Monday, May 7, 2012

Oh My Heavens!

Not too long from now I am making one of my last trips before the boys arrive. I'll be in the wonderful NYC. Part of the time I will be on Long Island with family and then part of the time with family in NYC. I just google mapped the location of the apartment in the city along with the directions from there to the fabulous Georgetown Cupcake!

My friends, it is within walking distance of where I will be staying. Hello night time snack. Hello breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am thinking of even possibly just staying in the air-conditioned GTC all day long, while my family enjoys the sights. I've seen them before. I can pass. Cupcakes all day long sound much better. Especially to someone that has recently put on 13 pounds faster than I thought possible. All the walking in the city might be too much on me, right? Or are you thinking more reasonably than I am thinking maybe the dozens of cupcakes I would eat would be too much on me.

Either way, sitting there all day, or enjoying a few quick stops for a cupcake, I will be enjoying this trip for sure! I can't wait to be with family, in NYC and eating GT cupcakes....... or Crumbs Cupcakes. I may be doing a taste test.

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  1. You should also make it a point to find a Baked by Melissa shoppe. They are tiny bites of deliciousness!!