Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bienvenido a Miami! 182.365

Salt water, soft sand, warm breeze and that wonderful, unmistakable Florida sun...

This is how my day was spent. Relaxing and reading on the beach!

One of three books I was hoping to finish reading on this trip. I don't think I will get through all three. But I am enjoying having this time to relax and read... along with a lot of other fun things we are doing!

Looking forward to spending the next few days in total relaxation!

The next three are from tonight's dinner...

And one picture from our walk tonight. I love taking walks here. If I lived here, I'd be in the best shape ever! Seriously. Between the beach, the sand to run on, the ocean to swim in and all the walking/bike riding to be done around the village, it would be wonderful.

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