Monday, May 21, 2012

News From the Lion Dog


Hi Guys! Mare is letting me do another guest post here on her blog! 
 I have officially been named Lion Dog, Guard Dog of the house and garden. The deer, and maybe rabbits too, ate some of Mare's new plants while I was away at my Momma and Dad's. Ever since I came home there has been no damage in sight! They all tell me I am the Lion Dog and scare them away and I am doing a really good job. It's nice to know how appreciated I am here. 
 Most days I take my naps all by myself. I find my quiet spot, either on the couch, in a corner, on our bed or now, under the new kitchen desk. And then when night time rolls around, and it is time for bed, I wait for Mare and Mono... or at least Mare. Mono stays up later than us sometimes. Usually I cuddle up on the couch at night and wait for Mare to tell me, "Jimmy, it's time for bed. Let's go cuddle." I know exactly what that means so I hop off the couch and run into our room, up my little stairs and get cuddly. Last night though, I went to bed all by myself. I didn't say anything to anyone. I just walked in and hopped up in my spot in the dark and went to bed. Mono and Marezy came looking for me though, gave me good night kisses and they were in shortly after.
 I really like when I can cuddle with Mare and Mono, so I am happiest when he comes to bed shortly after. But, I get kind of cranky at night. Not cranky in a bad mood kind of way, just a cranky like I am sooooooooo comfortable, please don't move me from this loveliness of down pillows that I am sleeping on sort of way. Mono likes to move me at night though. I start by purring, yeah, kinda like a cat, and then I growl. I don't do it to be mean, but to try to make him stop. Apparently he is not scared of my growls. I guess he knows I'm not going to hurt him... Once I am in my new position that he cuddles me in, I am usually okay and off to sleep for the night. My favorite way of sleeping is either laying right between Mare and Mono, with my head on the pillow, or curled up around Mono's head on his pillow. 
 And then in the morning, I am really calm and loving. Well, that's what Mono tells me. I stand up and stare at Mono and quietly woof so he wakes up. I wait for his eyes to open and then I give him some good morning licks on his arm to signal him that I want to cuddle. I like to lay by his side and have him put his arm around me. And when he does, we go back to sleep. It's pretty nice. Mare always wishes we'd cuddle with her, but since I don't get to see Mono aaaallllllllll day while he is at work, it's my special time with him. Plus, Mare can't sleep. She's always awake and tossing and turning, so she can be hard to cuddle with. Mono though, he can sleep. Just like me!
  Well guys, I think that will be it for today's post. All the fam is coming today to help Mare work around the house. She's still on bed rest so she can't get some projects done. I think they are painting the boys' room!!! I can't wait for the boys to arrive! Mare and Mono say they will be about my size! Won't that be fun!? I can't wait to have little, tiny buddies around!
I'll post again soon, friends!
Have a happy Monday! It's raining here so I am pretty sure I will be napping a lot today.

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