Tuesday, May 29, 2012

When I Was a Baby : Jimmy

I was born on December 9th and not long after my family came to meet me.
The lady that I lived with took really good care of me and told me that she knew the perfect family for me. I was an only child so I was really looking forward to going to live with a bigger family. When they walked in, they didn't know which dog they were going to pick, but the lady assured me, that I was the one they'd fall in love with. She thought it was a perfect match. It really was.
Mare held me first and she gave me tons of lovin's and kisses. And then Momma and Dad held me and I knew I loved them very much.
I wished they didn't have to leave without me, but they told me they'd be back in a few weeks and in the mean time I would be in good hands.
On February 22nd, Dad and Mare came back to pick me up. They brought me a nice cage in the car, soft blankets, my stuffed doggie, some toys and food and water. Everything I could possibly need, my family brought for me. It was a long ride home and I felt a little sick on our car ride, but I was a lot better when I arrived at my new home.
I was so excited to see Momma too! She wasn't able to come for the ride, but she was waiting at home with all of my things set up.
Mare said that the pictures from when I first came home are packed away, but maybe I can post again with those pictures. I would also like to post pictures of when I first met Mono.
He would come over to our house for barbecues and volleyball games with lots of people and I never liked anyone but him. I'd hide under tables so no one would touch me, unless it was Mono. I didn't really know him well, but I really, really liked him. I kinda had an instant connection with him. Maybe deep down, I knew that a few years later, we'd be the best of buddies when he married Marezy. 
I really love my family. They are so good to me and give me so much love and cuddles... and treats!
Speaking of treats, Momma and Dad are coming to visit later... that means lots and lots of treats! One of the good things about not living with them anymore is that when they see me, I get extra chewies from Momma and good boys from Dad. heheheheee.
Well guys, I'll be back to write soon, but I am going to go take my late morning nap for now.

What will they think?

God lover.
Cupcake eater.
Purse addict.
Accessory lover.
Chick flick sap.
Martha follower.
Photo snapper.
Blog and magazine reader.
 Shopping lover.
Music listener.
Athletically disabled.
Soft and cuddly lover.

What will they think of me?
My twin boys, that is.

God lover.
Lego expert.
Redskins die hard.
All things basketball, football, sports.
Video game player.
Sleep in lover.
Computer pro.
Fabulous swimmer.
Batman fan.
Burger and fry eater.
Milkshake drinker.
Old cartoon watcher.

That's their Dad. I know what they will think of him.
They are going to look to him with complete love and admiration.
He is going to be such a great Dad, not only raising them well, but always being there for them to talk and listen, to play games, watch their favorite shows, go to their sporting events, teach them new things... the list is endless.
He will be wonderful with them and the mutual love will be unending.

What I do know is they will both be welcomed with many open arms in this loving family of ours. But between Mono and I, they will be born into a God-loving, high-moral, fun, creative, loving family.
I may not know a whole lot about boys. And I may have a past of shrieking and running faster than anyone thought I was capable of, from bugs, snakes and frogs, that little boys have brought me, but I do know, that I can take my loves and interests and turn them into a wonderful life for two little boys.
I have a lot to learn, turning my likes into little boys likes, but I am really looking forward to two little cuties running around this house! I can't wait for our little men to arrive! Not too much longer.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Iced Coffee

I've never been a coffee drinker. Love the smell, not the taste...
That is until I met this coffee lover, and his Cuban family...
It was when I took my first sip of cafe con leche (a little coffee, milk and a lot of sugar) in Miami, that I began enjoying the taste of coffee along with the aroma.
Excuse the crazy hair and incredibly sleepy face. This was my first morning in Miami and Bello wanted to take me to one of his favorite spots for coffee and breakfast (Cuban bread) and he pretty much got me right out of bed and into the car. All I did was change out of my jammies. This was my very first sip of cafe con leche. And after this, life was forever changed!
Cafe Bustelo is what is most commonly used, at least with the Cubans I know and the little Cuban coffee and pastelito shops in Miami.
A few months back, Mono bought me Ree Drummond's (second) cook book
In it he saw a recipe for her iced coffee. He also saw it on her show. And he saw it on a recent Facebook post that she wrote. 

