Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Not-So-Green Thumb

I may come from a family that has has successful gardens, but I've never actually planted and cared for one on my own. Growing up, living in New York, we only had a small garden that consisted solely of tomatoes... mostly cherry tomatoes. So this year is a first for me; planting a whole garden.
Mono bought me a raised bed kit, that came with two 4x4 areas and a few extra goodies.
I have everything in my garden that I wanted to try except lettuce, but there is absolutely no room left for any more plants. As it is, I probably have way too much growing in a small area. I didn't want to waste any of the plants that came in the packages so I planted them all. Now I am just hoping that not only bugs nor deer kill them, but that I don't either.

Here are a few pictures, no fancy angles anything special. I was hot and tired when I was done planting. I had just been out dealing with lots of weekend traffic and long lines at the stores I had to run errands to, plus it is 90 degrees and sunny and I wanted to be inside. So just a few quick pictures for you to see what it looks like. I still have to trim the landscaping fabric and I would like to make some sort of garden tags for each section so I remember what is planted there. I could just use the ones it came with, the plastic flags, but I wanted to do something cute. We will see about that though. My main concern is just to keep them alive and producing veggies!


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