Friday, July 8, 2011

Hello Neighbor 188.365

Today was our first day that both Mono and I could go see our house. It has been ours for a while, but the previous owners were renting from us and they have moved out now. Technically I could have gone in yesterday, but way too much needed to get done. So today was the day. The girls and I filled up the back of the car, drove down to the house and got to work! We cleaned the kitchen cabinets, lined them with nice cabinet liners and started to fill up our kitchen cabinets!

Someone left this little gift on the counter for Mono as a house warming gift. Pretty nice. :)
 We had a very classy first meal in the house, didn't we? No furniture is there yet, so we ate like the Japanese do. What fun! I ordered two pizzas, picked up some drinks and even took out my nice dishes to eat on. I couldn't serve our first meal on paper plates! It was a lot of fun!

I think my favorite part was getting out some of my new towels to lay nicely in their given drawer! We are going back tomorrow with everyone (Mono, Mom, Dad, the girls and Nahida... oh and Jimmy too!) to bring more boxes, including our dining room table! We won't have to eat on the floor tomorrow. I will post more pictures tomorrow night hopefully!
On our way out, one of our neighbors across the way was leaving her driveway and she waved to me! I was so excited and waved back so she knew I was excited to see a new neighbor! haha- These people are probably thinking, who is this crazy lady waving so much!? I'm loving this whole having a house thing! I know there will be ups and downs with it, but I am enjoying this very much. I cannot wait to go back tomorrow to clean and organize some more!

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