He kindly shared it with me and when I clicked on the link, I noticed she was using the very coffee we love, Cafe Bustelo.
I knew right then that I had to make it. Out came a fresh pound of coffee and I sat down at my kitchen island and began to make an enormous amount of coffee concentrate for my Mon.
Being pregnant, I have wanted a nice cup of cafe con leche, but have resisted.
After making a large batch of this, I tasted an ever-so-slight sip of the glass I made for Mono and knew why her recipe was such a hit.
It is amazing.
If you like iced coffee, and even if you don't, you should really try her recipe.
You won't regret it!
Or maybe you will because you will be so addicted!
Just be prepared for the amount it makes. Have a container that can hold two gallons. Trust me.
 If you're prepared to make it, it's so easy! And sooooo delish! I can't wait for after the boys' arrival to have a full glass myself!

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Worrisome Momma

I'm a worrier. I know I shouldn't be. I should have more trust in Him. I know He always has my back and is there to guide me through every single situation... The hard times and the amazingly beautiful ones. Why don't I trust? Could it be because even though I know His plans are always better, sometimes they are hard to accept? Is that where my worries come in? I'm not afraid that He won't be there or take care of me. I know my strengths and lack of them and I know I can be really weak. I find myself worrying about my little boys. Between yesterday and this morning I have not felt the boys as active as I normally have. They're never that active, but still, I thought I should feel them a little more. I looked it up online and it says that at this point in my pregnancy it is okay if I go a day or two without feeling them move a lot. I think I've felt little twitchy feelings, but not the more obvious ones. I am going to try to pay really close attention. But it makes me worry, what if they're not okay? But I am also trying to remember to trust God that He's watching over these babies and not to freak out, until I actually need to. I worried a lot on Mother's Day and now my worries came back. I am sure there are going to be a lot of moments that I may feel the need to worry about, but I am going to do my best to give my moments I'd like to worry to God. Especially with two boys coming into our lives, I know they are going to bring worries to their Momma. I can't be stupid either and ignore possible signs that the boys may need to be checked up on at the doctor either though. I am hoping tomorrow brings lots of kicks and little movements before I do anything! Move around boys, move!

Bed Rest CAN Be A Good Thing...I Guess

There is a sale going on this weekend at one of my favorite stores... 
The Coach Outlet.
It's right by my house too.
I don't have to make much of an effort getting there.
Not only is there a sale going on, but there is this purse that I am in love with really like... and a matching wristlet.

I know my days of carrying a purse won't be as frequent as they are now once the boys come, but I will forever love and use my bags! 
My Matron of Honor even mentioned it in her speech at our wedding, how much I love purses and wallets.
So now everyone knows my addiction love.

I'm also in desperate need of some beach time.
We were supposed to be leaving for a really, really nice, long beach vacation tomorrow, but with this whole bed rest and no traveling thing, that was quickly cancelled.
This tote/purse combines a few of my favorite things...
1. it's a purse!
2. the whole beachy look to it
3. the colors, neutrals, with a hint of teal and sandy color from the star fish, trimmed in a pretty silvery gray leather
4. water color painting

It's perfection if you ask me.

If it weren't Coach, but Target instead, I'd be awfully tempted to buy both versions. There is a teal (my favorite) and a coral color.

So the reason bed rest is a good thing is I am not allowed to drive even the measly couple miles it is over to this wonderful store. I can't even go drive to see it. So the bed rest keeps my temptation of buying it on hold. 

There's no occasion coming up either to ask for it or to put it on a wish list. My birthday passed and is not coming again for another ten months. Christmas is still seven months away and totally the wrong time of year for a starfish purse! My Santo (Saint's Day) is two months away, but Santo's don't come with gifts such as Coach bags. I already have a diaper bag (and this would be too small anyway)... See, no good reason for me to even try to talk someone into buying me another bag.

