Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Prayers For A Great Friend

Austin has been connected to our family pretty much from the day he was born, yet we didn't know until Mono and I each met him… My family did not know him that long, nor did Mono's, but my sister-in-law's family has, as well as two of Mono's cousins. Mono and I both met Austin 7 years ago. My family met him when we moved to Alabama in July. Mono met him when he moved to Alabama a few months later in December. Mono and Austin became really good friends from then on. They even traveled to Europe together and had a blast. I love hearing their stories and looking at the pictures from those days.
When it came time to choose groomsmen for our wedding, Austin was a no-brainer. Just as sure as he wanted his brother as his best man, he was sure he wanted Austin as one of his groomsmen. And a groomsman he was! Big smile all day long and brought some great Austin fun to the day! In fact, he (and Mono) was the only one that did a "fun" entrance while being introduced to the guests at our reception. And when my Mom was choosing who she wanted to walk her down the aisle, I asked her, "Who do you think you'd like to walk you down, Mom?" Very confidently she said, "I'd like Austin, Mare." And I smiled, in perfect agreement.
We all lived here in Alabama for years, and then Austin went on and moved away to take some classes at a college up north. Still keeping in touch, but unable to see each other often, he and Gus stayed great friends. We met up in Miami a few summers ago and whenever he was passing through to visit his family in Florida, we'd try to catch a visit… or at least the guys would. And then of course at our wedding, we were able to visit.
On Saturday, June 16th, I called Mami while we were driving in the car and before we ended our conversation, she broke the news to me. And then I had to break the news to Mono. Austin had been in a very bad accident at the beach in Daytona Beach, Florida. He was visiting there with his parents and some family, and before they had even been there twenty minutes, Austin was caught in a wave wrong and hit a sandbar and lost all feeling from the neck down. His uncle had to drag him out of the water and he was rushed to the nearest hospital. He did not break his neck, but had severe injury to his C2/3/4 vertebrae. He stayed in the hospital in Florida, underwent two surgeries and was then flown to a top notch rehab facility in Atlanta. We were very happy to hear he was being sent there, for two reasons… first and most importantly, he is going to be receiving the best care for recovery and two, he's close by so we can go visit when he is up to it! For now he has to use all of his energy in rehab. He still has no movement, but he has good sensation and muscle tone. As Mono says, he is truly going to win the world record for the most prayers being said for on person! So many people love him, are there to support him and offer all the prayers they can! I ask you to do the same. Please keep him and his recovery in your prayers, as well as his family. This is very hard on them as well. Like I said, his parents were there when he had the accident, but his two sisters immediately went down from Virginia to be with him. One is still with him and the other had to return home to get back to work. She'll be able to return soon for a nice visit. I know he loves having them there!
To be honest, I don't think Mono could have a better friend. Austin is a man of God; his Faith is lived openly, day in and day out. His smile is contagious and lights up a whole room. He has a personality that you can't help but love and remember. He is a trusted and good friend. I'm happy Mono has such a good choice in friends!

Please, please keep him in your prayers!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The 27 Week Update

As I sit here, looking over my never ending to-do list, having done not much at all yet, I am already for my nap. I wake up exhausted, just dreaming of the time in the afternoon that is designated for nap time. I had no idea I could sleep worse than I already did pre-pregnancy and I had no idea I could be so tired. But here I am, looking and feeling sleepier than ever, knowing I have so much to do. Things I must get done and things I want to get done. Most likely, I have about two months left. I've taken no classes, hardly read any books or watched any videos. I was talking to my sister-in-law earlier and it really made me realize I have to get all my lists checked off and get prepared for the arrival of these boys! 
I'm just about dying here. I've realized that I am craving certain smells... weird smells that I am not able to find frequently to relieve the craving.
Air conditioners when they first start, either in the car or in a room with a window unit.
Garages and kinda musty smells.
When I was at my parents over the weekend, I wanted to sit in their garage and soak in the glorious smell.
When I am in Costco, I want to sit at the table closest to the tire department.
Any smell that is weird and musty, garage-y, anything!
I sit on my couch, just wishing I could drive to Costco and bounce between their garage where they are fixing cars to their tire section.
It makes me miserable wanting to smell this stuff!
I'm also wanting to always chew ice... and no, I'm not anemic. I like when it is light, small, and airy so it isn't so hard on my teeth. But whenever I have a drink, I chew every single piece of ice in the cup. The poor people around me. I must be soooo annoying and rude.

So the cravings have begun, but not in the form of food.
I guess that is kind of a good thing. Good for my size at least.
As long as I have my Tums around, I can get through the heart burn, to a degree.
I'm now down to even less clothes. The tank tops that go under my shirts to help keep my tummy from popping out for all to see, are now too small. They allow a little peek to my belly. Not fun. And my dresses, they're all sleeveless which is fine for the day, but when I head over to Church, I need to wear a sweater and I am HOT!
I still really want to run, even though I have no energy.
I saw a lady with the cutest teal Nike sneaks with a pink Nike symbol and wanted to steal them off her feet and go for a run! I wish I could find them for after the boys are born.
I went to the doctor last week and the boys are weighing in at 2 lbs 3 ozs and 2 1/2 lbs! They're healthy and definitely growing!! I hope they stay cozy inside and keep on growing, but I really cannot wait to meet them and hold them in my arms! It is really hard to believe in about two months our boys will be here! I have a feeling these two months are going to go by faster than I realize. It's already almost July!

