Friday, May 25, 2012

Bed Rest CAN Be A Good Thing...I Guess

There is a sale going on this weekend at one of my favorite stores... 
The Coach Outlet.
It's right by my house too.
I don't have to make much of an effort getting there.
Not only is there a sale going on, but there is this purse that I am in love with really like... and a matching wristlet.

I know my days of carrying a purse won't be as frequent as they are now once the boys come, but I will forever love and use my bags! 
My Matron of Honor even mentioned it in her speech at our wedding, how much I love purses and wallets.
So now everyone knows my addiction love.

I'm also in desperate need of some beach time.
We were supposed to be leaving for a really, really nice, long beach vacation tomorrow, but with this whole bed rest and no traveling thing, that was quickly cancelled.
This tote/purse combines a few of my favorite things...
1. it's a purse!
2. the whole beachy look to it
3. the colors, neutrals, with a hint of teal and sandy color from the star fish, trimmed in a pretty silvery gray leather
4. water color painting

It's perfection if you ask me.

If it weren't Coach, but Target instead, I'd be awfully tempted to buy both versions. There is a teal (my favorite) and a coral color.

So the reason bed rest is a good thing is I am not allowed to drive even the measly couple miles it is over to this wonderful store. I can't even go drive to see it. So the bed rest keeps my temptation of buying it on hold. 

There's no occasion coming up either to ask for it or to put it on a wish list. My birthday passed and is not coming again for another ten months. Christmas is still seven months away and totally the wrong time of year for a starfish purse! My Santo (Saint's Day) is two months away, but Santo's don't come with gifts such as Coach bags. I already have a diaper bag (and this would be too small anyway)... See, no good reason for me to even try to talk someone into buying me another bag.

So, thank God, I'm on bed rest, but it is an awful torture.

Oh, and did I mention, I have a coupon too!?

Are there any fave's of yours that you really wish you could purchase?

Aren't they lovely? The have that casual beach day look.

While I'm talking about bed rest keeping me from shopping, there are two necklaces I want to make.
Unfortunately, I forget where these pictures were found... If anyone knows, I'd happily give credit to them!

In the first picture, I love the chunky, but not too chunky look with the green and teal combo, with an added touch of metallic beads.
 And here in the second, I am loving red and orange together, but don't think I could pull it off in an actual outfit (plus I don't currently own either color in my wardrobe). I love that there is a little pink added and some gold as well. The craft stores really are calling my name, don't you think? A lot of their jewelry making is on sale this week too.

Back to the couch!

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