So, thank God, I'm on bed rest, but it is an awful torture.

Oh, and did I mention, I have a coupon too!?

Are there any fave's of yours that you really wish you could purchase?

Aren't they lovely? The have that casual beach day look.

While I'm talking about bed rest keeping me from shopping, there are two necklaces I want to make.
Unfortunately, I forget where these pictures were found... If anyone knows, I'd happily give credit to them!

In the first picture, I love the chunky, but not too chunky look with the green and teal combo, with an added touch of metallic beads.
 And here in the second, I am loving red and orange together, but don't think I could pull it off in an actual outfit (plus I don't currently own either color in my wardrobe). I love that there is a little pink added and some gold as well. The craft stores really are calling my name, don't you think? A lot of their jewelry making is on sale this week too.

Back to the couch!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Pregnancy Update

Excuse the tired look and blah hair styles. I really need to figure out what else I can do with my bangs!
I spent my 22 week mark in the hospital, but I was thrilled to still be making it to 22 weeks, especially after the whole Mother's Day fright.
This is my bump, just a few days over 22 weeks. I didn't think a picture in my hospital gown would be nice on the eyes.
Besides being on bed rest, I will give you my update on how I've been feeling with new things going on.

Heartburn, heartburn, heartburn!
Lots of movement going on with the boys.
One is more active than the other for sure, but you can feel both of them quite frequently.
Still no cravings.
Doing well with most food.
Vitamins stay settled in me.
Getting harder to move around and sit comfortably.
Still nameless.
Room is set up (not accessorized yet - that's the best part!) and ready to be painted!
Twenty three weeks today! Yayyy! The boys' room is also being painted today... not by me, but by my family! I can't wait to show you the progress.

News From the Lion Dog


Hi Guys! Mare is letting me do another guest post here on her blog! 
 I have officially been named Lion Dog, Guard Dog of the house and garden. The deer, and maybe rabbits too, ate some of Mare's new plants while I was away at my Momma and Dad's. Ever since I came home there has been no damage in sight! They all tell me I am the Lion Dog and scare them away and I am doing a really good job. It's nice to know how appreciated I am here. 
 Most days I take my naps all by myself. I find my quiet spot, either on the couch, in a corner, on our bed or now, under the new kitchen desk. And then when night time rolls around, and it is time for bed, I wait for Mare and Mono... or at least Mare. Mono stays up later than us sometimes. Usually I cuddle up on the couch at night and wait for Mare to tell me, "Jimmy, it's time for bed. Let's go cuddle." I know exactly what that means so I hop off the couch and run into our room, up my little stairs and get cuddly. Last night though, I went to bed all by myself. I didn't say anything to anyone. I just walked in and hopped up in my spot in the dark and went to bed. Mono and Marezy came looking for me though, gave me good night kisses and they were in shortly after.
 I really like when I can cuddle with Mare and Mono, so I am happiest when he comes to bed shortly after. But, I get kind of cranky at night. Not cranky in a bad mood kind of way, just a cranky like I am sooooooooo comfortable, please don't move me from this loveliness of down pillows that I am sleeping on sort of way. Mono likes to move me at night though. I start by purring, yeah, kinda like a cat, and then I growl. I don't do it to be mean, but to try to make him stop. Apparently he is not scared of my growls. I guess he knows I'm not going to hurt him... Once I am in my new position that he cuddles me in, I am usually okay and off to sleep for the night. My favorite way of sleeping is either laying right between Mare and Mono, with my head on the pillow, or curled up around Mono's head on his pillow. 
 And then in the morning, I am really calm and loving. Well, that's what Mono tells me. I stand up and stare at Mono and quietly woof so he wakes up. I wait for his eyes to open and then I give him some good morning licks on his arm to signal him that I want to cuddle. I like to lay by his side and have him put his arm around me. And when he does, we go back to sleep. It's pretty nice. Mare always wishes we'd cuddle with her, but since I don't get to see Mono aaaallllllllll day while he is at work, it's my special time with him. Plus, Mare can't sleep. She's always awake and tossing and turning, so she can be hard to cuddle with. Mono though, he can sleep. Just like me!
  Well guys, I think that will be it for today's post. All the fam is coming today to help Mare work around the house. She's still on bed rest so she can't get some projects done. I think they are painting the boys' room!!! I can't wait for the boys to arrive! Mare and Mono say they will be about my size! Won't that be fun!? I can't wait to have little, tiny buddies around!
I'll post again soon, friends!
Have a happy Monday! It's raining here so I am pretty sure I will be napping a lot today.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Mood You Choose To Be In