The baby on the bottom, who is the bigger one, moves around a lot!  You should see my stomach when he rolls around in there. Crazy, but fun to watch! Baby B, who is on top, is apparently kicking his brother instead of me, which is why I don't feel him move quite as much. Yesterday in the afternoon, they were both moving around so much. I finally got my camera to try to capture some of their crazy adventures, but they must have known the camera was out because they stopped their big movements. I'll continue working on getting some good videos of it. And then I will figure how to post in on here.

I will post again soon, as I am closer to 28 weeks, than 27!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Pregnancy Update

I'm twenty-six weeks today!
I've grown a lot. My belly is bigger now than my best friend was at full term.
How's that for ya!?
And yes, I still have a few months to go.
God help me!

I'm dying to run. I really want to be able to run again. And who knows when I will be able to.
Obviously I have to wait until after the boys are born and a bit after too. And even after that, who knows when I will have time! I would like to run a half as you may know from previous posts, but that is going to take a long time in training for. Until then, I think I will have to stick to 5ks. Here is one I've been wanting to do for a while...
Actually, ever since August of last year, when Meg over at Whatever (a blog I follow) wrote this post, I've wanted to find a way to be covered in brightly colored chalk!
Shortly after I heard about The Color Run.
They have these 5k's all across the country, including near my home!
This year, the one near us is on Labor Day... well it really might be labor day for me since I am due in September.
So that obviously cuts out this years Color Run. Hopefully next year!!
But I will be running as soon as I can, when I can. 

Still no cravings. I'm wondering if I will get them at all.

My mood is okay... I guess.
I've only cried twice, or maybe three times. haha And usually, it's at night, when I am overly tired and can't sleep.
I get down and feel sluggish because I am not able to do much. I don't feel creative, though I have a million ideas. I just don't have the oomph to do any of it. I don't want to regret not doing things to prepare for the boys though, creatively.
I really should start thinking ahead of things that I want to do in the upcoming months after they are born, and get that all ready to do.
Any creative ideas you did when your children were first born? For pictures, for memories?

Heartburn. Actually, it should be HEARTBURN. Yes, much better.
I could literally be fine, heartburn-free and happy, and then I have a glass of water, just a glass of water, and heartburn is in complete, full swing! What the heck is that about!? Water!!
Tums has has to become my friend before bed. I try not to have to take anything for my symptoms during pregnancy (morning sickness, headaches, heartburn), but I've had to take Tylenol a couple times for terrible head aches and now Tums in the evening so I can get a few minutes of shut eye.

Sleep? What's that? I guess I am getting prepared for some sleepless nights. I take naps during the day though. Usually a little after lunch, I lay on the couch, put the tv on and the fan, and fall asleep for a little while. Sometimes it is just half and hour, but I think when Mami was here, I took a few longer naps, 1-2 hours even.

They boys are definitely moving around. Not all day, every day, but they are certainly a bit active. One more so than the other. Since they move around a little bit in there, I can't always tell which one is the one moving or kicking, but it seems like Baby A is the mover.

We're still not 100% on baby names. Yikes. I know that's okay and we still have time, but I would surely like to have their names set in stone.

I'm dying for the beach, for a pool, for nice, blue water! I want sand, salty air, and palm trees, but none of that is going to come my way. There is no traveling for me from now until the boys arrive. All of my summer plans went out the window and plopped in those plans are my couch.
I was really bummed when I found out I couldn't have any beach time this summer. If you know me, I live for the beach! I think my aunt's pool is going to have to do! Maybe even this weekend.

Even with some of these a little less than wonderful symptoms that come along with being pregnant, I am incredibly excited for our boys to arrive! I love going in their room, seeing all their cute clothes hanging in the closet. To be honest, I didn't think I'd have as much fun picking out boy clothes, but it could be even better! The clothes out there for boys are so cute! At least the ones we've received and I've come upon while shopping.

Well, that is my update for you today. Excuse the hair in all of my pictures that I post. As soon as the boys are born, something has to be done to it. The color and everything is just out of control right now!
And also, excuse the clothes. I had a small pregnancy wardrobe to start with, but now I am very quickly growing out of shirts to wear. I think I can only count on one hand at this point (not including tanks like this black one that I normally just wear under my shirts).


