Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cupcake Wars: Mocha vs. Boston Cream 190.365

 The kitchen was certainly hopping tonight! We started out baking a batch of Boston Cream cupcakes, then we made dinner and finished up with Mocha cupcakes.

Irma got out my big book of cupcake recipes and chose two more that she thought we should try. They were certainly quite tasty! Good choices Irm!! :)

 Doesn't that look good!? :)
Meemsy was our official taste tester. I think she gave it a thumbs up! :) 

Now, to show you that not all my kitchen creations are all sweet and pretty, this is what we dealt with tonight.
Coffee all over the counter and the floor.
And the rejects. Yes, there are some of them at times. They taste the same, but are not presentable. It's kinda like a bad hair day, but for cupcakes!

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