I'm thinking of some wise words from Papi today (my father-in-law).
There's a switch. You just flip it on and be in a better mood.
I realized I can at least try to control my mood.
The past few days I've been in a bit of a funk, a down mood.
I'll give you a little bit of the history leading up to this current feeling that has come over me.
Rewind back to one week ago today, Saturday. 
Mono and I were spending the weekend at my parents to be with my Mom for Mother's Day. 
We drove up Saturday afternoon, stopped in for a quick hair cut for Mono and headed over to their house. We enjoyed the afternoon with them and then spent the evening with my aunt, uncle and cousins. They had a really lovely dinner to celebrate Mother's Day and then afterwards a nice cake for me, as well as wonderful gifts for our boys.
They were not going to be able to make my baby shower, so they wanted to have a little something at their house before we headed on our way up North early this week.
So Saturday was great.
Now we jump on over to Sunday, Mother's Day, my first Mother's Day.
We enjoyed a leisurely morning and then met up with my aunt, uncle and cousins again for a nice brunch. We had such a great time and the food was yummy. On our way home I was so tired so I told everyone I was going to take it easy and take a nap when we got home, before we had to head back out, to Church.
I didn't get much of a nap in, but at least I got some rest.
Rest is always good!
We went to Mass together and then went back to my parents house for a little more visiting and to pick up Jimmy.
We had everything loaded in the car, including Jimmy, and we were saying our good byes, when my Mother's Day turned into one giant scare.

To cut out some of the details, I ended up having to be brought to the hospital right away. I was having some symptoms/problems that were bad signs this early in my pregnancy. My Mom called the emergency phone line for my doctor and they wanted to see me immediately.
Only problem... we were an hour away and there was torrential rain outside.
Jimmy went back into my Mom and Dad's house; Mono and I headed on our way for the hospital; my parents got their things and jumped in their car to follow us down there.
We arrived at the hospital and I was put in a room and hooked up to all sorts of monitors.
My first thought from the very beginning was something was wrong with at least one of the boys. I just kept praying to The Blessed Mother to help my body be strong for them and for them to be healthy. I did not want to be spending my first Mother's Day in tears. There were a lot of those, but I just tried to stay calm and pray. The prayers were my lifesaver. 

While laying there in the hospital bed, all hooked up, I sat there with complete fright and unknown. 
How bad was the situtaion?
Are both boys okay?
Is one of them in danger?
What is going wrong?
There were so many questions flying through my mind.

