Sunday, May 27, 2012

Iced Coffee

I've never been a coffee drinker. Love the smell, not the taste...
That is until I met this coffee lover, and his Cuban family...
It was when I took my first sip of cafe con leche (a little coffee, milk and a lot of sugar) in Miami, that I began enjoying the taste of coffee along with the aroma.
Excuse the crazy hair and incredibly sleepy face. This was my first morning in Miami and Bello wanted to take me to one of his favorite spots for coffee and breakfast (Cuban bread) and he pretty much got me right out of bed and into the car. All I did was change out of my jammies. This was my very first sip of cafe con leche. And after this, life was forever changed!
Cafe Bustelo is what is most commonly used, at least with the Cubans I know and the little Cuban coffee and pastelito shops in Miami.
A few months back, Mono bought me Ree Drummond's (second) cook book
In it he saw a recipe for her iced coffee. He also saw it on her show. And he saw it on a recent Facebook post that she wrote. 

He kindly shared it with me and when I clicked on the link, I noticed she was using the very coffee we love, Cafe Bustelo.
I knew right then that I had to make it. Out came a fresh pound of coffee and I sat down at my kitchen island and began to make an enormous amount of coffee concentrate for my Mon.
Being pregnant, I have wanted a nice cup of cafe con leche, but have resisted.
After making a large batch of this, I tasted an ever-so-slight sip of the glass I made for Mono and knew why her recipe was such a hit.
It is amazing.
If you like iced coffee, and even if you don't, you should really try her recipe.
You won't regret it!
Or maybe you will because you will be so addicted!
Just be prepared for the amount it makes. Have a container that can hold two gallons. Trust me.
 If you're prepared to make it, it's so easy! And sooooo delish! I can't wait for after the boys' arrival to have a full glass myself!

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