Thursday, June 21, 2012

The 27 Week Update

As I sit here, looking over my never ending to-do list, having done not much at all yet, I am already for my nap. I wake up exhausted, just dreaming of the time in the afternoon that is designated for nap time. I had no idea I could sleep worse than I already did pre-pregnancy and I had no idea I could be so tired. But here I am, looking and feeling sleepier than ever, knowing I have so much to do. Things I must get done and things I want to get done. Most likely, I have about two months left. I've taken no classes, hardly read any books or watched any videos. I was talking to my sister-in-law earlier and it really made me realize I have to get all my lists checked off and get prepared for the arrival of these boys! 
I'm just about dying here. I've realized that I am craving certain smells... weird smells that I am not able to find frequently to relieve the craving.
Air conditioners when they first start, either in the car or in a room with a window unit.
Garages and kinda musty smells.
When I was at my parents over the weekend, I wanted to sit in their garage and soak in the glorious smell.
When I am in Costco, I want to sit at the table closest to the tire department.
Any smell that is weird and musty, garage-y, anything!
I sit on my couch, just wishing I could drive to Costco and bounce between their garage where they are fixing cars to their tire section.
It makes me miserable wanting to smell this stuff!
I'm also wanting to always chew ice... and no, I'm not anemic. I like when it is light, small, and airy so it isn't so hard on my teeth. But whenever I have a drink, I chew every single piece of ice in the cup. The poor people around me. I must be soooo annoying and rude.

So the cravings have begun, but not in the form of food.
I guess that is kind of a good thing. Good for my size at least.
As long as I have my Tums around, I can get through the heart burn, to a degree.
I'm now down to even less clothes. The tank tops that go under my shirts to help keep my tummy from popping out for all to see, are now too small. They allow a little peek to my belly. Not fun. And my dresses, they're all sleeveless which is fine for the day, but when I head over to Church, I need to wear a sweater and I am HOT!
I still really want to run, even though I have no energy.
I saw a lady with the cutest teal Nike sneaks with a pink Nike symbol and wanted to steal them off her feet and go for a run! I wish I could find them for after the boys are born.
I went to the doctor last week and the boys are weighing in at 2 lbs 3 ozs and 2 1/2 lbs! They're healthy and definitely growing!! I hope they stay cozy inside and keep on growing, but I really cannot wait to meet them and hold them in my arms! It is really hard to believe in about two months our boys will be here! I have a feeling these two months are going to go by faster than I realize. It's already almost July!

The baby on the bottom, who is the bigger one, moves around a lot!  You should see my stomach when he rolls around in there. Crazy, but fun to watch! Baby B, who is on top, is apparently kicking his brother instead of me, which is why I don't feel him move quite as much. Yesterday in the afternoon, they were both moving around so much. I finally got my camera to try to capture some of their crazy adventures, but they must have known the camera was out because they stopped their big movements. I'll continue working on getting some good videos of it. And then I will figure how to post in on here.

I will post again soon, as I am closer to 28 weeks, than 27!

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  1. Your smell cravings don't sound strange at all. One of my friends actually craved...are you ready..charcoal! As in fire up the grill and cook a few burgers!! She was embarrased to admit it, but there was no need...pregnant Mommys can crave anything they would like. :)

    LOVE the pictures! You are beautiful and glow more each month!

    Much Love,