The nurse came in to see if she could hear their heart beats. With the machine she was using at first, I knew the chances were slim to none for hearing both boys hearts beating. Just as I had anticipated, only one was heard. 
Even though I knew that this was not an accurate test, I had a flood of even more tears and fear wash over me. My prayers continued, but it did not alleviate all the pain (mental) I was in. I was left laying there, now having to wait hours for the next machine to be used, to know if in fact there really was a second heart beat.
The time between both tests was excruciating. Mono and my parents were all with me in the room, just trying to keep me calm and distracted. I know they were all feeling the same feelings I was, but they all remained amazingly strong for me. I am so grateful for that. 
Late that night, the ultrasound machine finally arrived!
I had never been happier nor more scared to see that machine in my life!
I was happy to have it finally in my room so I could know how both of my sweet boys were doing, but at the very same time, I didn't know if I wanted to know yet... just in case signs were not for the best.
I told the sweet lady doing my ultrasound that I couldn't look. And she asked why, and I said I didn't want to know anything until I knew there were two heartbeats. She immediately calmed my fears and smiled and said, "Oh they are both here, beating very strong!" I just started crying and thanking God for His goodness! I joked with everyone that I was very happy to see the boys on Mother's Day, but I was not happy that they chose to do it this way. I would have been fine waiting to celebrate Mother's Day with them next year, worry free, hospital free. 
For the next fifteen minutes maybe (the time could be way off), we all sat there getting amazing glimpses of the two little trouble makers.
One of them was even opening and closing his hand, like he was waving to us! They were more than adorable and at that moment, I was ever so thankful to be a mom.
Then a short while later I was moved to my room I'd be staying in over night and for the rest of the stay. My parents made sure I was settled in there and then they headed home for their hour drive home. They got home early the next morning. And thankfully, Mono stayed with me. He got some things out of the car, that we thankfully already had with us from the visit to my parents, and he ran out for some dinner for himself. It was so nice to have him there with me and know our boys were okay. I couldn't sleep well that night with the monitors on and the constant check-ins from the nurses, but the boys were okay and Mono was with me so I had no other cares in the world.

That day showed me the strength I'd need, the graces and prayers I'd need, to be a mom.
It reminded me how precious the gift of life really is.
And it surely made me even more excited for them to arrive, safe and healthy in my arms.
(my Mother's Day gift from my Mono)
Okay, so that was Sunday. I was in the hospital until late on Monday and then I finally came home... on bed rest. I went back for a follow up check up on Thursday and they are keeping me on bed rest until further notice... which means, no trip to New York for my baby shower and no long beach vacation in Florida.... leading to my down mood.
(going home)
Between morning sickness and bed rest, I have spent a lot of time on this couch of mine. Both trips were getting me crazy excited! I couldn't wait to be in New York, seeing most of our family and friends, celebrating the boys. We were also going to spend some time in the city with my brother and sister-in-law, and Mami, which would have been a ton of fun. I had it all planned out in my mind and really had no thoughts that anything would hinder us from going. And the trip to the beach, ahhhhh, I was anticipating every single thing about it! I thought the days of complete relaxation and enjoyment would do me good. I was also going to make a stop in the Disney area to enjoy a birthday dinner with my sweet friend...
And to add to the list, Mami was going to be visiting soon and we were planning on some fun things, even day trips, but now we are just going to be able to sit on the couch and lay low. Any visit with her is great, but this time, I wish we could have done more. Gotten out a bit.
With all of that not happening, the worries of making sure I take it easy for the boys, and just being stuck on the couch all together has gotten me rather down lately. 

I had a really hard time yesterday and today dealing with the fact that I was laying on the couch and not with everyone I was looking forward to seeing. I tried my hardest today to not think about it too much and found little things to brighten my day. It didn't work great, but I had to try. I sat outside and got fresh air a few times. I painted a fresh coat of polish on my nails. Things like that. I could have done better, but hey, I'm still learning!

I have to learn more how to turn on that switch like Papi says and work at my mood; not letting it take over completely.

