Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Hard Day's Work 196.365

The sky was filled with clouds, hiding the sun just enough to still be considered a beautiful and non-gloomy, cloudy day. There was a slight breeze that came through off and on and our property was filled with busy bees - I mean family working! Once the renters moved out of our home, the property needed to be tidied up a bit. Gardens needed to be weeded and re-configured (the beginning stage); grass needed to be mowed, dirt needed to be leveled out… Today was the perfect day for working outside. Mono's parents and aunt were visiting and they offered their help along with my parents, Nahida and the girls. We all drove down and spent the day working in our yard. Once all the work for the day was complete, we took turns using the showers and we had a little barbecue. What fun it was! Mono's family picked up a cute wooden box filled with deliciously sweet and freshly picked corn and Irma was our Queen of the Grill! :) Great job girl! It was so nice to use some of our things in the house and have everyone seated (in two rooms - kitchen and dining room), enjoying a meal and each other's company after a long day of hard work. 

After the "adults" left, us kids went to Yogurt Mountain for a nice summer treat! I would have taken pictures of everyones' creations, but not everyone appreciates my love - okay obsession of taking pictures of everything. They will remain nameless. ;)

We had a wonderful day… except for the 40+ bug bites I got. Yes, that is the real number. There is no exaggeration there. I was not the only one that got bit, but I surely won the prize for most mosquito bites. My legs are atrocious looking and I have out engagement pictures scheduled a couple weeks away. I am thankful my photographer is photoshop friendly! ;)

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