perfect tidiness. Or handling stress well. Or getting enough sleep. Or not worrying.

A few months back there were some people brought into our lives only to now be taken away. Goodbyes are not my thing at all… to any degree. It doesn't matter if it is for a day, for a short period of time or forever, we do not mix. Tonight I had to say goodbye to now dear friends. When they arrived I had not realized how much their known departure would sadden me. Though they won't be local, God surely knows what He is doing. My best friend is moving out of her family's home for the first time… right down the street from these new dear friends. I will always be able to keep this friendship and pay visits to now many dear friends.

I have had a very full and hectic couple of months, not even including all that is necessary to be done for the wedding. This pace is not only going to continue, but it is going to pick up speed in the next month or two. Married life, owning a home and all that comes with both won't be perfectly easy, but I am surely looking forward to a little down time comes this fall. I have so much to do, big projects, and many small ones too, that I don't always know how to get it done. I become overwhelmed and lose my tidiness (any that I have).

I think I've cleaned up my closet 4 times over the past month. Horrible. It should have been done once and that is it. I need to learn how to get on top of that. My entire room can be neat, but my closet, for some reason, it can get out of hand faster than I realize. Right now I have luggage all over the floor, boxes, clean laundry that is screaming at me to be put away, and a few random things that made their way into the mini room. I am behind on important wedding details that have to be caught up on tomorrow; errands have to be run; wash and packing need to be done and appointments have to be completed. One tomorrow and two Friday. I head out of town again this weekend. The trip comes with many meetings for the wedding as well as some really fun festivities… some of which I don't know the details to! Bring a dress and a bathing suit? Hmmmmm…. :)

So with all of this, stress added on. I don't deal with being overly tired (I don't sleep), worried and stressed and know I am behind on wedding details as well as cleaning up. I am hoping I can be overly productive tomorrow and catch up on everything that is needed to be done. If only I can get a good, uninterrupted night's rest and wake up without this headache, maybe it will actually happen!

Today I had to bring my Jimmy to the vet. He was groomed yesterday and they detected an ear infection. We immediately made an appointment for this morning so it was taken care of before I left this weekend. On the way home from the groomer though, he had a mini seizure on my lap. Needless to say, I think ten years came off my life and freshly covered grays re-appeared. Apparently this is nothing too abnormal and I shouldn't be all that worried, but between him being somewhat traumatized (which is normal) from the grooming, then the whole ear scenario, having a seizure on my lap and finding out he may have Epilepsy, I am an overly-protective/worried mother now. All day today I monitored him to be sure he was okay and am making sure everyone treats him even better than they already do. I have a hard time putting his ear drops in and I can't imagine what it will be like without Mono's calming help. As Mono says, "Mare, this is worse on you than on him. He is okay." Mono took J to his house tonight to love on him and tomorrow, it will be my turn. :) This certainly added on to my stress and worrying! Thank God...really... for Mono. I don't know what I'd do without his calm hand in things with Jimmy. What will I be like with children if I am like this with my dog!? haha

And the budgeting part… well, Mono and I are going over our future budget and it is strange to see these new numbers of now two members in a household! All is well and I am adjusting to the future of being a real housewife… Not one of those ones from New Jersey or wherever else they may be from. Side note. Why are reality shows the furthest thing from reality?!

To end this post, I'll give you a juicy picture and a random fact about myself… I despise peach fuzz. Peaches are very possibly a close favorite fruit of mine, but that soft skin of theirs… it makes me gag. Sad, isn't it? How could someone be so opposed to something so soft?!

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