Friday, May 18, 2012

An Unexpected Laugh

I have a lot of catching up to do here. The past few days have had a lot of highs and lows and tonight I was having a real low. I was in a funk. I didn't know what would bring me out of it. I wasn't in the mood to do much of anything at all. No crafts, no blogging, no calling friends, nothing. So I turned to Words with Friends... with my best friends hubby. 
This is where the crazy laughter came in. I won't go into the details or the whole story, but I'll give you the gist of what went on.
We started our first ever game together. He told me to play him earlier today and I started the game this evening. It was then that we started chatting on there as well.
Well, he was saying things that totally confused me. I was thinking to myself, "now why would he be telling me that?" After I said one certain thing, he realized that he was having a conversation with me instead of the person he thought he was having it with. He thought he was playing WWF with a friend of his, but it turned out that whole time it was me, not him.
My friend frantically called me telling me the whole story and I was hysterical laughing. I wish I could write the whole story. It was quite comical. I laughed so hard and laughed some more when I was talking to my friend about it. When I hung up the phone, these boys of mine were laughing too! There was quite the action going on in my belly after I laughed like I did.
I had to thank my friend and her husband for bringing me so much laughter. I really needed it to help me hop out of the funk I was in. Hopefully after a good night's rest and I wake up in the morning, I will have a funk-less day. 
Here's to very unexpected and wonderful laughter with great friends!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Love Your Jeans!

I was standing facing the counter, with my envelopes and packages in hand, waiting my turn to mail them, when I heard, "Ohhh, I love your jeans! Where did you get them?"
To that, I turned my head around to see the face to match the voice who just asked me that question. In front of me was the most petite, polished little lady.
And then, that is when I smiled and fully turned my body around... exposing that those jeans she loved, were in fact, very much a pair of none other than maternity jeans.
I smiled as I said, "Well, they're maternity jeans from the Gap. They are very comfortable though!"

It was quite the amusing exchange for me.
Here this petite pretty lady was asking me, the ever-growing momma-to-be about my jeans!
I wanted to be asking her about her cute clothes!

That was the start of my day yesterday and it kept a smile on my face just thinking about how funny it was. The rest of the day following was great, but really busy, so this certainly helped. The littlest things keep me happy!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Oh My Heavens!

Not too long from now I am making one of my last trips before the boys arrive. I'll be in the wonderful NYC. Part of the time I will be on Long Island with family and then part of the time with family in NYC. I just google mapped the location of the apartment in the city along with the directions from there to the fabulous Georgetown Cupcake!

My friends, it is within walking distance of where I will be staying. Hello night time snack. Hello breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am thinking of even possibly just staying in the air-conditioned GTC all day long, while my family enjoys the sights. I've seen them before. I can pass. Cupcakes all day long sound much better. Especially to someone that has recently put on 13 pounds faster than I thought possible. All the walking in the city might be too much on me, right? Or are you thinking more reasonably than I am thinking maybe the dozens of cupcakes I would eat would be too much on me.

Either way, sitting there all day, or enjoying a few quick stops for a cupcake, I will be enjoying this trip for sure! I can't wait to be with family, in NYC and eating GT cupcakes....... or Crumbs Cupcakes. I may be doing a taste test.

A Few of My Favorite Things

There are a few little things that I am either really enjoying these days or would like to have. Nothing big, just little bits of happiness.
 This sweet charm is a piece from the John Wind of Maximal Art Jewelry collection and can be found here, from Carol and Company. I have the necklace that matches, but would love to own the bracelet... It's way out of my budget, but my thought is to save for the charm and figure out some other bracelet to attach it to.

All the hair ties can be found here, at Emi-Jay. I love how well they stay in my hair and how they seemingly do not give me a headache. Plus they are nicer than just the plain ol' hair tie.
 This bracelet is from J. Crew and can be found here.
I have a dress for an occasion coming up that this would look lovely with!

My current nail color can be found here.
I've been on the hunt for the perfect shade of pink and so far it is nowhere to be found. It is as close as I have come to finding it so it is holding me over.

