Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Childhood Memory

It's 10am Wednesday morning.
If you live around here, you know exactly what that means.
They test the tornado sirens.
When we first moved here, I absolutely hated that sound.
It terrified me because it reminded me every single week what it was intended for.
I still don't like it, but at the very same time it makes me cringe, it brings back a happy childhood memory.
In the town I grew up in, every day at noon, the fire house would sound their alarms.
You could hear it from near and far.
For some reason, I always loved hearing that go off at noon.
It was nothing special or grand, but it was just a little something I enjoyed...especially in the summers when we were out of school.
I love that I still remember that it brought me joy. 
The simplest of things... a sounding fire alarm at the start of the afternoon.
And now, I can take that happy memory and not cringe so much when I hear the sirens here testing for tornado warnings.

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