Thursday, June 7, 2012

Oh You're So Cute!

Oh, you're so cute!

That's what I think when I see our boys. 
Apparently, that's what other people think when they see me.

We had an appointment with the doctor on Thursday (glucose test, blood tests, finger pricks, ultrasound, check-up) - all was well, thank God! - and they surprised us with some 4D images. And boy were they so cute!
Yesterday (6.4) Mami and I went shopping looking at Saks. I think at least four people stopped me and of them said, "oh you're so cute!"

Then, when I told them I was having twins, it was the normal reaction of excitement.
But by my size, a few of them were quite surprised that I still have three months to go!
One lady thought I only had something like two weeks! ha. Wishful thinking! I have a lot of growing to go still!

And then there is someone I've known since I was 13 and he said, "You look like you're ready to head to the hospital." And I told him I still had 3 months, and again, a shocked look from him.

One good thing though, so far, people that know me think that I am losing weight elsewhere (face, legs, arms, fingers) and just gaining in my stomach. I'm pretty happy to hear that when people tell me!

I will have to take a profile picture for you and include in an upcoming post.

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