Sunday, February 17, 2013

she never ever disappoints

I was tired and it was late, but as we pulled up to our driveway after a long day, I opened the dark mailbox and pulled out the envelopes, magazines, ... and a shiny silver tube. When I saw the tube, I immediately thought Megan. It just looked like her. It looked like something amazing she would do. And sure enough, it was from exactly who I thought. Though, I had no idea what it could possibly be!! What would she be sending me? In February? 

Well, leave it to Megan, it was a Valentine's Day treat. For me! What a surprise! Though, being Megan, I shouldn't be surprised.

She's creative.
And most definitely, thoughtful.
The words I can use to describe her could go on and on.
She never, ever, ever disappoints. Ever.
Whether it be her photographs, her tablescapes (she sets an amazing table), her thoughtful gifts, it is all always just right.
She sent out a few of her Valentine's Day favorites to people and I was one of the lucky recipients!
Simple and sweet and just right. Though, it was a bit of a tease with that cupcake front and center on the picture. I wanted to eat it right off the paper! My nails were painted right away, I popped one of those amazing chocolates into my mouth (there had been four candies there), and her adorable photo/card was put in my planner as a happy reminder of sweet friends... and sweet things, like cupcakes!
Sweet and thoughtful friends are such a delight! Thank you, Megan, for your never ending thoughtfulness!

Friday, February 1, 2013

breaking news: the good kind

The boys took a nap. Together. For three hours. Yes, three hours, together! This is a first. Their naps are never together and never more than 20 minutes at a time. 
I wish I knew this was going to occur because there is so much I would have done and planned to do. Instead, I kept thinking hmmm, 20 minutes, they'll be up soon. Gosh, 45 minutes. They will be up any minute. An hour and a half, are they alive? An hour and forty-five minutes, no really, are they alive? I would have run, showered, did a crafty thing or two, written out some thank you cards that I still have to write... there is just so much I could have done. Though, I can't complain. The house was quiet, and I did get a lot of house work accomplished, while still enjoying the downtime.
I am in complete disbelief with what just went on in this house! There is one very, very happy Momma in this house! I feel the need to celebrate! Okay, or just go keep cleaning the house. Let's hope this is a February tradition. And March, April, May, June, and so on..... Thank you boys!