Monday, July 18, 2011

Girls Just Want To Have Fun 198.365

SoHo and not the one in New York. It's a great place for shopping and unique finds. I have a few favorite stores in this area that I wanted to bring the girls to. Some are just for fun (and not to buy - either because of style or price) and some are places I truly love! One store is all white (okay, except for the red nose on the little cat and the gray writing on the t-shirt!! The girls pointed it all out to me after I told them the store was only white. They took me incredibly literally I see). A few are for the home with dishes and such and then there is a linen shop that sells other things as well, like lotions, candles etc. It's wonderful! When I have more time and I am alone, I would like to go back to a couple of the home stores to look more closely at a few things.
Irm loved my favorite lotion brand too! They all smell soooo good!
This candle smelled so nice. One day I'd like to buy it to light in our house when we move in. :)
I love all the lotions they have in this store. They sell my two favorite brands! :)

 Love all the table settings set out in this store!!

After our shopping venture in SoHo, Mono met us for dinner at a little place we like to go to to eat and then he headed home and we headed out to run a few more errands… including some shoe shopping. ;)

Irma is already tall and gorgeous, but apparently she felt like she was not tall enough when she tried these babies on! She towers over me and looks like she is ready for a game of basketball!

I was the only one that ended up with a pair of shoes. I own 2 pairs of heels. I wear them on rare occasions only, and with an upcoming bridal shower, these were a nice purchase. They were on sale and there was a slight bit of damage (not noticeable unless you are as picky as I can be) so I got an extra 20% off! Nothing like a great sale and a good deal!
 I love days like today with my sisters and Mono. Mom and Nahida came too and that is always fun, but nothing like being with my sisters. :) I wish we could have days like this more often.

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