I love wedges. I don't have any, but I used to. I can't get away with wearing heels often, but if I could, I'd own both of these. I love the one on the left with the natural bottom, the navy with a pop of color and the nice ribbon strap. The right shoe is great because it is so versatile. I think these are both a lot higher than I could pull off walking in with grace. If you can pull off the added height and to walk in them gracefully, you can find them here.
I love The Paper Source. It is one of my favorite places to pop into when I am visiting family up north. I would have to say my favorite buy there is their envelopes. I have a thing for cute colored and shaped envelopes. I hate mailing notes in regular envelopes... unless it's a bill or something meaningless. If you're like me, and like to send fun mail, try looking here.
This outfit is perfection. I love it. The navy, slim dress. Perfect length. Great, nude shoes as well. I cannot fit into this beauty right now, though I would love to buy it and just hold it in my closet for now... But if you aren't halfway through a pregnancy like I am, stroll on over and take a look at this here, just please don't buy them all out so I can still have a chance!
I really enjoy using washi tape. I use it for all sorts of things, from sealing envelopes to marking pages or even marking off upcoming vacations in my planner. This one would be adorable for a nice gift or envelope. I always find mine on Etsy, where this one is as well. Head on over to this shop to take a look. There are so many out there so don't just stop at one place!
This washi tape is one of my faves... The blue/purple with touch of teal poppy design. Love, love, love it!

I know all of this is random, but it's things here and there that I have come upon and enjoyed.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The bump is a growin'!

 So, tomorrow marks 21 weeks for these two little growing boys! They certainly are growing! I am amazed at how fast time has passed! I have a lot going on now through the first week of June, so that is going to be here and gone before I know it. Then I have June, July and some or all of August, depending on how early the boys make their grand entrance.
Still no cravings. I guess that is a good thing so I don't over indulge in anything.
I've gained 13 pounds, but it seems like the majority of it is in my stomach, thankfully.
As I mentioned once before, my family has a baby pool going and since certain people think I am going to gain a ton of weight, they are always encouraging me to enjoy bowls of ice cream, candy, cookies... fattening foods. So far, the things I enjoy eating in larger quantities have been nectarines (that phase has passed for now) and tomatoes (that is currently going on). Not such fattening choices. Unfortunate for the people who guessed very high weight gain on my end. I still have a ways to go so I am sure I will be gaining a bit more!
I've been feeling these little twitching feelings the past couple weeks. I didn't know if it was muscles or whatever inside twitching as I grow or in fact it was the boys moving around. Last night, I was laying in bed, feeling these twitches a bit more frequent and strong so I put my hand on my stomach to see if it could be felt on the outside too. I called Mono into the room to have him see if it was just me feeling it or if he could as well. Not only can he feel it, but if I lay still, you can actually see the movement too. 
I have to admit, while it is exciting, it makes me nervous. I can't tell if it is one of the babies or both that are moving around. I hope I can clearly feel two moving around so I don't panic.
I'm still really tired and don't have much energy, but I have to just push myself to get things done. And of course, I still have pregnant brain, which seems to cause the most problems for me. I hate not thinking clearly.
Oh, and heart burn. We've become good friends... no, not really. It just likes to be with me a lot more than I like to be with it. Thankfully it's not absolutely awful yet though.
So, there you have it! My recent pregnancy updates along with two pictures.
Oh and note that the V and I I am doing with my fingers is for 2 and 1 - twenty one weeks, not pounds!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Not-So-Green Thumb

I may come from a family that has has successful gardens, but I've never actually planted and cared for one on my own. Growing up, living in New York, we only had a small garden that consisted solely of tomatoes... mostly cherry tomatoes. So this year is a first for me; planting a whole garden.
Mono bought me a raised bed kit, that came with two 4x4 areas and a few extra goodies.
I have everything in my garden that I wanted to try except lettuce, but there is absolutely no room left for any more plants. As it is, I probably have way too much growing in a small area. I didn't want to waste any of the plants that came in the packages so I planted them all. Now I am just hoping that not only bugs nor deer kill them, but that I don't either.

Here are a few pictures, no fancy angles anything special. I was hot and tired when I was done planting. I had just been out dealing with lots of weekend traffic and long lines at the stores I had to run errands to, plus it is 90 degrees and sunny and I wanted to be inside. So just a few quick pictures for you to see what it looks like. I still have to trim the landscaping fabric and I would like to make some sort of garden tags for each section so I remember what is planted there. I could just use the ones it came with, the plastic flags, but I wanted to do something cute. We will see about that though. My main concern is just to keep them alive and producing veggies!