The Adventures of Mami, Mare, and Mono

It all began 12 days ago. Mami flew in for a nice, long (well, not long enough) visit. She arrived in the later afternoon and the following day was the big, awaited doctor visit to see if I'd be released from the torturous bed rest. Thankfully I've been doing well and I was taken off strict bed rest and can now do little things here and there, but nothing major, nothing strenuous. While Mami was here, we stayed at home mostly all day long, except for one little treat to go somewhere if I wanted. We didn't do much when we went out, but we went to Saks (to look around!), a baby clothing store, Apple, Williams-Sonoma (and a few other stores like that), the grocery store, Church, out to eat a few places... and Mom joined in on the shopping on one of the days which was a lot of fun! I was happy to have her with us. Normally we took the morning easy, went to Mass and had lunch and our little adventure in the afternoon. Then I came home and took a little nap. I've noticed if I can get a good nap in, it helps a lot! One of our adventures took us to a consignment shop and a new little place in town that I just loved. It took a lot to not spend any money. There were 2 or 3 things I really wanted. A purse (no surprise there), a shirt and a bracelet. Actually, there were a few pieces of jewelry that I would have liked to walk out of the store with.

When Mami comes, we have a lot of fun, even if we are just lounging at home. Her visits can never be long enough. She is so easy to have around. No fuss, no need to impress. We can just be Mami, Mare, and Mono.... oh and Jimmy. Our days are quiet and calm and very enjoyable. I wish Mono could be home with us more too, but we try to save the fun and going out to eat until after work, when he can be there too. 

We have a guest room upstairs, but it is really called Mami's room. She loves to set it up all cozy with her things and she sleeps soundly, all cuddled up in her bed. In the mornings, she comes down and drinks her coffee and checks the latest news and we just chat. Then the day begins.

Mami left the other day, and now we are just waiting for her next visit... We're hoping she can come back again soon, even possibly in a few weeks! Fingers crossed. Her room will be waiting, and so will we!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Time For A New Planner

This planner cover is what I would like to have. Metallic gold, refillable.
One problem. It is sinfully expensive.
None of my plans are worthy of a $200 cover!

The Container Store also has a gold metallic planner cover, but it's not really what I am looking for. The color is nice, but it is hard and not a nice soft leather feel.

I'm super picky about my planner contents. I don't need any fancy spaces, but I need to be able to see my plans, or really lack of them these days, in the proper layout.

My current planner, which is just a plain one from Staples (that gets thrown away at the end of it's time), has a layout of each month, like normal calendars, but the most important part is the daily/weekly view. I prefer to have a daily space to write, laid out on two pages for the week. And I prefer each day to lay out vertically, in rows spanning both pages.
Those spaces get filled with each day's to-do list, and I cross off as I go.
I don't do well without my daily to-do list.
My little notes, my to-do lists, important pieces of info... it is all critical in keeping me going. Otherwise, I will forget it all. 

I never use the phone and address section because this book changes yearly. 
I have all that important info in a separate address book in my desk.
I don't need extra space for notes or anything along those lines.
I keep a note pad with simple lined paper that I use for all my grocery/shopping lists, longer notes, etc.
So, I'm not really asking for much. Just a gold, soft cover and the insert to meet my little needs.
And as long as it has the daily overview across the two pages, I am even willing to take it in a different set up, not in vertical columns.

If any of my readers come across something like this, please let me know!
I only have until August in my current planner, and I like to plan ahead.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Flip It!

French fries fried in beef fat tallow. 
Krispy Kreme milkshakes made with not one, but two whole donuts, pureed.
Mami was visiting and a friend was in town, so we tried a new place.
Mono had just gone there for a meeting at work and he wanted to take us all there again while Mami and his friend were both around.
My parents drove down, and we all headed to Flip Burger.
I don't know exactly what you call this style, art deco maybe?
The booths were the same right side up or upside down. I guess that is where flip comes in.
 I ordered The Classic. #notsoadventurous And there are those fries, fried in beef fat!
The food was good, but not enough for the guys...
They ordered Krispy Kreme milkshakes, with a little liquid nitrogen poured on top for some smoking effect!
 It may be good, I don't know... but it is certainly too much for me, especially with a burger and fries.
 We all had an enjoyable time and a nice dinner, but I have a feeling this place is going to be visited only once in a very blue moon, or else I (and Mono) will look pregnant all the time.

Oh You're So Cute!

Oh, you're so cute!

That's what I think when I see our boys. 
Apparently, that's what other people think when they see me.

We had an appointment with the doctor on Thursday (glucose test, blood tests, finger pricks, ultrasound, check-up) - all was well, thank God! - and they surprised us with some 4D images. And boy were they so cute!
Yesterday (6.4) Mami and I went shopping looking at Saks. I think at least four people stopped me and of them said, "oh you're so cute!"

Then, when I told them I was having twins, it was the normal reaction of excitement.
But by my size, a few of them were quite surprised that I still have three months to go!
One lady thought I only had something like two weeks! ha. Wishful thinking! I have a lot of growing to go still!

And then there is someone I've known since I was 13 and he said, "You look like you're ready to head to the hospital." And I told him I still had 3 months, and again, a shocked look from him.

One good thing though, so far, people that know me think that I am losing weight elsewhere (face, legs, arms, fingers) and just gaining in my stomach. I'm pretty happy to hear that when people tell me!

I will have to take a profile picture for you and include in an upcoming post.